I received this award from this beautiful blogger and am now passing this on to those bloggers whom I think deserve this Sunshine award - for providing some warmth and cheerful atmosphere in this blogworld :)

In no particular order, they are:
1. Amy
4. Fid
6. Nia
9. Sarc
10. Siti
11. Mario
12. Konot

Uiihhh... ramainya kena tag. Penat nak kena fikir ;P

Whatever it is, this is an award you can show off on your blog and you are not obligated to do this tag, if you do not wish to. But it does feel great to receive awards like this, no??...

If you do decide to pass it on, here are the rules:

i. Nominate 12 more bloggers.
ii. Put the logo onto your sidebar or within a post.
iii. Link the nominees within your post.
iv. Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their respective blogs.
v. Share the love and link to the person from whom you have received the award.

Thanks, Chech, for sharing this award with me ;)

Another award I received came from two warm bloggers, Amy and Dilla.

And now, to tell everyone 7 facts about me that people don't already know. Hmmm... that's tough because after blogging actively for 5 years and putting my personal stuff on public mode, it is a little difficult to think of what other 7 things which I haven't yet wrote about.... plus, I've done something similar here and here before.

So, let's see... oh, okay... maybe there are other newer stuff that people do not know of me:
  1. Work after family. As much as I love what I do, my priority is my family. I would only accept work after I am sure that it doesn't interrupt my time with my family. I'm tired of managing egos and making people look good because many a times, the reward isn't worth my time. Therefore, as much as I'd like the additional income, I prefer work that I can do from home while I manage time with my family and making them happy.
  2. Detachment from my mobile. Yes, I used to have 2 phones when I was in employment. I hated the fact that I was obligated to answer phone calls immediately at any time of the day, even on midnights. Now that I work from home and family comes first, I am proud to be able to detach my 'soul' from the mobile phone, so much so that I don't feel the least bit lost or disturbed if I forgot where I put it or if its battery goes flat. I don't understand why people feel the need to answer the phone at all times especially during dinner with the family or at a family celebration or even while carrying their baby and I totally detest people who disturb others on work matters either on a Friday or Sunday night, as if those things cannot wait until the next morning. I've been in employment before. I say, work smart la... when you work, you work; when you're with your family, you're with your family. Unless of course, you need to secure this $5 billion deal that no one else in the office can make happen except for you and you alone.
  3. I hate women or men who share their married-life issues with the opposite sex. Like hello... ladies, don't you have your girlfriends (or even your mom!) whom you can share your masalah rumahtangga with? And men... why must you tell a woman that your wife is as boring as a piece of wood? I mean come on... the only reason you're telling the opposite sex is because you want some attention, some words of consolation to of course make you feel so blardy good and you aren't definitely looking for any solutions or else you would only only share it with one or two of your bestest buddies of the same gender. Lepas tu, you would cry foul as if you're the victim because what you did was pure harmless. Like bull shitlah.... come on lah. Booooringgggg... next!
  4. I've always been misunderstood all my life. When I was younger in school, girls would hate me because I made myself look Ms Goody 2 Shoes. Hey, I can't help it... my parents never let me out of the house on my own until I was 18, when I had my first date after SPM okeh? In school, a lot of girls thought I was after their boyfriends because well, their boyfriends just happen to like talking to me (yeah yeah...). Too bad lah if they give me the attention. Now, those who hate me would hate me because I would give my views truthfully, and the truth hurts. *sigh* but... I don't feel deterred by it because I know those around me - my family and close friends understand me well and I don't need to explain myself further.
  5. My dad used to call me, Chomel (haha!!). He would call me that like you would call your cat, Comel. He would call me that anywhere we went, and at any time... even in my birthday cards from him, he would write, "Dear Chomel" using the old bahasa spelling. The reason he stopped calling me that was because I was embarrassed when my dorm mates in high school saw the birthday card he gave me ;P
  6. I am very strict when it comes to time. If you say you're gonna meet me at 2.30pm, please already be there at 2.30pm. Just because I am a WAHM, doesn't mean that I can relax all the time and have the benefit of free time at all times. I find that many people lack the discipline in being punctual and that this quality is becoming scarce in our society. I feel that one should manage their time and schedule properly, have the decency to inform those you're meeting that you'll be late (in case of sudden traffic jam due to accident or whatever unintentional/unplanned like your baby's still asleep or you just dropped your mom home) and most importantly, never ever be ignorant about others when it comes to timing - don't ever think that people should always wait for you or assume that there is still plenty of time remaining for whatever else. You don't really know what will happen the next minute.
  7. I dislike assuming things at face value though as humans, there are tendencies for error in judgement at times. Not everything is what it seems and one should really not judge a book by its cover. Don't ever think people had it easy when you see someone successful... you don't really know what a person had to endure in order to be that successful. Don't ever think that a cheerful person is always happy inside and don't ever assume that one who is cold and brash is a cruel person. Don't just take in what someone tells you as the truth because one should really see things in a bigger picture. You have a brain, right? Use it. Don't be quick to judge when one gives you an innocent look because you'd never know their true intentions. And don't be quick to give a helping hand because you'll never know when they'll bite you or your family back after they're out of the doldrums.
How's that?? And now, I am supposed to tag 7 bloggers. But I guess I shall not because coming up with the 12 bloggers in the first tag was tedious enough.

So, you who's reading this... you're tagged! :D


Fid said...

tersedak i..juan yg jelita tagged i....wahh wahhh....tag aktiviti hujung minggu...kakakaaaa

CikLilyPutih said...

okeh, nanti i buat gak! thks

dillazag said...

Sunshine ke? So sweet lah honey!!! :) This is an easy one, will do it next week, ya? Insya Allah (Way too many on tags in a week) hihihi

Amy said...

Thanks Juann! Mowahs mowahss

toughcookie said...

cik fid,
banyak la jelitanyeee... hehe... buat jangan tak buat :)

cik lily,
kalau busy takpe beb... saja je...

toughcookie said...

hehe tenkiu.... but you are sweeter ;)

*muuaahhhs* back to you!