Tanya beskotkeras/Ask toughcookie,

I received plenty of inquiries on matters pertaining to breastfeeding/managing self and family/matters of the heart/etc. which got me to thinking that I really should put up those questions I got and make it a regular column. What do you think?

The first question to be answered will be posted on Thursday and I think I would like to make it a regular Thursday column.

I may not be a specialist on the issues at hand but since many have asked for my views and thoughts about the situations you are facing or even current issues that you'd like to discuss, I thought it may be a good way to share it with everyone here so that everyone else can also give their input for us to see things in a bigger picture.

  1. All issues/concerns to be emailed to me at toughcookee@gmail.com;
  2. All issues highlighted in here shall be edited accordingly to protect the identity of the sender and issues at hand, whenever necessary;
  3. Issues will be picked according to my discretion as not all emails will get published;
  4. Sensitive matters shall be treated with great care and as much as I try to be fair in my views, I shall not be held responsible for any consequences or results from the choices you make after my views/comments have been posted;
  5. You must understand that this is just an avenue as a form of discussion and not a place to seek for the right answer. There are no right or wrong answers in here and those seeking for advise should use their own discretion/judgement for the choices or/and decisions that will be taken;
  6. Readers commenting on the issues are advised to be tactful when giving their views. I will delete any rude comments/comments with vulgarities or inappropriate usage of words;
  7. My views may not necessarily reflect on my beliefs in life but more on what I feel at that point in time regarding the issues highlighted to me;
  8. My views are given to you because you seek my opinion. I shall be frank and straightforward in my views;
  9. Inquiries can be in BM or English;
  10. More rules shall be posted as and when necessary, according to the varying needs as this column moves along with time.
Hmmm... all thanks to Ros, for giving me this idea ;)


CikLilyPutih said...

nak tanye, cam ne nak kuruskan peha yg cam drumstick nie ek?

toughcookie said...

cik lily,
oh, itu senang saja... eksesais, jaga makan dan eksesais lagi hikhikhik...

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

bab2 nak tanya ni lemah ni..hahahaha.me baca ajer laa..

toughcookie said...

oh baca jangan tak baca... :)

Ms B said...

Somehow this post reminds me of the column in our local newspaper, 'dear thelma', I think. *smiles* eh, maybe you can set it as a weekly post.

toughcookie said...

ms b,
hehe yeah... trust me, if you've seen the amount of emails i receive constantly on people asking me for my views, i guess i could put it up weekly ;)

Konot said...

cepat bukak column... i got plenty of questions!! teheheh