Happy 11th Anniversary, Starbucks Malaysia

So... I was at Starbucks 11th Anniversary bash at Tropicana City Mall tonight with my SIL, Jannah. Their dresscode in the invitation was stated as Masquerade but I think most of them who went weren't really dressed to the theme. Lucky thing as I didn't have anything glamourous and I easily chose whatever I have that I could fit into... and that wasn't very difficult since though I am getting back into my pre-pregnancy figure, there are still many of my nicer clothes which I can't fit ;)

customary arrival photo with beloved SIL :)

Anyways, when we arrived at the venue, registration just took place as many have only arrived due to the heavy rain and bad bad traffic. Salleh, the Marketing Manager gave us a warm welcome, asked us to register and checked if we wanted to take pictures with some really gorgeous models, dressed to the theme.

We did all that and even wrote our wish on a card. Apparently, someone was going to get lucky and his wish will be granted. Though Jannah asked for a new lens for her Sony Alpha A700 which just checked-in at the service centre earlier during the day, I on the other hand, asked for something more reasonable - to have unlimited cappuccino FOC from Starbucks for the next 365 days. Well, though I had a good vibe that my card was going to get picked tonight, I didn't manage to stay on til the end since it was getting late. So, there went my chance on coffee overdose ;P

We were greeted with two large screens where they displayed their facebook page that was going to be launched later during the event and their twitter page, which got many of us twittering away, all excited to see our tweet appearing with photos and all. Hmmm... technology... at an event where you're supposed to network and mingle, many were all at their mobile haha... but it was good since we got to see those celebrity bloggers there at the partay. Ohkay...

new-age event prop - includes FB and twitter displays... a good way to engage guests to update, and a truly powerful marketing/publicity tool for followers/possible followers... it helped even more that Starbucks provide free Wifi in their outlets.

busy twittering away and realising that her mask came in twitter's colours...

The big boss came up with a welcome speech, informing us that they had just launched a drive-thru Starbucks in JB and whatnot, which they plan to also have it in KL. He also thanked all of us for the support.

good food, topped with my favourite mug of coffee...

while eating, Jannah could still send in more tweets!

Plenty of other programmes were in store for us who were present at the event and I thought they have made it really lively, fun and happening. There were dances by some show'girls', team activity (which was truly fun and we almost won, if not for the bangle that we didn't manage to find), and my friend, Nazrul, got me up on stage for one activity which truly caught us by surprise... we didn't know that they wanted us to dance a difficult routine and almost ran off from the stage before it was over. Oh, and I must mention about David the Mentalist - a cute and witty guy, who was at the event as an illusionist... he did a card trick on Jannah and I, and we were awed at the neat trick....

that's David, the Mentalist... he was truly funny and absolutely charming.

mind you, those sexy dancers are shemale *ahaks*

So, Starbucks is already 11 years old in Malaysia... which means that I am one of their first few customers, then. Please, do not calculate my age. Oh wait... you know how old I am since I just declared that some time last week ;)

I remembered after graduating from uni and hanging out with friends who love to hang out at places like Starbucks. I think at one point, we were at Starbucks @Telawi Bangsar almost every evening after work before heading out to mamak for dinner. During the weekends, we would either head there after a good time clubbing or just simply to chill and relax for a 'quieter' evening. It was great, those days when I was younger, without much worry especially since I was still staying with my parents... it felt so good to have good friends around and we always have so many things to do together... now when I think of it, I never really realised that Starbucks was quite a big influence in my social life then.

It was a good experience learning how to order their coffee... and I started out with their frappuccinos which I found a tad too mild for a coffee lover. I had always asked for an extra shot of espresso in all the fraps that I ordered. After some time, I guess I managed to try out many of their other drinks. My favourite would be their Cappuccino and Raspberry Tea.

Ahhh... such a nice feeling reminiscing the past. Wait, come to think of it, my first date with the one was at KLCC's Starbucks in 2005. Hmmm... there was magic there, definitely... with us drinking that one big mug of coffee, chatting away for three hours without even realising the time. And the day before, I was also at KLCC's Starbucks when I finally caught a glimpse of him, my 'favourite' blogger, having a discussion with his colleagues after office hours without him even realising that I was to be his favourite 'stalker' ;P

*warm feeling all over*

So, thank you, Starbucks... and congratulations on the achievements.

Ok... now back to work. I have tonnes of stuff waiting for me on my desk and it was a lovely outing. I would so like to thank my supportive other half for allowing me to party while he stays home to take care of the potty. Haha.

went home with these goodies... oh, i absolutely love the espresso shot glass.


Sarclover said...

the first Starbucks drive thru.. in JB??? waaaaaa...

Starbucks was my regular hang out when I was still starting out in KL.

Now, I am happy brewing my Starbucks Java at home...

however, i and my friends simply love the bucks to bits... favorites being their now defunct Rhumba, Macchiato and hazelnut Latte.

sitisabri said...

My fav is caramel latte~~

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tough Cookie, love your callsign. I have never been into Starbucks.
I guess when I see the price of a cup of their coffee, its cheaper I buy my bottle of Rich blend Maxwell house, ha ha.

You look real nice in the pic.
Here's wishing you the very best of Seasons greetings. Have fun and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

dillazag said...

my absolute favourite is caramel macchiato. hot, of course.

but, i wait and wait anxiously for their toffee nut latte. christmas, come quick, please... :)