Merry Xmas!

So... this shall be one lazy blog post eve of Christmas as I simply cannot have this blog idle with no updates... and, since I just received 3 more jobs to be submitted this Monday, with one book-editing job that's still under way, I'll try to keep the update concise.

Well... I had a good day today. In fact, this week has been a crazy week trying to rush for that short deadline given to me by a favourite client and fitting in some quality time with the kids and my SIL, Jannah, who has been hanging out at our apartment for the school holidays. In all those hecticness, I am still recovering from the bad bad flu I got from the one last week and my mind feels so tired from juggling between ensuring that I get the proper rest vs. the much welcoming busy-ness.

As I have just received one pay cheque a couple of days ago, I decided to treat everyone in the family today and headed on to Mines Shopping Center for lunch... it's been awhile since I went there and I have always loved to sit in those restaurants along the man-made waterway that runs through Mines Resort City.

Everything went great today... although traffic was a little chaotic getting into parking at lunch time, we managed to get a parking space almost immediately after we entered the parking lot and so nearby the entrance summore... lunch was served quickly and little jj behaved really well.

I managed to do some work on my E72 with the help of my iGo universal bluetooth foldable keyboard while waiting for our lunch to arrive and the beautiful ambience made everything else just lovely.

picture taken by my SIL, Jannah, on her Satio

I also finally got that laser printer I needed for work... since I already own a 3-in-1 HP Deskjet, I felt that another black and white laser printer would help even more as I'd always need to print out completed work to proof-read it against clients' documents and I so need a speedier printer to fulfill the requirements of a busy WAHM. Plus, the fact that a laser toner lasts longer and prints much more pages than the cartridges of a deskjet printer, this purchase was so overdue.

Then, I also finally got my hands on the most gorgeous (and very reasonably priced!) 3-in-1 pen/pencil by Cross which was on 20% offer. See... I have never gotten my mind off that 3-in-1 pen/pencil/stylus I got for free at a corporate event about two years ago. It must have been my first encounter with such stationery that I fell in love with instantly... yes, it was just a pen but I never realised how different it makes between a RM3 pen to one that cost RM100plus. I used it at every occasion until it disappeared at the hospital just after I gave birth to little jj. Since then, I had always longed to get one just like that but kept on contemplating whether it is worth buying something so expensive when I could easily misplace it again. After all, it is just a pen...

most Cross were on 20% discount at every stationery shops we went...

But today, I just couldn't resist making that purchase... it is after all, 2 years since the last one disappeared. So, I took this purchase as an end-of-the-year treat for myself - a reward for whatever reasons I can find hehe... and... I am in love, again :)

Oh, I also finally found a faux leather case in the design that I wanted, for my E72 - where many shops including Nokia kept telling me that the phone is too new and that I would have to wait a few more months before the case is available - this one shop at the digital centre in Mines actually have one that fits my Vin perfectly!

After little jj woke up from her afternoon nap, we all headed over to daddy at KLCC and I further rewarded myself with more stuff but that deserves a blog post on its own.

a beautiful view, taken from Starbucks... you can see down there, a boat you can charter for massages. i do not know how it works but i guess it's like a private massage session while the boat takes a ride with you on the huge Mines lake.

It was truly a good day and Merry Christmas for myself (hehe...).

Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends, and to the rest of us, enjoy the long holiday.


sitisabri said...

You look good in the picture. Doesn't look like you are working though hehe ;) Hugs n kisses for lil JJ and her brother. Happy holidays to you and family~

Amy said...

I agree with Siti..cantekk sangat!

Yani Fadzil said...

You look great there, Juan!