Dur dur d'être bébé

It can be pretty hilarious looking at little jj’s quirks and knacks. Since she started to realise she could put those two feet to proper use on the eve of Raya, she has been alternating between crawling and slow walking these days. It is adorably funny – of how she’d balance herself by putting up her arms wide and her face would give out that expression where she looks like she’s really concentrating on her steps and where she’d go. Then, there is also the new discoveries… where she is no longer confined to the space of the living room.

Two days ago, while I was busy on the computer, I was a little stumped when I realised that the room was all quiet. I was so glad to see that she was actually crawling her way to her abang’s room and she looked around, probably hoping to see a glimpse of abang ;) unfortunately, abang was at school and she then got up slowly, patted his bed many times, looked at me longingly and then came down slowly to her knees and crawled over to his door. She played at the door for awhile while I continued with work.

The thing about little jj is, she’s a cautious little darling. And I guess, she has been pretty consistent when we condition her on things. Like when we told her many times not to touch stuff from the TV cabinet, she has stopped doing it… probably also due to boredom of seeing the same stuff. With that conditioning, she had always just sat in the confinements of the living hall where we’ve arranged the furniture such that it is tough for her to come out from the area. Once when I saw her about to come out from there, she paused for awhile as if unsure if it was okay for her to do that.

Once she had discovered abang’s room, she would head only towards the room many times a day. She's a brave little darling too as she didn't display any fear of the dark and made her way to the room even when it is dark and empty. However, nowadays, she has graduated to the hallway at the entrance and almost went into the kitchen herself, if not for the split level… unlike her abang, she was never exposed to the stairs. Therefore, she has never made any attempts to go up or down anything with a separate level… hence, it is quite safe for her to explore nenek’s living room as she would just stop at the stairs. Of course, I wouldn’t know how long she’d keep this up. One thing for sure, she would walk freely whenever she’s at her wan mummy’s house which was also where she took her first few steps… hmmm there must be something about that house and kids

checking out shoes while her abang was trying out something...

Anyway, it is such a wonderful sight to be able to see her looking for me and actually coming up to me when she’s hungry instead of just crying and expecting us to pick her up every time. With her legs fully functional, she would just walk up to me, pull me by my clothing, arches her body backwards while she gives me that adorably annoying whine so that I’d stop working and give her what she badly needs – mommy’s boobies ;P

Gosh… talking about mommy’s boobies scares me a little… she’s probably growing the teeth on her upper jaw and it hurts so bad when I nurse her. It’s been 3 days since I’ve been getting one kind of phobic feeling everytime she wants milk. That’s the thing… we’ve almost been successful in weaning her off breastmilk… 3-4 months ago, we started trying out several brands of milk and she kind of settled with chocolate-flavoured Pediasure. From just finishing up 40ml twice a day, we’ve managed to increase her feeding to 80ml three times a day (that would still include mommy’s milk on separate intervals). But, just before Raya and her growing another tooth on her lower jaw, she had rejected the formula totally… not even to once a day. From then on, our weaning off efforts just seem to dwindle away ☹

It’s truly painful I just cannot describe how bad it feels…. And no, I am not asking for suggestions… just to express what I have been going through.

Contrary to popular beliefs, breastfeeding is not easy. If it is, every body would be totally up for it and milk formula wouldn’t even exist. And don’t tell me here that if you could do it, everyone else should too because everyone is different and we should all respect the choices others make. For me, I am doing it because it is good and since little jj has celebrated her first birthday, I thought it was time for a little freedom for myself. *sigh* well, I’ve got no other choice but to just deal with it…

Now how la to plan for another cutie when this one’s already so clingy… but I dunno... as much as it is tough on the mommy, it is probably as tough to the baby. I guess, as I would always say – be happy with what we already have and make the most of it, eh ☺

i can already walk... now what else can i occupy
myself with... to solve this rubic's cube, perhaps?


goolypop said...

totally agree on that susu tetek part. If you don't, it doesnt make u a lousy mom. If you do, it doesnt make you perfect either.

Jom minum kopi. :P

whm6840 said...

y'know juan,

when u say... there must be something about that house and kids… it reminds me of my old house. I’ve been living w my grandma and she used to look after many of her cucu when she was much stronger. So our house was always full of babies and kids. For repeated times, babies first developments were witnessed in our house. Not only her cucu, also our guests’ kids. An occasion I could clearly recall… my mami’s customer came over for her tailoring need bringing along her daughter. The girl was close to 2 years old and she would only stand with help of clinging to something for already so long. Surprisingly, she took her first steps that day in our house and the mother was happy that she sent us Pulut Kuning the next day! :)

A relative of mine said, sebab ramai budak2… malaikat selalu tersenyum…………….

Ydiana said...

Have you tried the silicone cover? A good brand would be Japlo. :)

toughcookie said...

yup yup... i serious potong stim when some women are totally inconsiderate and openly criticise others who do not breastfeed. biaq pi la! it's not as if those people sumbat botol susu to their breastfed babies...

haiyoh... i just had coffee and my heart's been beating so fast!

hi mario,
you are probably right... :D take care ya dear...

thank god that phase has passed. i think masa tu her upper teeth are coming out and her gums were itchy. it's all better now, thank god. but i still would like to wean her off breastmilk...