Nokia E72 presents, The Rookie.

I love my E72. I think it is a dream phone for me, that can do everything I want of a phone and more.

I think those who’ve been reading me since years back would know my history with phones. Yes, I did stray to two other brands but I found that I would always come back to Nokia. It’s the best for me – you know what to expect of a Nokia phone, their capabilities are reputable, and what’s more important is that their application/software/programmes are easy to figure.

I’ve always wanted to own the E71. When I let go of my E90 to the one once I left the employment industry, the one thought I should try out those phones with amazing camera capabilities. Hence, he kept buying me phones with cameras in high megapixels but I found that my soul has always felt void (heh!). No matter how good those phones were, I still always admired the sleekness of the E71 with those shortcut work buttons I’ve always been familiar with when using the E90.

So, when the E72 reached our shores, I didn’t hesitate to dream and dream big ☺. Waddaya know, dreams did come true hehe… and so glad that I waited as the E72 is a marked improvement from its predecessor.

not just for serious users, you could always pimp it to your taste ;)

Seriously, I love it. Yes, the camera functions fall short from the N86 and N82 that I’ve used before, but all I wanted was a mobile ‘PC’ that I could use even in my visits to the loo (oopps!). I love the qwerty keyboard that fits just nicely in my small palms and I enjoy doing whatever typing work I needed to do on the move – be it while waiting for little jj's playschool to be over, or while waiting for my lunch to be served if I am eating out – whenever, wherever. Best of all, Nokia rewards all its E72 users with a free download of the latest Quickoffice application so that you are able to do your work on any Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. That’s not all… I am able to get all my emails as well. Therefore, this toughcookie is well connected, in the most sleek and sexy way ☺

Don't get me started on its other useful functions like optical trackpad, free ovi suite, flash camera, video calls and more! It's many shortcut buttons is perfectly suited for busy mommies like me.

Now, ff you’re 18-30 years of age, loves a little challenge, is not currently employed and would want to get your hands on this charming mini-machine, Nokia is currently doing a reality 'recruitment' drive in the form of internships at four high-profile companies.

As I am way over the age limit (*sigh*) I am unable to submit my application. Hmmm… now, I do look 21 (ahahh!) but unfortunately, I am not able to falsify the details in my identity card *sigh again*

I reckon that the E72 will be put to a test – a highly fascinating one, too, as you will be armed with only the handsome gadget, taking on various challenges and a champion will be picked. As the champion, The Rookie will win a RM10,000 cash prize and bring home the E72. Well actually, all 12 interns chosen for this project will get to bring home the E72.

A valuable experience is offered in 4 corporate organisations who are leaders in their industries - Nokia, Universal Music, Standard Chartered Bank and 8TV. Registration closes 28 April 2010 and more details can be found here.

Oh, but to those of you who’s young at heart like me who are not able to participate in this project, you could still get a RM100 voucher against your purchase for a brand new E72 just by following all the webisodes and promotions. I would like to get it for the one but that gadget freak even surprised me when he decided to lay off his highly gadget-ey, high-tech HTC hero for the E72 this afternoon.

Hurrah to E72!


sitisabri said...

I love E72 too. Hubby asked me to choose between E72 and iPhone. I am more keen on the iPhone due to its excellent apps and all but after reading your post, I decided to go for E72 lahh~~ I can save a few hundreds ringgit and get a fabulous phone too. Thanks for the review!

toughcookie said...

hi siti,
i guess iPhone and the E72 are phones of a totally different category. but i am such a nokia enthusiast that i would tell people the much more reasonably-priced nokia can do EVERYTHING an iPhone can (functionality-wise) and more! tapi, us being women, selalunya we should go for what our heart desires sebab in the end, we would always long for it... macam i ni, lepas 2 tahun pun and changing phones twice, i still went back to the E72 because that was what i wanted since i saw the E71 in the market.

glad i'm of much help :)

Byzura Razali said...

E71 and E72 always the best :)

toughcookie said...

dear byzura,

nadnye said...

i also luv my E72