Can you go back in time... to a place in your mind...

I was feeling a little sentimental tonight...

There was a show on NTV7 earlier today that featured David Foster and friends. A friend posted it on her facebook status and I realised how long it has been since I listened to his albums.

I loved David Foster. I loved his songs so much that I even bought an instrumental album by him, called, "Rechordings" where he played his piano in the entire album. It was truly beautiful and I could just sleep with his songs on my earphones after those long study sessions in uni.

one of his albums which i over-played...

I loved his songs so much that I even dedicated one special song that I thought said a lot about how the one meant to me, in my life, when we were dating.

But today, somehow, the mention of David Foster made me google another song, that have always touched my heart. It is called, "And when she danced". When I first heard it, I thought it was truly melodic. I didn't think of anything too special until I saw the movie, 'Stealing Home' on tv that starred a younger Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon, where this song was its theme song. That movie brought tears to my eyes and how the song sums up the story beautifully... I guess that is the beauty about songs from back then where lyrics were so beautifully written and considered the strength to a song.

If you have never heard it, listen to this...

i got this from youtube... this song is a duet by David Foster and Marilyn Martin.

Can you go back in time to a place in your mind
To the one who knew a part of you
That you just couldn't find

If you ask me to choose between a memory or two
When it's said and done
I'll take the one who's love I had to lose

Cause when she danced
I lost my inner sense
I loved her then I always will

She left with me
But still with me
A burnin' memory
She took with her a part of me

If I could get back where I've been
Feel the passion I felt then
I'd be there right now and yet somehow
It never comes again

She had nothin' to gain
No where to go
To the way out of pain
The time when
With a song and dance she lost romance
The world had gone insane

Cause when she danced
Cause when we danced
I lost my inner sense
I loved her then
I love
I always will
I always will

She left with me
He left with me
A burnin' memory
Remember somehow
She took with her a part of me

Can you go back in time to a place in your mind
To the one who knew a part of you
That you just couldn't find

Lookin' back I'm not sure
If I thought I lost the one
When she danced with me
Our hearts were free as far as I could see

I'd be there right now and yet somehow
It never comes again

When she danced with me
Our hearts were free
Were free
As far as I could see

Those days when I never really understood what love was really all about, I always believed that love needed sacrifices... that you would never end up with the person you are truly in love with. In other words, one will never get married to their soulmates.

I always believed that you need to feel hurt to learn how powerful and valuable, that thing called 'love'... that when you find it, you'd be so happy, yet you know that it is never really within your grasp.

One would always think that the best love they ever experienced is one that they never really had it in the first place and I was probably guilty, then, for letting myself think that. Well, I guess I was just making excuses so that I'd feel better about myself, about the person who got away or simply, about life. Everyone says that life is unfair but to me, I have always believed that life is beautiful... life is so extraordinary because it offers you an abundant of choices and you set your own destiny. It's like a huge canvas and you pick out the colours (your own colours) to complete that picture you set out to sketch.

Many people have asked me how love could be so complicated.

Before, I would probably agree that in order to earn something, you need to get down to sweat and tears in order to find happiness.


After I found the one, I started to see things differently... all those bull about hurting yourself to find happiness, they're all a fiction of one's own imagination. It's like a prayer - that when you keep saying those chants, it will all come true.

Love shouldn't hurt. And love is not complicated. It is how you treat it and how you carry it about that shall turn it the way you believed it best. Yeah, you would have that occasional bumpy ride because nothing is that easy in life. But love shouldn't hurt, and love isn't complex... it is simple, it is easy, and it is free.

When you keep looking back at the one that got away, you're only living a dream... and most often than not, magnifying something that wasn't even truly there. Naturally, one only thinks of the good things until one realises that nothing's worth getting so hurt and worked up. It's easy to make up a dream but you'd never really know how it ends unless you experience it for yourself, first-hand.

At times, love is just there right under your nose but we, as humans, set some strange limitations to ourselves by putting set conditions on others. Thus, we miss the opportunity only because we make ourselves blinded by our own perception.

I dunno why I am blabbing about on this issue... guess it's been awhile since something like this touched my heart so deeply and how much I've changed from those days of listening to David Foster. Romantic songs always go hand-in-hand with romance... and it's been awhile since I listened to any good tunes.


whm6840 said...

alamak... is it okay, to think of an ex after reading this entry?


Omecool20 said...

hey cookie ... a beautiful post ... ;-) .. I guess the one really made your day eh :D ...

Acat, ha ..cookie dah jiwang ni ... karang bagi extra extra TLC ok :D

konot said...

i agree.. love should make us happy.. not the other way round..

bila nak update pasal cuti2 ni? :)

Voice said...


I love this post.Thanks, dear, for putting this thought of yours into words.

toughcookie said...

hi mario,
ala... we are just human kan. setakat teringat tu what can we do... tapi jangan harmful to what you already have in life dah la.. :D

hehe... acat dah kawen ni kureng sikit jiwang kat blog. kang takut ada stalker macam i dulu hikhikhik...

ala konot...
i've been waiting berzaman ni for my brother to forward me the copy of those photos he took. i nak cerita pun tak best without those photos sebab this trip wasn't those normal shopping trips one would usually take bila pi bandung & jakarta. nanti k...

hi bayah,
my pleasure :)