Movie Date: Killers

Last night (I mean, Thursday), Nuffnang sponsored our movie date night :)

Yes, my wish came true when I wrote about it here early last month. You know how much we enjoyed our first date after 2 years, right... and it was tough to maintain that momentum since plenty of things have been happening with the one and his career progress, which kinda translate to some over-busy-ness plus, I hate asking my mom to babysit little jj just so that both of us could have a good time... it just didn't feel right and sounded pretty selfish on our part since I know that my mom doesn't really like babysitting. But... the free tickets we got seemed to be a pretty good excuse and was so glad that my mom obliged.

We almost didn't make it to the special screening as the one had some stuff at the office that needed urgent attention and I was praying hard that he could arrive at the LRT station in time. It was raining so heavily and I was afraid of how traffic would be like heading to One Utama. But... it was meant to be as we arrived just in time before the counter closed and we went in just as the film started since we had a long wait at the popcorn counter.

The movie was just okay la... I wouldn't say it was great... it was just ok. But, the fact that I had the chance to catch a movie again with my dearly beloved of course made the experience lovely. I cherish these moments so much simply because it is pretty hard to come by.

Anyways, I thought Ashton Kutcher was really cute. Well, I know he is cute but what I meant was, the character that he played was really cute. I've never really seen him act a serious-geeky character and I guess that would make him a real good actor since he was believable.

The main female cast was just ok. I am not a big fan of Katherine Heigl and her character wasn't strong. So, just 2 cookies for her while Kutcher scores a 4 ;D

The story revolves around... wait... I don't even remember her character name! That isn't good, huh? googling now...

............. still googling...

Ok... she plays Jen, who met Spencer (I remember his character hehe...) on a vacation where he was performing his last job as an assassin. They fell in love in a cheesy way, got married, moved to a small town and after 3 years, his past came to haunt him. All hell broke loose from there and you will either find the plot weakening or heightened. Whichever way, the movie was still entertaining if you would only stop asking questions *smirk*

owh owh owh look at that hot bod. i mean, sun... hot sun ;P

aaahhh the joys of being in love. it's just great :)

wait, a gun in bed? hmmm...

one of the scenes when jen just found out spencer's little secret...

she's kinda like a computer software security expert or sumthin'...

You can read more about its plot here.

I guess if you're a big fan of Kutcher or Heigl, you wouldn't mind watching it because it provides a pretty decent entertainment. I guess what I liked about the movie was the part where all questions were answered... like it all finally made sense.

Don't watch it with too high of an expectation because well, you'll see why. Then again, I guess you've got to cut Kutcher (who produced it) some slack since he did tell us that this was indeed a perfect Friday night movie where a guy and a girl don't have anything else to do and would just like to let loose and while away time.

Judging from that night, we did manage to let loose after watching Killers.

So, thank you, Nuffnang, for the tickets. We truly enjoyed ourselves.


Em's Family said...

babe, i kalau dapat tiket free from nuffnang, i heret jer emir hehehe.. tapi sebelum tu suruh dia main puas2, then bile masuk movie... zzzzzzzzzzz :)

isabelle said...

bestnya..dah la dpt tiket free.
but to rekindle the moments of the 1st time we fell in love is just amazing....

Nia said...

last movie i tengok dengan my husband Avatar 3D. Itu pun terkejar-kejar sebab letak Diha dekat my mom, habis tengok, terus speed balik..hmppp..takde ape yg rekindle nya..huhu

Little Mama said... dapat watch movie with hubby.. i bab movie screening by nuffnang have to let go.. sebab nobody to look after izzah.. kalau pegi sorang tak best

toughcookie said...

hi mira,
at first we wanted to bawak little jj sekali but i believe that the movie is not rated 'G'. It's PG13 and it won't be responsible on our part to bring her into the cinema. plus, she's so sensitive with the surrounding noises and she could never really fall asleep in there. i think so la... tak pernah lagi try. nanti i try with shrek. thanks for the tips!

best. tapi lagi best kalau dapat couples seat :P

toughcookie said...

haaa orang macam kita ni aje yang paham how it is hehe... haritu pun, laki i arrived just in time, i bawak keta macam pelesit, ambik tiket, terus beratur tunggu hot dog and popcorn. langsung takde chan la nak romantic pun... perut kosong sibuk nak makan, pastu free seating dapat seats dekat dengan screen hehe... best sangat la kan ;P

kak ros,
hmmm bila kak ros tulis macam tu, rasa bersyukur sangat at least dapat jugak pergi kan... orang lain langsung tak merasa. lain kali kalau i dapat lagi tiket, i ajak kak ros nak? kita pergi berdua, bior laki jaga budak kat rumah :D

sitisabri said...

Bestnya dpt gi dating berdua! Sampai tang gambar Hot sun tu nak tergelak kejap.. ehehe.. mmg HOT :p lol

toughcookie said...

hehe kannnn.... ;P