My First Pimp Job.

In between the madness and hecticness of everything that was happening at home, I managed to include personal interest into my limited 17-hour a day, to keep me happy and sane. So, apart from taking care of everything and juggling translation jobs every once in awhile, I have managed to sew a few baju kurungs for my nieces, my mom and meself. Yeay!

I love how beautiful something looks which you create from scratch. And when you really love doing something, you'd maintain such clear focus in wanting to make it look perfect. I even threw in additional FOC beadwork for my mom as my fingers felt gatal and managed to create a very simple motif on her sleeves. Since she dons the tudung, there is little need to embellish the neckline as it won't be visible when she wears it. Little jj also loves looking at me sew as she was probably so intrigued with what I was doing - picking up little beads and all.

pimping my pedal pusher - Share on Ovi
my first pimp job... hehe. took just under a total of 6 hours
to complete it...

I pimped the pedal pusher as it is the first pre-pregnancy pair that could fit me ever (yeay!). Hehe. However, since it is a size 3, this pedal pusher wasn't really a favourite with me then, when I had so many other nicer looking size 0 or 1 outfits, because it made me look like madame doesn't have a butt *blush*

So, this madame actually wore this pair when the one and I were painting the apartment back in 2007, hence, allowing a few drops of paint to stain it permanently. As this madame is bored of her limited number of things to wear (and a little perasan that madame did lose weight), I looked into the wardrobe to find clothes I haven't worn in years to see if I could already fit in them. 

Walah... apart from 1 other linen pants, this pedal pusher really made madame's figure look oh so sexy what with the much fuller butt (eheh!). But but but... I really couldn't wear it on my outings as the paint marks made madame look untastefully, well... messy. And with that, madame's creative streak came out of it's shell and was surprised that the pattern just came out naturally :D

JJo 516 - Share on Ovi
up close and personal... a mixture of thread embroidery and
just a hint of beadwork.

I then worked on my mom's baju kurung. It was supposed to be a gift from my sister-in-law and I threw in the extra details just for fun. 

20/02/2009 - Share on Ovi
simple beadwork for mummy dearest.

And although I hardly wear baju kurung, I couldn't resist this one type of material that is usually used to make cheongsams. I saw somebody wearing a baju kurung with this material and I thought it looked really classy. So, one fine day while I was busy looking for Thai Silk, I saw this material (which I really do not know what it is called) and instantly felt that I should turn it into a baju kurung just to see how it looks on me. It is completed but madame's now fuller figure didn't quite give this slightly thicker material that classy finish as imagined earlier :(

How do I make the most of my chubby-ness? I mean, I have seen many slightly-heavier women who look really good with what they wear, even if their top or skirts cling to their skin. Is it the confidence and personality that shine thru them or is it due to the right outfits? I seriously do not know because at the moment, most of what I wear are from my pregnancy collection.

Hey... I only weigh 55kilos but with my really tiny stature, of a height that's only 5', 55 kilos does look hefty. And many friends telling me how 'fat' I am especially since madame was always so 'halus'. 

I need to lose 10 kilos for my ideal weight but since madame is not doing anything to lose that weight, why does madame complain and worry so much, right? ;P But madame does want to improve madame's look by knowing what to wear and what kind of outfits suit madame best. 

Anyways, as of Wednesday, 25 February 2009, my loyal and trusting Fruit, the 2005 ibook G4 has given up on me and I haven't yet decided if I'd want it repaired or to scout for something new ;D

01/02/2009 - Share on Ovi
hmmm... could it be because of those tiny fingers thumping on its
keyboard??... nope. don't think so...

Right now, I am updating from a 20" inch iMac that doesn't belong to me and the one and I were contemplating if we'd get another laptop or a desktop from Mac since this desktop is oh so lovely... simply gorgeous!

Meanwhile, I'll be busy for the next 10 days or so, translating and editing a book. Cheerios.


Heart of a Hunter said...

sayang... nice job u did on the pants tu!!! u memang creative lar! didn't know u sew baju kurung (did u do everything - i mean from the ukuran, cutting & sewing?)... ish ish ish... bagus lar you... i from day to day nk belajar from my mum tp taik malas tu very the strong hahahaha.... every hari raya my mum yg buat baju kurung i (itupun kalau i want baju kurung for hari raya). I think this year i wana do myself lar...

toughcookie said...

thanks, nina. yup... i buat semua sekali right from the start - ukur, potong, edging, jahit mata lalat dan sebagainya :D

babe, senang sangat baju kurung tau since nak potong semuanya bersegi-segi aje... very simple. sure you can do wannn...

Ms B said...

I take off my hat! nice job! Once i used to do these stuff. it feels like second life now. *LOL*

Heart of a Hunter said...

darling, the time i kt starbucks tu, the credit card machine is out of order lar... so nk wat camner? ada credit card pun tak guna.... itu yg i korek segala2 dlm purse i tu!!! huhuhu....

and also, they don't have baby rooms (yet?). Since my son is still using diapers, very susah for me to change him. kesian dia kena berdiri kt sinki jer. salin pampers berdiri!!!

p/s: hehehe... i penah apply cc tapi tak lulus lar with my kinda work!!! *wink wink*

Chech said...

Hi Juan,

Lamanya I tak blog and blog-hopping. Tau-tau je, dah berhelai-helai baju kurung siap! With beads! And they're oh-so-lovely!

I don't even know how to sew a button on a shirt properly *tsk*.