You're so vain...

I was into my mother cat mode again just awhile ago, trying to scare this one person who commented that a photo of little jj the one posted on his facebook page, looked ‘weird’. Heck no… I was just joking la and thank god that woman took it as a joke as well hehe…

Well, in cases like this, I wouldn’t just point my finger on the person who ‘seem’ to write comments that are directed a little towards the negative side, but I would also think that the one shouldn’t be posting any pictures without looking at the entire details and angle first… I mean, if he wanted to post a photo of little jj, do pick one that she’d look so adorable in it.

Yeah, yeah… him being him, he’d say that little jj looks adorable in ALL the photos hehe… daddy and his little girl… what else can I say.

Anyway, that is not the point. The point that I wanted to write in the first place is regarding things that are written here and how some people would take it.

See, I had posted one entry previously and the one pointed out one paragraph that may hit some sour notes in some people he knows. When I heard that, I quickly replied that it was a general statement and I know other people who does the same thing. I mean, come on… the majority of us would brush our teeth first before we bathe in the morning while some others would bathe before they brush their teeth – a simple example of similar things people go thru in a day.

I was blunt to point out to him that he shouldn’t be thinking of other people’s feelings when some people obviously did not even bother about his feelings.

I may sound like a broken record but I have always told the one that he is too nice of a guy… too nice that sometimes, people would just take him for granted, do whatever they like and expect him to be just a-okay with everything, forgive and forget. Yes, I know this is a noble trait and yeay, I got myself a really great guy. But, being there before myself, like more than 10 years ago, I’d hate it when he is treated as if he’s not important enough in an ‘important-enough’ friendship now, at a mature age of 30, with people acting so immaturely expecting him to suck it up maturely.

You think I am over-reacting? Well… I know someone who reacted even worse when something really small sorta plagued her husband. This is like how the Malay saying goes, ‘Cubit paha kiri, paha kanan terasa sakit juga’.

As a naturally protective person, I don’t think I am over-reacting. I am just concerned that the people I love don’t get hurt. Still, I believe life is full of wonderful experiences… one will go thru certain things before one sees something else in front of him/her. Life is forever a learning process.

And this is how it has always been in my blog. For those who has been reading me especially since I started blogging in 2005, you’d be familiar how I’d write things that matters to me and I’d express it in a way where it is like a reminder to me on how fragile life is. How fragile love is.

Sometimes, something will happen to someone else or even myself, and things that had happened to me even 10 years back will bring back intense feelings and I’d write it down. I think many people have written in to me on how much they could relate to many of the things I’ve written. I even have one request to put her story down in writing just so that others do not make the same mistake she did... but I never did write about it because I need to feel, in order to write since it will always come from the heart.

Talking about relating to things, I even felt so close to what the one wrote even before we met each other since he sorta wrote similar things that happened to me in the past as well. But I guess… those things evoke positive feelings to appear inside of me, for him, unlike that short para that I wrote which may bring about another bout of volcano eruptions with more exclamation marks to add.

I love him… and so, even with much objections to what he think will be perceived by some people, I took the paragraph out without much hesitation. I guess that showed respect.

I still think he deserved much more respect than what was given to him and I really think some people don’t deserve him, as a friend. Of course, I don’t think they’re such bad people but I guess, the environment, success and ignorance, change many people.

Oh… there I go again… expressing my deepest thoughts.

I can’t help feeling disappointed about what happened but that doesn’t mean that I would keep dwelling on it. I have so many other things happening in my life and I really do not have time for nonsense. Furthermore, they're not my friends to begin with. My only concern is the well-being of the people I love.

Therefore, I’d just like to reiterate the reason I write in here. As my blog title goes – I Shall Not Stop Writing. Especially not when I feel so strongly about something. It has always been that way since the first day I started blogging. Sometimes, you could even read similar stuff because that is how I feel at that point of time and it doesn’t mean that I am directing it to a specific person.

So… if in the future, there will be some topics or paragraph that may hit some nerves in some people, they are just a personal view of my surroundings and what I feel about it which would probably be just coincidental with what you may have gone thru. You can take it in a positive way or whichever way you like, I leave it to you because this blog wasn’t really intended to invoke love or hate to another… This is my space and I shall pen whatever I feel just like how many would just write whatever they feel in their space. At least, I put a lot of thought into what I write and not because I want drama in my life. Well, that, despite me being a drama queen at times (ahahhh...) ;)

Ahhh… with this finally thrown off my shoulders, I can now keep writing without putting serious limitations on my thoughts.

Now, to focus on other positive aspects… like the trip to Jakarta & Bandung in another few hours… Will update soon.


Ms B said...


Sometimes it takes other people to help us see things from a different angle.

Blogging is a way to express ourselves and the things we post may not agree to everyone's view. Instead of lurking around, they probably should stay away.

Well, at least that's what I usually do. *grins* If I dont like the posts (or the person *grins*) I just dont drop by.

enjoy the break!!!

Amy said...

Dear, you've been awared 'Uber Amazing Blog' and tagged. Feel free to drop at my blog ya? :)

Sarclover said...

you have been tagged also.. yes.. my blog is up and running again.. anyways.. darling... no comment.. I honestly dont think that anyone should be offended. if they are then too bad...