You'll Never Know How Much You Need It Until It Arrives On Your Doorstep.

So yes... I turned 17 last Monday (nyeheh...!) and we had a nice, quiet birthday dinner.

I wasn't expecting anything for this year's birthday since I know that I have exceeded my gifts quota when I saw that piece of jewellery just after picking up another jewellery I commissioned a few months back. And I guess, it is better not to expect anything rather than get disappointed with expectations.

But... knowing the one, he would always love to shower me with gifts, no matter what the occasion might be. And you guys know how we never really surprise each other on our birthdays or anniversaries... it's just that way of life that I've been practising since forever, as I know it is just a waste of time hinting, assuming and expecting miracles to happen when all one can do is to just ask. I believe that this method saves a lot of trouble for both parties and us wifeys can be fair to our husbands by not making them guess since it more often leads to disappointments... that, I've heard and read a lot from many couples.

I guess the one was very happy with that arrangement since the start of our relationship as we'd both always get things we both need and want. This time, however, the challenge was in finding out what else I'd need. Frankly, if you were to ask me, I don't really have anything special that I truly wanted. But... the one's suggestion really got me excited and since we've gone all over to some stores which were out of this particular item, it was an easy decision to get it online as the delivery is pretty efficient.

So... the package arrived yesterday morning and though I was very excited to check it out, I had tonnes of stuff to do on the computer and decided to give the one the honour of installing it for me when he gets home from work :)

have always loved the compact packaging...

someone said it looks like a soap in a dish hehe...

tadaa... my very own magic mouse! magic in my hands... ;)

This, calls for a review soon....


Ms B said...


I went to your other half's and I must say that you look cute! :D

Anyway, happy birthday! I'm sure u had an awesome time.

.D d L a L a. said...

hi TC. when i reach your blog again this morning it reminds me of my blogging time during single dulu sebab u are one of the commentors.

baby jj dah besar pun... HAPPY BIRThDAY

previously jelly d

emly2175 said...

ya Allah!!!! ingatkan aper la bendenye.. ingatkan handbag ke, makeup ke...rupa2nye.. mouse!

happy birthday dear..

toughcookie said...

ms b,
thanks for the compliment and birthday wish... yeahh... we did have a lovely time together :)

hey there jelly,
thanks for the wish, babe... i was wondering what happened to your old blog cos it suddenly went kaput. you're blogging again? looking forwward to reading you back.

hi emly,
hehe... thanks... dah besar dah baby you... bila agaknya i can see you...

sitisabri said...

happy belated birthday to mommy jada! i love the present, n mmg tak perasan tu mouse hehe. btw, same case with me here. nak apa2 bgtahu terus terang dgn hubby. dia pon dah tahu kalau i nak belikan dia apa2 sure i beritahu dia dulu.