Quick and Easy Recipe in 7 min!

"I tertarik dengan your resipi sandwich that you posted some time ago. Do you have any other easy recipes that you can share? I need something new that I have not tried before..."

Toughcookie says:
Funny that this blog is almost turning into a foodie. But, yes, I do have a couple more easy and quick ones up my sleeves and since they are really my own recipes, I guess it won't hurt to share.

Well, actually, this one here isn't an entirely a Toughcookie original recipe. I have adapted it based on some basic stuff I learnt while preparing little jj's pureed stock a year ago (I think!) and added some other stuff to suit my taste buds. I've prepared this a number of times to the one and my little munchkin, and they both thought it was tasty, despite the one not truly fond of fish, particularly, salmon.

Yup, we all know that cooking fish is probably the easiest and quickest... and, I chose salmon because well, I love salmon ;). Little jj loves it too and I am so glad that she does because salmon is among the safest (lowest risk of mercury contamination from the sea), highest in protein and best sources of Omega 3 fatty acid (which is the best food for the heart and brain).

And so, during my lazy moments, I would take out a fish fillet and put everything else in the dish and I can either eat it just like that or have it with rice. But, since salmon is very filling, chances are, you don't need rice to go with it.

What you need: Salmon (250-300gms), broccoli florets, slices of carrots, 20gms unsalted butter, shredded cheese and milk (enough to fill around 2mm of the dish - very shallow).
Not in picture: You can even add cauliflower and plenty of onions. Since I love onions, I would only add them after it is cooked so that the onions bring out a more intense flavour...

zoom in: you can see crushed black peppercorns and the veges soaked in milk...

Put the dish into a microwave oven and it would be nicely cooked in less than 10 minutes under the highest microwave setting. Mine cooked in 7 minutes only :)

Preparation time: less than 10 min
Cooking time: approx 7 min
Effort: minimal
Taste: Priceless!!
After effect: Full tummy, happiness :)

You can add salt to taste and sprinkle on black peppercorns before or after cooking, whichever you prefer. It is also tastier if you add shredded cheese after the dish is cooked. I've even tried using soy milk as the shallow base and the dish turned out still very delicious. Be sure to have the milk spread evenly on the dish or your vegetables may turn out a little dry. If you'd like your veges to be fresh, add them only at the last 1-2 minutes of cooking time.

You can even try other types of fish. I've tried Flatfish (Ikan Sebelah) and Mackerel, and they turned out just fine. Oh, just one more thing, salmon does omit a strong fishy smell... so, if you like, you could squeeze some lime zest on top. I didn't because I only take lime in drinks or junk food, not cooked food.

Hope you'll like this as much as little jj and I do ;)


whm6840 said...

Hi tc,

Ahhh.. I know this. It is so yummy and so very suitable for people like me. The bad and malas cook (can’t even call myself a cook).
I made similar to yours for Nada’s puree too. Then I made them in bigger chunks, stored in the freezer. Now, it is one of my express dish, that is when I cook!

CikLilyPutih said...

hi juan,
senang betul resipi nie, for me yg tak penah masak salmon before, ini adalah good to try. i'll u know the results okeh!

Nour said...

i love salmons.....will definitely give this a try..:))

sitisabri said...

This is a lovely recipe! I love salmon too ;) Especially grilled one.

Nia said...

I pun suka salmon (sebok je..hehe)!

Wah, Juan,..bila nak buat untuk kitaorg? (bukan nak try buat sendiri budak ni..hehe)

toughcookie said...

hi mario,
nanti kalau i ada apa2 resipi senang2, i will share with you :)

babe, bila kita dapat ber-togeder-geder lagi? miss you guys la...

cik lily,
yah... nanti post on your blog ;)

toughcookie said...

tell me what you think nanti, ya :)

salmon is good.. unfortunately, it is so costly la kat sini. so, kalau makan pun sekali-sekala to indulge...

haha... nanti kita buat gathering nak? pi rumah sesiapa ke... pastu boleh buat 'cooking session with toughcookie' haha ;P