Toughcookie Receives More Awards...

Hi all... I've been a little lazy with updating this blog and I thought on this beautiful Monday morning, I should do up the tags that has been way overdue.

First of all, thank you to my fellow-MBP ambassador, Cik Lily Putih, for giving me these awards. Danke (cakap Jerman cos zee Germans won the match last night and played a brilliant game hehe)...

First one...

Questions for this award...

1. Write an entry regarding this award :

2. My efforts to make the blog cheerful :
Gosh... this is hard. Errrmmm... post lotsa cute photos and videos of little jj....?? Can that count? ;P owh, and lotsa lotsa photos of delicious food??

3. 5 words that best describe you :
Perfectionist, passionate, bold, unpretentious, simple.

4.Tag other friends for this award.

1) Copy this award to your blog.

2) Make a speech to the person who gave you this award and how you feel about this award.
Thank you so much to dearest Cik Lily Putih because she thinks I am a nice person. Then again, I am nice to her even if I may not be that nice to others. I know that there's nothing wrong about being nice but I find that many people do not deserve to be treated nicely because a lot of people loves to take advantage of people they think are nice. Hence, I guess this award is dedicated to my friends whom I am nice to... because I am sure many people do not agree with this award ;P

3) Answer these questions...

1. What is playing in your head right now?
Oh no oh no what's the time now... must get ready for lunch and then sending my eldest to school and then lunch for little jj and then bla bla bla.....

2. Your nickname?
Toughcookie / Beskot

3. Name 3 people you love most.
My husband, my children, my parents.

4. The name you call your dearest...
Will not be disclosed.

5. What is the present you've always wanted from that someone special...
Too many to mention hehe...

6. Which blogs do you like to visit that I can also follow?
Those blogs that are listed on my right side-bar, under 'My Blog List'. It can still be expandable if I do come across more blogs to read :)

7. Tag 15 more friends for this award.
Damn... don't think I have that many blogger friends since I read many but cannot really be called 'friends' as I only read them silently. So, if you think you are nice and deserve this award, go ahead and put it on your blog, ya.


CikLilyPutih said...

okeh, pengawas dah datang check dah. TQ

Skutik said...

awww... thanks dear... i'm very very bz at the moment... nnti i'll find time to blog about the award ya!

Thanks again!! ;)