Things We Do For Love.

Little jj has just fallen back to sleep after that nice warm bath and the medications… this must be her first bath after 3 days…

So… Valentine’s this year came and went with nothing eventful. Well, there were just too many things happening at home that 14 February this year didn’t mean that much.

My friends knew quite well that I hardly celebrate V-Day with whomever I was with. Not only do I think V-Day is over-rated, I also felt that it is a day of disappointments. Hey… don’t get me wrong, I’m not against celebrating it because I believe love should be celebrated any day but to just get all worked-up to prepare something special just for this day, I believe I could always do better any other days.

I remembered celebrating with the one once throughout our 2-year relationship before we were married… and it was nothing close to disappointing. It was funny then when he was offended that I didn’t even remember the date for Valentine’s Day hehe... but things were really good and I got my first dose of true love.

Last year's V-Day wasn't that great as madame dearest was heavily pregnant and our OBGYN advised me against tagging along the one to Paris for that wonderful 1 week work-trip… otherwise, 14 February 2008 would be one of the most memorable one for us – out there in the cold at Eifel Tower *sigh*… nevertheless, it still was a memorable one for me as the one compensated that guilt he felt for not allowing me to accompany him with my first ever LV bag. Hehe… well, that cures the whole sadness ;P

Looking back, I never thought reading someone’s blog religiously could change my life eternally.

Yeah, so this year we didn’t celebrate the day due to the sick ‘drama’ ensuing at home… and it’s easy to lose track when you’re bogged down with so many little little things, making you kinda forget to tell each other how much he means to you.

I can be a pain at times especially when it comes to the cleanliness and neatness at home but I never stopped being grateful that no matter how much of a pain I am, the one would always be by my side.

He can be a pain too sometimes ;P but I wouldn’t want him in any other way. There's nothing that he wouldn't do for me and he's always cute with that childish streak when he gets so excited showering me with gifts.

I love you for being a family man that you are and I love you for loving me.

So, in conjunction with this month of love, I would like to say, thank you, bee, for everything.

V-Day also brings me some kind of warm feelings especially when I recall celebrating it with my dearest friend, Nicole, when we were single. I think when you celebrate the day with a friend, there’s less expectations and you’d have such a good time that you’d never imagine celerbrating it with anyone else.

Yes, she is my love as well. Because before the one came into my life, she was there for me through good and bad times and I will be forever grateful for this friendship that developed from that small ‘aquarium’ we were located while working in a financial organisation.

Up till now although we don’t meet up as often as we did, we never lose track of each other… when we are super-duper busy, one of us would never forget to give each other a call to remind us that we’d always have each other as friends.

So, on this V-day too, one that I shall never forget is her… Gorgeous, thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me… and I’ll always pray that you’ll find the love you’re always searching for.

Actually, come to think of it, this date always gives me that warm feelings also because of 2 more wonderful people in my life, who was born on this date.

One, would be my treasured lesbo partner, Niza, who coincidentally didn’t celebrate her birthday this year because her one-year old was sick with high fever. Before I got married, she would never forget to celebrate my birthday with me but when it came to her date, I would always have things at work and couldn’t spend time with her. And despite that, she’d still spend the entire day with me on my birthday and I totally love this woman for giving me the gift of friendship, unconditionally.

And, the other one, Arwah Hamzah Othman *Al-Fatihah*, who was born on 14 February. This was a wonderful man who makes things happen with his brilliant ways and cheerful persona. He’d never complain about life’s tribulations and take everything in his stride. I have so much love for him and I pray that his soul rests in peace.

Back to home ground, I love you, bee, and am forever grateful to fate.


Acat said...

wuvwiu bb.

goolypop said...

wuu.. main lesbo lesbo ye? :)

Happy belated valentinoooo!

EH, show la which LV ? Bag-whore wants to know woh..:P

toughcookie said...

en khalid acat baby,
wuvyiu back!

hehe... barulah thrill hidup woohoo! ;P lu tak ada lesbo partner kah?

happy belated valentinoooo to you too, hor.

haiya... this LV ah, mula2 dulu kan as if i'm the only one in mesia to pakai. after 2 months ah, the collection masuk mesia, budak2 oso sudah pakai okeh. very potong okeh. mana2 shopping complex gua pergi, mesti ada at least dua perempuan pakai the same bag ;P

pictures ah... click here got.

wa sudah penat. mau titon.

goolypop said...

ooo..nice nice. :) Nampak macam batignolle tapi warna tak sama. Special edition ka? (Macam la arif sangat..hehehehe)

Today amacam? Happy? :) Moga moga ye..

toughcookie said...

aiyah... just a Neverfull PM. small size only. not special edition pun although my husband at first thought it was only for the european market. after 2-3 months he bought, this collection was displayed at KLCC's LV store hehe...

don't worry la... i oso not very clever with LV range. never really thought i'd be able to own one so soon :)

thanks, dear. i guess happy tak happy, we gotta do what we gotta do. of course, seeing our cutie pies cheeky smile, the world becomes a better place...

take care, yah.