Mommy needs to work. When baby's sick, mommy can't work.

Ok ok... I have not been updating this blog due to moi being so overwhelmed with work. Yes, that is good for the wallet but as much as I have been multi-tasking, I find that the 24-hour a day limits me to only multi-task for housework, chores, the family, work and work and work... at times even skipping my responsibility to cook or even fold those clean laundry that has been piling up on the trusted sofa.

Blogging is a passion but passion will not work when the mind is occupied with so many issues and the body is tired.

But but but... today, tonight, I am desperate. When I am desperate, I feel strongly about something, I must write. Hence, my presence here tonight.

I am desperate.

Little jj has just recovered from an eye infection due to a throat infection and her blocked nose. But after a week, her nose became stuffy again and I am seriously questioning the benefits of breast milk.

Now now now, ladies and breastfeeding extremists... I don't mean to insult anyone or anything. I am questioning it since she has been breastfed exclusively almost a year and yet now, close to turning one, her antibody is not as strong as I thought a breastfed baby would react. Furthermore, I expected her to be strong since she was brought into the world with moi never having to take any drugs or meds throughout the pregnancy until the day she was pushed out.

And, as a concerned mommy, I am trying to find ways to avoid more meds being fed to her. Hence, I have turned to Vicks vaporub.

Now I know jolly well that Vicks vaporub cannot be used on babies under 2 years old when I read its label a long long time ago. But, I recently got a forwarded mail when little jj had her eye infection + throat infection + stuffy nose that Vicks, when slathered on a baby's feet can help the baby sleep better.

Now that the 'bug' had returned, I decided to do just that... slather the rub on her feet and cover them with socks. But, I do not see any clear improvements and decided to google to find out if it is true that Vicks cannot be used on an infant.

Annnnd.... that search resulted in what I realised, something that I want to get my hands on. Pronto. And, that the forwarded email that I received on the advise to rub vicks on an infant's feet is in fact, an urban legend, which you can jolly well read here. (Tips to people who has nothing better to do: Stop spreading emails like this to concerned mommies like me!)

So, here's what I really need to help my baby in times like this...

is anyone visiting the US anytime soon? hmmm... that said, who'd want to go
there with the H1N1 statistics getting more ciritical...

Unfortunately, as I found out, this little thing is not sold in our Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku land, for heaven's sake.

And, I was too late to place an order with another caring mother who was ordering in bulk to share the cost of postage from the US.

And... when I clicked on the checkout tab on, I was informed that they do not deliver this to Malaysia. F*ck.

So, I guess, we're back to how we would normally handle this - a visit to Dr Lee tomorrow to get a stronger medicine, forcing it down on little jj while she battles with me and daddy mercilessly and crying like she has just been abused, and me, again, seriously questioning the research on the benefits of breastmilk.

Yes, I so can see hate mails coming in on that last statement I just made.


Ms B said...


there is a shop in OU, close to the old cinema wing. it's small but it sells those u-cant-find kids' products. I got my girl's johnsons mosquito repellent which I couldnt find in any chemist! I think it is still around.

Else, why not dab the vicks on a small cloth and place it close to JJ?

as for breastfeeding, i only did that for 6 mths but my girl's immune system is waaaayyyy much better than me.

u're doing well, ok. hang in there and hope she gets better soon.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

Babe, hang in there yeah! I know it is tough to juggle those endless housechores, work & a baby single-handedly and it gets tougher when we have to deal wif a sick baby... ya' know waking up at odd hours frequently just to check on them aka sleepless nites for mommy....

I believe the small shop meant by Ms. B is Bebehaus, located on the same floor wif TGV and as u r heading towards the new wing it is located on your left side.... i was looking for 'Badger Winter WOnder Balm', a vapour rub that's safe for babies below 1 yo but apparently they don't carry the brand...The Babyloft used to have it before but discontinued only recently.... so, I am also clueless and can't be of help to you too dear.....

I agree wif Ms. B, on dabbing a bit of vicks on a small cloth...did that to areya before I found that wonderbalm....

take care ok!

Nelly said...

I have really enjoyed reading your entire blog. You such an amazing person,Your blog so inspired me that I started my own about a month ago...hehhehe funny huh???

kasehrex said...

hyee! i had the same exact Qs (and annoyance) to the Dr when my son was down with flu and the works which lasted more than a week. Thought bfd babies are supposed to have dinosaur-size immune system protecting them. Dr said in addition to the fact that the 'occasional' demam helps to build stronger antibodies, "the infection could have been worse" hmm.. i dont knw'lah if that was to sedapkan my hati or what. but now that i have (unfortunately) stop bfd (my son is 10 mths and stay at home all the time) he gets demam once a month at least. wish i had just continue bfd! u guys tcare ya! =)

toughcookie said...

dear ms B,
thanks for the suggestion. i'll look for the shop nanti.

pasal vicks on a cloth tu, satu halnya, bila letak close to her, she would take the cloth and put it into her mouth hehe... secondly, if i put it close to her when she sleeps, unfortunately, she's so lasak when she sleeps. tara guna.

anyway, today i found 21st century children's rub in guardian pharmacy. it smells like strawberry and very light menthol smell. hopefully, it helps a little.

huk huk huk... thanks a lot babe...

hi nelly,
checked out your blog and you write well. am looking forward to reading your updates *wink*

thanks for your kind words :)

dear kasehrex,
omg yes... when jada gets sick, it will always last for around 10 days! and numerous visit to her paediatrician.

btw, thanks for not being judgemental. i guess i just have to be patient, eh?

konot said...

darling.. kan ada vicks for babies jual kat sini? from 21st century i think, purple color.. bau mcm strawbery.. mmg formulated for babies under 2 y.o.

anyway i pun pernah juagk question the benefits of BF since my sofeya awal2 (as early as 1.5mths!) dah admitted due to broncholitis.. but hubby said tak baik question what Allah has clearly said is the best for babies..

hubby asked just to remember one thing.. klu tak BF, their condition would be lagi teruk..

hmm.. i guess he has a point..

btw the paed that i go said the flu & cough mmg payah nak clear coz of the asthma punay keturunan that i have.. so BF or not.. it'll still be there..

sabar ye.. my prayers for little jj!

Didiana said...

babe.. good news la.. actually ada la jual Vicks for babies. is in pink in color.. ada jual kat guardian.. bau berry..very yummy..

whm6840 said...

tough time for u cookie.

My SIL bfd her son exclusively for close to 2 years, and my nephew hardly gets demam.. flu pun jarang2 sgt.

My cousin on the other hand, also bfd her daughter exclusively .. for 2 years. But the child seems not able to cope with even slight changes. Habuk sikit flu, main panas sikit demam, pergi public areas.. demam lagi. If she mandi-manda at the public swimming pool, hmm... langsungla. She always ask me, why Nada jarang sgt sakit though I only get to bfd her for 3+ mths only.

I have no answer, but frankly I told her... I still believe bfd will do much good as against to 'cow' milk!
There are things which we can't see in our naked eyes on it's benefit. Don't just look at the "bfd-antibodies".
Not that we hope for babies to be sick, but at the time when they are sick that they need us the most, we'll appreciate them more and more.

My prayer for lil jada.

y a n said...

hello .. im random viewer . i follow ur blog . hit me back ya :D

toughcookie said...

dear konot,
yup, as i mentioned in my reply above, yesterday, i found 21st century balm. it's not as strong but i guess it would help :)

thanks, babe. i do have that thought as well - that kalau tak breastfeed lagi teruk maybe. but it is still quite frustrating la because the flu came back so quickly after she recovered. itu pelik sesangat.

i am now giving her small doses of scotts emulsion every time before her meals... and hoping that would speed up her recovery.

yup DD,
found it secara tak sengaja semalam at guardian :)

itu lanye mario,
i was comparing against my firstborn, daniel. i guess you are right la on that... there might be some benefits that i can't see.

but then the research is misleading. jangan la make us think that babies takkan sakit langsung. kena jugak explain that they are susceptible to colds and viruses as well... ini, generally, orang semua will think babies are not supposed to get sick when breastfed.

in fact, one dr pernah cakap that as long as she is still breastfed, the flu will go away fast. that fast lasted for another week tau...

thanks, babe...

hi yan,

emly2175 said...

I hope by now Lil J is much2 better now.. I guess one will start to question on the benefit of BM or BF when the BF child is oftenly sick. And we can't blame them for feeling that way.

Thus, I hope u'll find what ever remedies or medication that is suitable for your child , babe. And I do hope u won't stop from giving them BM too.

Bout the Vick too, I normally rub it 1st on my palm before rubbing it onto Arissa's chest.

take k both of u..

Don said...

my twin free from sickness (flu, cough, asthma, fever) when i start using zhulian water filter.
Now the maid is gone. Go to nursery. And all the sickness come back.