Another outing with little jj.

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The little one is asleep again after that eventful trip to
BSC this morning.

Due to my 'drama' yesterday, Nicole asked me to meet up with her so that she could cheer me up with my favourite iced-black coffee. I was gonna head on to BSC anyway since Faiq Jewels called me up yesterday to inform me that the one's ring has been repaired.

This morning, though, Nicole called to tell me that she was vomitting the entire night last night but that she has had a good rest and would be a little late. I was fine with that since I could then pick up the ring first and maybe do a little shopping in Cold Storage.

When I reached BSC, they had already started on the renovations on the other wing and it was such a hassle having to get out of the lift to the travellator at LG floor since I can only get out of the lift at 3rd or 4th floor. I did that at first but looking at how dangerous it looked going down using the escalator with a stroller, I quickly went down to LG and took the travellator, as advised earlier.

La Bodega was nevertheless still open despite the renovations. Although we planned to meet up at Dome, the environment doesn't look very relaxing especially when little jj is still not entirely well... this mother cat definitely wants to protect her from those noises and crowd.

I got my dose of coffee and little jj awoke from her nap when she heard Nicole's voice. She was all well-behaved until almost 2 hours after, just as I expected. But seeing a stranger with me, she became all excited especially when held.

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my gorgeous friend (both inside and out) with little jj...

All in all, it was a good meet. We talked about a lot of things and Nicole advised me to hire a weekly maid to take care of the cleaning up, laundry and ironing at home. Now why didn't I think of that... that would definitely take off all the stress on my shoulders and would allow myself and the one that quality time during the weekends instead of focusing on those little little things that shouldn't even be issues. Gosh, I feel so much better!

We went over to the jewellery store since I didn't have the chance to do that earlier due to the escalator-lift hassle and drove home straight after.

I managed to feed little jj lunch (she had chicken again!) and called the one to tell him his ring looked better than the original version - I had told them to make the enameling flat instead of protruding and they only made it half way instead of all the way to the bottom, to prevent from it breaking easily while the one's busy with work. Their job was fabulously done and I am extremely happy.

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bee, now you can start wearing your ring back
and act like a married man... not like you don't already ;P


Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

babe, u alrite? saw ur status update yesterday but couldn't leave any comment coz' Areya was all cranky yesterday due to her runny nose....

about the weekly maid, I thot of engaging one too but it seems that I need to sweep and mop the floor everyday and to tunggu for that weekly cleaner, i rasa i dah pengsan with the condition of the house... since areya and me are allergic to dust, I have no choice but to sweep and mop the floor everynight after areya falls asleep....

am glad to hear that u had a great outing yesterday....

hugs for lil' jj and mommy....

MuzEju said...

Good to see little jj and mommy up and about! Jada is getting prettier each day.

I think the weekend maid is a good idea! I had them before, even when muz and I were staying on our own. I never like scrubbing the bathroom floors and mopping the house. So I outsourced those work. Call me pemalas.. but whatever. It is even worse when you have kids babe... The weekend maids are God sent!

I am thinking of finding one here but they are so expensive. Can't afford one. SO I have to start doing the house chores! Bluek!

toughcookie said...

dear anis,
sorry la... ada emotional breakdown sekejap due to overwork and over-stress. like i wrote, i'd feel slightly better after writing down my pent-up frustrations.

about the weekly cleaner tu, of course normal sweeping and mopping tu if we have to do it daily, we'd still have to do it. but at least this cleaner can do much more like dusting those higher areas that i'd touch only a few times in a month, weekly toilet scrubbing and ironing... not forgetting that i haven't had time to really clean up the kitchen which i usually did weekly.

can't wait to see you this weekend. *hugs*

thanks, darling. actually, recently i've been taking out jada once a week... usually to 1Utama for grocery shopping in Jusco. mommy gets the exercise while baby gets to see the world ;)

ya man... don't care lah if people say you're lazy because you know you are not. i'd have them come in on a friday as no one will be around except mommy and baby, and weekends can be pure relaxation. dear, as long as it helps keep your sanity, i do agree with you.

ala siannya... hehe... penat la house chores especially if you're so used to not doing them yourself. takpa... slowly, eh...

kisses to baby Noah.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

why didn't i think about this before? I mean to get the weekend maid to do those hardcore cleaning kan? good idea.... do u know of any good cleaner/maid?

Cosmic_GurL said...

Yeah it is a good idea to get a maid to come to your house 3 times a week...u can supervise them while theyre doing the chores..

eh pesat Acat's ring kena resize? Ni mesti pasal he lost a lot of weight sampai cincin pun longgar..hehehe

Ydiana said...

Hey, you've got beauty there... Come give aunty ydiana a big hug!!

For the mommy, I'm sure she's fine now ;)

toughcookie said...

unfortunately, i am still looking ;)

the one my friend told me about is out there smacked at old klang road... not so feasible to come out here, i'm sure. but i have yet to call them to ask if they have any other offices around here. will inform you, k?

dear sherie,
my ring la yang kena resize... i've grown larger since the pregnancy ;P. acat's ring kena repair je...

hi ydiana,
hehe... she loves to hug nowadays... putting out her arms for people to pick her up.

i'm a lot better now, thanks.

gosh... i love those pictures of your kitten. she's so cute and adorable.