Mom Bloggers Planet 1st Anniversary Get-2-Gather

*photo courtesy of MBP

Hmmm... I do think I may be the last few to update on Mom Bloggers Planet 1st Anniversary Get-2-gather. Bad Ambassador... bad *spank!* ;)

Do excuse madame toughcookie as she goes thru a rough caffeine withdrawal symptom which deem her not-so-tough. But please don't tell anyone that. Otherwise, that reputation might just be revoked by the blogging community *sigh*

Anyways, what else can I say except that it was a success. I wouldn't go that far as to say it was highly successful (although I do honestly think it was) since it was an MBP's first and we all know that there would be weaknesses here and there, being a first... with many more to improve in the future anniversary celebrations, if I am still needed there. But so far, I am not getting any negative feedback on the event... so I guess it was truly one successful do, don't you think?

Not wanting to describe too much about the event since many of the 40 blogger moms would probably have already told you on their blogs how much fun they had at the event, full with photos and everything. Hence, I would like to touch more on the people behind it.

Having done numerous events for god knows how many years, I must say that this must be the best team I've ever worked with. Seriously.

First of all, we all came together as volunteers - we were not paid neither do we expect to be paid. However, I was quite touched by their generosity... the gestures may not be in a big way but the fact that they came up with ideas of sorts and getting stuff for the preparation without being pushed is one priceless trait.

Secondly, all the other moms (in the committee) have a full time job. And I seriously cannot imagine how they could manage their time so well to give it their all into this event.

Thirdly, a point which I find so darn interesting is that none of them have ever done events before (unless maybe plan for their kids' birthdays) yet each one of them knew what their exact roles were without much fuss and without anyone breathing down their necks.

Last but not least, apart from not much experience in events, we all ONLY had 2 meetings - once 3 weeks before the event (with only the ambassadors and founder of MBP) and another, just 1 week before the event with additional 5 members who volunteered to assist each of us.

Seriously, with the 3rd and 4th point into consideration, I was so damn impressed with the team. There were just simple follow-ups through emails that was actually pretty slow until it got intense about 1 to 2 days before the event. Yet, everything was in place, budget was very limited and the event went very smoothly. Everyone did what they set out to do and no one questioned anything else that's missing from the list.

Again, I would say that, I am impressed. I love working with the team and I guess the fact that we all had a concise and compact 2-hour meeting during our first meet said a lot about how effective everyone was in the team.

I also appreciate that the 14-15 families who came very early were patient with us as the event started a little late, waiting for at least 50% attendance from the 49 mommies who had RSVP. We kinda anticipated some late comers probably due to the event being planned so early on Sunday morning and that the venue we reserved was probably a little 'off' from the main jogging course at the Shah Alam Lake. It was great that we were still able to follow through the programme as planned and according to the allocated time.

Everyone also looked pretty shy at first but as soon as we opened the registration for the kids' ping pong ball game, everything else went on so well.

this was one challenging game for the toddlers category - how do you teach a toddler to look for a tiny yakult bottle in the midst of very attractive colourful balls? ;)

sporting mommies all came dressed to the theme. these are mommies who were qualified to the final round of the 3-legged race.
*photos courtesy of MBP

It all boils down pretty much to such wonderful company in the form of 80 adults and 49 children from 40 families who attended the event. The food was really good too and kudos to that large variety of food everyone brought from home... who would have thought that we would have about 40 different dishes enough to fill all tummies of various sizes, eh *wink*

Everyone was comfortably seated at strategic spots ala a picnic - many brought their own mats to sit on while some were welcomed to share a spot on their huge mats. More importantly, the weather was on our side... it was warm and sunny early in the morning but was shady as soon as we started the activities.
*photo courtesy of MBP
a nice, warm and friendly event at a warm and friendly atmosphere, filled with warm and friendly people ;)

I was initially worried as I didn't get my emceeing points written down but I managed to scribble some up and all was well. And I was glad to have volunteered to man the registration counter as I managed to get to know many other blogger moms whom I may have only seen from the photos they post in their blogs. It was a pleasure to have met Byzura (whom I so wanted to get to know since I saw her at the FRISO event), Fatin (who was probably the hottest looking mom that day), Jiey (who may have taken my questions in a wrong way and am grateful that she didn't), Sumijelly (who brought over huge sumi jelly packets!), Luciana (who was the first to register), Mika & his mom (I was attracted by his gibberish talk as he sounded so much like little jj), Isabelle (who came so well dressed to the occasion) and so many more of whom I may only have had the chance to say hi and then left to continue what I was set to do.

little jj also made friends... here with anis manis ;)

All in all, it was a wonderful gathering on a fine Sunday and I simply must thank everyone who had made it successful - Kak Ros, the founder of MBP (definitely!); Hanz, Nia, Cik Lily Putih and Jiji (my co-Ambassadors) and Nini, Tifa, Fid & Lyna (volunteers who assisted us). I hope I have done a good job as well...

Separate HUGE thank you to my very helpful co-committee, AdD, who will be due in March but most importantly, a big thank you to my very supportive hubby, the one, who untiringly helped distract little jj from searching for mommy's boobies as her last feed was around 7am (poor baby...).

daddy, can i go inside this green tunnel?

ooh... i see a handsome boy!

can anyone tell me who's boy this is? the one apparently was mighty impressed with his patience and 'understanding' of 'women'. little jj obviously took the ping pong ball from his grasp but he just let her and looked at her quietly. when he took it back from her, she got mad and he let her take it from him again. haha...

As I was busy with the event and the one was busy distracting little jj, my camera only captured 4 shots that were other than those of little jj ;P so, this post may be different than those you see of MBP's other members who attended the event.

this is one of 2 shots that i could use... clockwise from right is Isabelle (who won Best Dressed Family), Jiji, AdD and moi...

with Byzura, who is such a friendly and sporting blogger mom. so nice to finally chat with you!

If you'd like to read from the rest of the mommies who attended the event, go here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
*photo courtesy of MBP
thank you everyone for being so sporting...

these are the stuff that we brought home + 1 special package from MBP's founder for the Ambassadors. thank you, kak ros...

We all had so much fun and it was a wonderful Sunday.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tough Cookie, love your callsign, ha ha.
Caffein withdrawal? Why? For me no coffee, habis cherita, as well only drink iced coffee, and mesti have one last thing before tidur, otherwise mimpi Pontianak, ha ha.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Sumijelly said...

sungguh x puas hati..
masa bergmbr ramai2...I dlam toilet..anak I buat kek..hahahaha.........

isabelle said...

hi juan,
nice meeting u, wpun sempat borak sikit je.hehe. u did a great job that day!

hahaha. kesian u. xpe...kita superimpose la gmbr u nanti :P

Hanz said...

Juan, well-written post-mortem (ahaks!). U did a great job emceeing & the others..looking forward to team-up for next project!

Jiji said...

*Spank Juan*

yanAzhad said...

hi juan,

yana here (Tuan's wife). Found ur blog while I was online shopping that led me to MBP and then here hehe.. Love to read ur writings and ur lil JJ is so cute!

Ms B said...

Hey, it looks like a job well done! Kudos to you guys!

That boy is definitely on your good books, eh? *grins* or perhaps lil jj was too adorable that he simply gave in.

ps: how come you werent wearing green? but a floral top qualified as 'green', so kira ok then.

toughcookie said...

hey there Uncle Lee,
hehe thanks... oh on coffee, i just have to cut down on my intake since i have been drinking 6-8 cups everyday yet i am still breastfeeding my daughter... therefore, i don't think it is good for either one of us. but you are so right about the pontianak part haha... susah my husband cos i got PMS every months, then kena layan my mood swings from caffeine haha... god bless him! ;P

you have a nice day too yah!

ala kesiannye you! but then again, takpe... ramai orang muka i pun tak nampak. and, since ramai orang, you superimpose je muka you di celah2 kitorang semua tu ;) ish bebudak ni kan, diorang memang suka test kita time kita ada hal or busy kan? :)

toughcookie said...

hi Isabelle,
i love your post yang you letak gambar you dengan topi besau tu... thanks, babe... lain kali kita borak lagi yah. *muahhh*

P/S: i still nak tau you pakai foundation apa hehe...

hanz sayang,
ihikhikhik... boleh masuk terus la meeting post-mortem nanti kot ;P ya, looking forward to our next project tapi sebelum itu, Manhattan Fish Market!! ;D

toughcookie said...

waahhh bestnye spank orang hehe...

omg Yana!!
what a small world! how are you? you takde dalam fb ke? i nengok laki you syok je angkat anak pakai baby carrier warna pink tu hehe... thanks for dropping by, dear...

oh, i baru drop by your blog... dah lama tak update... tu masa you still kat jepun kan? what is your email address dear? boleh catch up ;)

toughcookie said...

hi Ms B,
thanks, dear... hmmm... i think that boy must have been raised in a very good environment with really cool parents :)

babe, i pakai hijau la tu.. it's a light olive top and my pants were olive green tau. tu la... when i tengok the photos tak nampak hijau sangat... but then again, ya la kan... 'green' gives a broad meaning kan? ;)

yanAzhad said...

Hi Juan..

I'm good.. we are all good :) And you look so happy with ur little JJ :) Nnt I carik u kat fb.. I read ur comment pasal sling tu but I was shy lah to tegur you..hehe. Nway, I didn't know pun yg blogspot ni will link to that blog when I used my google account hehe.. that was Tuan's old blog just for selling our stuff kat japan masa nak blk Msia dulu. Skrg kitorg takde blog.. masing2 malas haha.

Fid said...

thank you!!!

anak terunaku amat minat meniru gayamu jadi amcee....

salah silap ampun maaf dipinta....

semoga boleh jumpa lagi...

Jiey^Mien said...

2/3 days ago dh smpi tp tak sempat tggl jejak.. :P

at first, i've tried biskutkeras.blogspot tapi tak dpt..

rope2 nye, beskot.. cuteness! matching sgt ngan tough cookie..