Toughcookie has added, 'Ambassador' to her cv.

Apart from the magic mouse for my birthday, I guess turning 17 *ehem* [again!] this year has been a beautiful journey to that age transition...

Firstly, I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, although not really there yet... and seeing the photos from my birthday dinner really cheered me up. As I mentioned to the one, this toughcookie is finally back and he was so thoughtful when he said that I never really 'left' hehe... *awwww*

Losing weight after giving birth was an easy-peasy task for me then, with my first-born. I could already fit into my jeans after one month. So, this time, I never really thought I would balloon that much and was so confident to repeat the same feat.

However, I was proven wrong when much of the pregnancy weight didn't come off that easily despite the old wives' tale of losing fat while breastfeeding. As much as the scientific logic of it presents some truth, I do feel that it doesn't apply to everyone. Every mommy's body work differently and I find myself eating much much more everytime I feed little jj as I keep getting hungry all the time. Well, thanks to a supportive husband, I didn't think much about my weight and all I wanted to do was eat well so that I could transfer all that nutrition to my baby through my breastmilk. I didn't care that much if I was fat as long as the baby gets everything she needs and that my milk stock is continuous.

I must admit that as much as I didn't care much about my weight, it did affect me a little since EVERYONE would ask me what's wrong with me (my weight, that is)... relatives would ask me what I am eating, my mom's neighbours would blatantly point out how huge I have become and my dad didn't help much in making me feel good about my body. Still, I had never really worked out before and so, I did nothing much to tone up.

But I guess, after little jj turned one-plus and feeds less often from me, my hunger pangs decreased and many began to tell me that I have gotten smaller. *yeayyy!*

With my body issues taking a back seat, I feel good celebrating my birthday and proud with whatever achievements I've made, no matter how small or slow they were. I am proud of my age, and not afraid to tell anyone that I have turned 34 this year.

And little did I know, that I had another surprise in my inbox, in the form of a much-awaited message... I was told that I have been selected as an ambassador for MomBloggersPlanet, one of the more successful blogsite for mommies and WAHM, which I have been following for awhile. They had a search for 5 ambassadors, listing down roles that I would be responsible for, at a perfect time when I was scratching my head on newer ideas on how I can make my presence more visible in the blogworld.

i was given this badge to display in my blog ;)

I am extremely happy with this development and I look forward to contributing whatever I can to the mommies' community.

So, yeah... I forgot to wish me, Happy Birthday! :D


Konot said...


1. Happy 34th birthday!! and you dont look like 34 langsung okeh?? ngaku anak dara pun tipah boleh tertipu...hehheheh

2. tahniah ler kerana dah berjaya back to pre-pragnancy weight.. i also took almost same time nak get back to ideal weight.. baru skang dpr pakai my old pants/tops.. kalau tak baju kurunggggggg jer la gi ofis.. hmmmphhhh...

and your hubby so scweeet okeh!!!

unlisted_one said...

Hi there,

Congrats on being choosen as one of the ambassadors!

Nice blog you are having here, certainly this is not my last visit.

Oh,..and happy birthday! congrats on having back your pre-pregnancy weight too..*wink*

Feel free to visit my blog

emly2175 said...

wah! this is double good news! not only u are almost there ie back in shape with your old weight, but u are now the ambassador for mombloggpersplanet! I'm so happy for u la...

diamond baby said...

kudos for you and hope its not too late to still wish you happy '17th' birthday. May you be blessed in everything that you do :D

madabouteverthing said...

congrats on both occasion.
what a double happiness to you.

FairyGodmother said...

congratulations and happy birthday!!!!

toughcookie said...

hi konot,
thank you thank you ;) and congrats for losing weight too!!

dear nia,
thanks!! congrats to you too okeh ;) a good start to a new friendship, eh...

hi emly,
thanks, babe... :D

toughcookie said...

diamond baby,
nope... it's never too late to wish someone their 17th birthday hehe... thanks for your thoughtful wish...

hi jaja,
tima kasih... looking forward to meeting you and the rest of them blogger mommies soon!

hi dona,