Date Night was awesome for us.

I received so many enquiries on what happened to the date I had with the one and I regret not being able to write sooner due to moi being tied up with work again and staring at the computer screen for any longer hours even to update the blog makes me nauseous ;P

I must say that we both had a blast. We had an awesome time together. Well, I guess we always had so much fun together except that these past years, most of our conversation always focused on what our children did, what they did not do, what they need, what they don't, well... you get my drift.

This time, thanks to one very useful advise from a friend, we refrained from talking about our kids during the short date and it felt almost like we were out on our first date.

I guess it felt that way for a fact that firstly, I have lost those few kilos (finally!) after more than a year, and... last Friday was the first time that I really dressed to kill for the date. So much so, that I did take the one's breath away hehe... this is not a perasan statement okeh, cos you can also read it here...

Well, I have never worn boots in any of our dates before though I am a fan of boots. And, knowing that the one does have his preference of what kind of clothes he likes me in, I decided to dress waaaay different than what he may think I would wear. The element of surprise is always a risk - you may strike the right chords yet it can even get disastrous. I am so glad, though, that my touch with fashion is still there although I did think I was a little 'over-doing' it - wearing a new pink top I've never worn, with a skirt that I haven't worn in years, paired with that long boots I bought on our UK trip a year back. He has never seen me in that combination and I was afraid that it may be a little too much for a Monday night hehe....

I started preparing so early, even. I went through my wardrobe as early as 3pm and I felt butterflies in my tummy. I got so darn excited that I hoped the one was feeling the same way. After all, we have not gone out alone together since the last 2 years and I was hoping that things will turn out really well.

Little jj didn't quite help as she didn't nap until half an hour before I was to drop her off at nenek's. And we all know that if she didn't get at least half an hour of sleep, she'd be a tough baby to handle. But I wasn't gonna be late since I would need to go through rush hour traffic into KL. Plus, little jj needs time to warm up at nenek's before I could leave her and I had to remain calm so that she couldn't sense any tension... I mean, babies could sense these kind of negative energy and they'd get tensed as well.

So, while she cried from the lack of sleep and was making it a little difficult for me, her favourite baby biscuits kept her happy... she munched on them while watching tv and my mom distracted her before I could leave silently.

When I reached Pavilion KL, I felt so many stares on me. I don't know if it was the outfit or whether my skirt was pulled up and people saw my underwear hehe... I had to look at my reflection many times in order to feel assured that I look normal...

did this look make heads turn? or was it something else?
i was in pavilion and i expected to see many women dressed to kill, anyway ;)

I picked up the tickets and walked around while waiting for the one to arrive. We were going to watch Date Night. Actually, the reason we finally decided to have our 'alone' time was partly due to the storyline of that movie... where a married couple finds time to go out on a date. And since the last time we left little jj with nenek was a success, we thought it was time for us to take a short break from the kids every once in awhile...

I was so happy to see the one's expression when he saw me. I could see that he was really pleased to see me and I guess the high boots made me look even more desirable (ahah!). It has been so long since I get to dress up for him - like really really dress up for him and it felt so good to be able to keep him in surprise from that mundane expected routine we practically practise every day at home.

We were both really excited that people around us must have thought we were either having an affair or that he was an older man going out with a 'college' girl haha.... we even got the cashier at GSC excited when we asked her to take our photo and explained to her that it was our first date after 2 years ;P

i got greedy and want more dates now... i need a week's break ;)

The movie was hillarious and I do think that the movie may not be that great but that we felt it was the best since we were so happy to be away spending time together and able to laugh out loud without even having to control our volume :D Best of all, there were so many scenes from the movie which we could relate to and we wondered if other married couples are actually just the same...

As the movie ended earlier than we thought, we then went window shopping before making our way back to the kids.

When we arrived my parents' place, I could hear little jj laughing away being teased by my dad. Now, I know very well that as soon as she saw us, atuk will no longer get any attention from her and so I let him keep playing with her. When she finally saw us, her face lit up so bright that she got so excited and stormed after the one first.

I kinda felt sad at that because she no longer charged at me compared to the time when she was breastfed exclusively. But then again, I believe this was what I wanted anyway - to wean her off breastmilk totally and this is part of the 'side-effects' to it.

But but but... before any sadness consumed me, she quickly charged at me and hugged me tight!... that felt soo good. She held me and didn't want to let go, and I rocked her back and forth and told her how much I missed her :D

That day couldn't be more perfect!


Chech said...

Those boots are made for a first date ;).

unlisted_one said...

your look make head turns,..surely!

that photo montaj is cute! guna ADOBE ke Juan?

Good to hear both of u are having a good time.

unlisted_one said...

and you do look like a college girl!

toughcookie said...

dear chech,
absolutely! :)

oh mekacih banyak2 hehe...

ha-ah. guna photoshop. dulu pernah pergi course tapi yang ini tak buat cara proper. main hentam je sebab nak cepat plus that element of humour ;P

did you manage to go to Kizsports today?

unlisted_one said...

Juan, i tak dpt pegi sb initial plan nak pegi lps zohor, sebab dia tutup pukul 4, kitaorg tkr next week kot.

owh, i need ur address lah

thanks dear!

FairyGodmother said...


love the boots!

Konot said...

u look gorjes!!
sgt best kan date berdua2an..

and the tips.. of not talking about the kids during dates.. i need to practice that as well!!