Yes, definitely a good start for 2010.

Ok… ok… I know I said in my previous post that I was supposed to update this blog more regularly. But I still have jobs coming in and since they do not have crazy deadlines, I wanted to catch my breath and have proper breaks from the madness end of 2009.

Furthermore, now that my eldest son does not go to grandparents’ as he doesn’t have his religious classes at the mosque anymore (as he's entered secondary school), things have been additional hectic at home since I need to cook for him, get his clothes ready and ensure that he studies in the morning with those exercise books the one and I bought. What was usually just a plain morning - of bathing little jj and feeding her and then I continue working on my computer while she switches between watching tv and bothering me with her toys and stuff (hehe!)… have now turned to seemingly limited time since I need to prepare wholesome meals for the little munchkin (who's not so little anymore), get the baby ready to send abang to school and later in the evening get her ready again to pick up abang from school. So, work definitely cannot be accomplished in the morning.

Only today have I truly got the hang of the routine and woke up earlier than usual to ensure everything’s in order before little jj wakes up *phew!*

Ok… after all that, would like to update on the recent meeting I had with a Mom Blogger sifu and other ambassadors, in anticipation for Mom Bloggers Planet 1st anniversary do. It’s wonderful how the few of us of different backgrounds but with similar interests could come together to make something happen, when all of us were perfect strangers… and this is done out of passion. It’s amazing!

clockwise from very left: Kak Ros, Hanz, Cik Lily Putih, Jiji and Nia

the denim bag represents moi who was busy snapping ;)

Kak Ros (or more fondly known as Little Mama), the grand prize winner at the Nuffnang FRISO family gathering, headed the meeting and went through the list she has made one by one. All of us were allocated specific tasks and I am impressed how all of us busy women used up the entire 2 hours of the meeting very well… it was compact, we get to clarify matters and come to a unanimous agreement. I mean, if we had all established a company, I do believe it will be a successful organisation… no waste of time, straight to the point and can still insert some stuff on other matters pertaining to blogging and parenting.

There is another meeting this weekend together with some other volunteers and I am starting to feel a little nervous about the coming event. Well, to be fair, I had always had the jitters before every event that I am involved… and thru the past experience, jitters means something good. Not getting nervous at all means I am too confident of things and over-confidence does not usually result in something good. For me, that is…

Anyway, I have done certain things under my care and will look for a few more stuff after sending the little munchkin off to school this afternoon. I also need to meet a client to pick up some material for another event I am helping out come March.

All in all, I still have plenty of jobs to do but nothing I can’t manage, so I am taking it easy today.

Will update more soon ☺


Em's Family said...

when will be the tentative date?

Mad About Everthing said...

see u this weekend.

toughcookie said...

hi amira,
the date's actually been set already la dear... it'll be held on 24th jan pagi. it's a sunday. will i be seeing you there?

hi cik lily,
looking forward to it! how was your astro b.yond event? did you get to bring home anything?

emly2175 said...

even i thought i can get up late on weekends.But no..I still have to get up early ang bath early too on weekends..If not, semuanya lambat..heheheh.Having two kids is totally differnt than having one kid ..