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I was tagged on 13 January and have only managed to do it today.

1) Copy the "2008 Cute's Blogger Award" icon above and paste it in your blog.


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A former colleague of mine, this blogger, did. Apologies for taking time, dude… but it’s not easy thinking about 10 facts – almost like soul-searching, dude ;D Oh, hope you don't mind that I've translated the questions into English.

3) Name 10 facts/hobbies before awarding your next award recipients.


#1 – I’m a stickler for time. Everything revolves in our limited 24-hour a day block. Therefore, I estimate every hour of timing in whatever I need to do in a day so that my day is well organised and my goals achieved.

#2 – Everything must be clean and things must be where it should be. Hehe. I’m a pain but that’s how organised I am… I know where things are, exactly at every inch of whichever area in the house. Of course, there’s a tendency to forget (because there are many specific places to store specific items) but things never actually get lost at home because they are always chucked neatly at the right places.

I remembered at a former workplace, the boss asked her assistant to look for a document while I was away for an external meeting. The assistant was so surprised that I could quote exactly which cabinet, which section of the cabinet, which file and in which section the document was filed ;D

#3 – I have never been good in sports while in school. My elder brother has all the sporting skills while I got the arts and creative skills (and, uh, zee brains hehe). The only sport I was good at was the 100m/200m and marathons. My brother, though, represented the state in football, snooker, bowling, dart, carom, you name it.

#4 – I was a beauty queen once. Hehe. The now very popular actress, Carmen Soo was 2nd runner-up, mind you. And I lied about my height but they didn’t even measure me. I won 2 subsidiary titles, Ms Talent and Ms Eloquence, eventually winning the contest. Yeay!

It was initially only for fun... I saw the ad, sent 2 photos and was called for the preliminary selection. I ensured I wore really high heels in case they question my height (I was just 3" shorter than the required height), signed the contract when informed I was selected and missed the final 1-week rehearsals because I had to undergo induction in uni for the acceptance into matriculation year. I'm glad I went ahead with it because it was truly a beautiful experience.

i was only 17 and it was a small-time contest but very popular
amongst teens hehe... i've always wanted to be a beauty queen
when i was a little girl and it made my dream come true.
1994, a year I shall never forget :D

#5 – I detect lies very easily. The only weakness is, I don’t act without proof. So, unless there’s proof, the liar will walk freely. But then again, the truth comes up pretty quickly so people really shouldn’t lie to me because I’d find out in no time. When that happens and depending on its seriousness, I do not hesitate to chuck the person away because I don't need negative people in my life.

#6 – Although my eye-sight’s not perfect, my other senses kinda compensate. Best example for sense of smell – once when I had flu that I couldn’t even taste what I was eating, I came down from my room and actually asked my mom if I had just smelt watermelon. Guess what… the watermelon was all chopped up much earlier and already kept tight inside the fridge. And I could smell them? Wonderful, eh…

Best example for sense of hearing – When we’re all sitting nicely in the living room watching tv that’s pretty loud, I can hear water trickling down from the shower that’s not turned off tightly in the guest bathroom which door is closed. Yes, the one sometimes wonder this strong sense of mine since no one else hears ‘water trickling down’ in there but me.

I realise that little jj also seem to inherit this trait as she’s quite sensitive to noises when she’s fed and when she’s asleep.

#7 – I found out I’m good in writing since I was 9 when my teacher told me that and encouraged me to write more. Then, I'd usually put together fictitious tale of moi being a frog, moi being a pencil, moi being a snake, and the list goes on.

#8 – I’m a straight-forward person easily misunderstood as arrogant or brash. I just believe that I save time from being long-winded, a hypocrite or a pretentious bitch. I’d much rather be bold than sugar-coating the truth (although in PR, when working, I would do that where it is deemed necessary to protect confidentiality, demonstrate profesionalism and those small stuff I don’t like to sweat about).

I believe that when it comes to work, I don’t give a damn about popularity. I should be known as a person who gets thing done, and gets things done efficiently.

And at most part, I cannot keep silent when I hear someone says something not right. I’ll keep being vocal on my opinions and in what I strongly feel about. Thruout the years, I can already read which group hates my gut and which group would admire me for saying what's right and helping them improve.

#9 – I care for the environment. I don’t go all out to protect the environment but I contribute whatever I can. I make sure everyone at home saves energy, ie. turning off the lights when one leaves the room, turning off the tap while brushing one’s teeth, turning off the shower while applying soap on one’s body/shampooing one’s hair, turning off the tap while doing the dishes, bla bla bla. I even use low-suds detergent for laundry, always encouraged paper recycling at my previous workplace, and turning off the lights during lunch time.

That’s the least I could do for contributing to the pollution in the environment with the non-hybrid car that I’m using, the many disposable diapers of little jj’s and the amount of plastic bags used to throw away those diapers, plus that little luxuries at night from the cooling air-conditioner. Kinda balances out, in the end, I think, although not quite enough.

#10 – Something that can give the one headaches at times is my strong stand (or rather, stubborn-ness) in doing things because it is the right thing to do – not because society feels it is the norm.

I couldn’t care less if people think we do not follow whatever other people are doing.

I’ve gone thru my life doing things my way because things will go right when you do things sincerely and for your own good. There’s no point in pleasing other people especially when there’s no true benefit in the actions.

The one knows very well that one shouldn’t be defensive when presenting their opinions to me about something they think I should do because if their point is “because nanti malu if people ask and you haven’t done it”, I assure you, I’d do the exact opposite... simply because I can prove to you that you wouldn't die of starvation or whatever else just because you do something different than others. I hate it when people do not have faith in what they really believe in and easily swayed into doing things just because they are afraid of what people think. There are just too many more important things in this world to be concerned about rather than be worried about what others think of you.

I have lived the past 33 years and witnessing that people only know how to criticise others but do nothing to help you when you’re down, and people suddenly change their tunes when they hear that you’re successful in what you have done, against the norm. I was hated for being different in school and uni but was loved at work. That pretty much proves that immaturity makes one criticise another for being different. I do what I think is important to me (and my family) and no one can persuade me otherwise. Arrogant as it may sound, at least I am sincere in what I do.

#11 - hehe... additional point just like the person who tagged me (it is infectious!).

I totally love my family and cannot imagine what it'd be like not experiencing the now. I love my husband, I love my 2 kids and will do anything for them. I've gone thru so much to ensure the best for my little munchkin and have sacrificed my freedom for little jj. But I don't feel like it is a sacrifice because I totally enjoy doing things for the family and when there's so much love, you'd tend to do things for the people you love without thinking much about yourself.

I love what I have now and I am grateful for it all.

4. You should choose 5 recipients for this award and list them down in your blog post.

Frankly, I don’t know whom to tag because only 1 person did my previous tag. I probably should just tag my the one and he can then tag all his siblings (heh).

5. Don’t forget to visit those blogs and inform them they’ve been tagged.

Nah... I will just inform the one since he's living with me in one roof! :D


The Wan And Only said...

OMG. Beauty Queen??? I so did not realize I was in the presence of a Queen... *bows*

sam328 said...

where's carmen in the pic???

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

o-O..... #1,2,5,8 & 10 tu like I m reading myself even DH said the same thing too....

i still remember how my boss said that I shud be her secretary instead of a PR person coz' my filing of documents both in cabinets and PC were too organised and same case like you la siap quote the colour of the files lagi........

owh babe! i am soooooo gonna like you sooooooo much ok!!

p/s : ni la org cakap, beauty with brain... you go girl!!!

Omecool20 said...

woo..bini Acat beauty queen ;-) .. you go girl ... :D .. yep, I agree abt doing what you think it's best for you ..

toughcookie said...

eheehehee... *giving the beauty queen wave*

like you did not already know what a drama queen i can be too, eh?? ;P

click on the photo and you can see a larger picture. she's at most right... was only 15 or 16 then, i think... and it was her first beauty contest.

i think we sooooo understand each other, don't we ;)

pasal jadi secretary tu, i was once asked by a new CEO to move up to be her PA. oh, sorry la... i wasn't gonna be a slave hehe.

hmmm... i kinda wonder now whether all PR practitioners have these similar traits?

hehe ala... benda tu berzaman dulu. kalau i layan benda2 glamour tu dulu, takde la i jumpa my the one sorang ni :D

eijoola said...

Ahh.. Someone with beauty.. (got a crown to prove), brain, and big heart. ACAT so lucky.

sam328 said...

thanks toughcookie, i was kinda wondering if you have more of that pics? mind to share it. hehe. i would appreciate it a lot. thank you. you have a nice blog., keep on sharing your thoughts. take care.-sam328

diamond baby said...

wow! a beauty queen? was it dewi remaja? :D

toughcookie said...

hehe... if i didn't know you, i thought you were being sarcastic ;P

thanks, babe.

hi sam,
i'd have to dig the photos la. i only have 3 scanned years ago and the other 2 only photos of me.

it was really a memory i've left a long time back :D

thanks for dropping by.

diamond baby,
dewi remaja is way too glam. so, nope. it wasn't it. this was a much smaller capacity.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hmmmm... i do have a few PR friends who share similar traits like me, not all but mostly the basic of it la..like being straight forward, mulut memang laser kemain, surviving in this line with loads of checklists and a few more la....

i think let's blame our horoscope la for the similarity and one of my bff is a sagi too.... we understand each other very much and never ambik hati when we voiced out our opinions....

p/s : i dah 'ter'tag u in my recent post sbb after I clicked publish baru teringat that u've just did the tag that's more or less sama.... takpe la.... if u ter remember 5 more traits, share wif me la ek....

toughcookie said...

dear anis,
ah yes, saggi. that explains it, i think.

i've done your tag. takpe, i've tagged you once and this time, i pulak kena tag by you hehe.

Mutya sa Pintuyan said...

Wow!I was searching for some news about Carmen Soo then came across your blog.Nice blog.=) It's always nice to reminisce those younger and care-free days.You have same floral dress huh?=) I'm sure it was IN during that time.I assumed your a Chinese-Malaysian.=) By the way,Carmen is really popular here in the Phils.Her Asianovela with Jericho Rosales was a big success here and will be shown in your country this April.


toughcookie said...

hi mutya...
it's nice to meet someone from abroad. welcome.

yes, i read about her blossoming 'professional' relationship with the oh so gorgeous jericho... apparently, she was the reason he broke up with his former girlfriend?? hehe... i know those are gossips, part and parcel of being a celebrity.

aahh... carmen. she was the sweetest model i have ever known. in fact, when i bumped into her in 2002, she was just as friendly and sweet as she was back in 1994. we travelled together to singapore in that same year and i can distinctively remember her warm character.

over here, the press simply loves her (i'm sure they love her there too) as she is so down to earth.

thanks for the link to the trailer. i also visited your many blogs and found that you have beautiful pictures. do you travel out of phillipines often?

P/S: by the way, i am a Malay-Malaysian.