Khasiat susu ibu.

Ok... I have plenty to write but very little motivation ;P so, I'll just leave you with this cute video I took of little jj just last night while I was busy in the kitchen, cooking.

I wonder if you have ever seen such a sight from another 14-month old baby... I am not sure if you could view it clearly because if you don't, let me just give you some heads up. This would be something you'd see at a water cooler station - where you'd press for the water to shoot up while you open your mouth wide for the water to shoot straight into it. But lo and behold... this is no water cooler... instead, it's water being squirted from a baby's bottle ;P

I've seen this done once before but little jj wasn't successful in getting the water into her mouth. And every time she'd do this with her NUK bottle, I would quickly take it away from her as she would get soaked from the water.

Tonight, she got away with it since I was busy cooking and it was close to her bath time. And lucky me, this time I had my mobile with me since the one was coming home late from work and he'd always call before he reaches home. Thus, I was able to capture it on my Nokia N86 8MP :D

Hehe... did you manage to see the water being squeezed into her mouth?

When I showed it to the one, he was truly surprised... imagine that there is a much easier way to drink up and we wonder how she ever learnt this trick. For me, I'd definitely say that the 'noti'ness came from daddy's side ;P

It got me to thinking about those times when I'd take away the bottle from her immediately when I knew she was going to squeeze water out from the teat... and this time when I didn't. Imagine that you'd stop your baby from doing something (within certain boundaries) only because it will make your life more difficult - the cleaning... the mess, etc. Since it is only plain water and doesn't leave any serious mess to the floor/furniture, I guess no harm would come from it... and how good it was to see a baby being creative when you allow them to explore their senses, eh?

I must sell this idea as an advertisement... no need for those milk with DHA or taurine or whatnots... this would be a perfect ad for susu cap gantung! haha... nurturing creativity and thinking out of the box :D

P/S: A quick update - Little jj didn't make it to the 20 semi-finalists of Johnson's Baby of the Year 2009 because J&J didn't think little jj is cute enough. Do you know that the semi-finalists all need to display some sort of talent for them to win? Now, don't tell me that this squirting-of-the-water is one talent all babies have... *in the i'm-a-parent-and-my-baby-is-the-winner mode* Boo Johnson's.

P/P/S: I'm little jj's parent and is allowed to say these things on behalf of her nyehnyeh... ;P


goolypop said...

hahahha.. samseng betui! she makes the eeeeeeuoi milking a cow! Cute nyer..

.serimeri. said...

alalalaaaa.. so cute and cerdik haha