A weekend of celebrations...

The long weekend was a celebration of sorts... farewell, birthday and Eid-Adha.

I turned 23 last Sunday. Hehe… ya, like I wish. Nah… come to think of it, I wouldn’t want to go back to 23. It was a struggle to be patient before I could land another better job from that low-paying job I had, hiding the fact that I was a single mom so that employers won’t be biased of my capabilities and dedication at work and the continuous soul-searching for love whilst managing my emotions on a failed marriage.

Nope. I love where I am now. I love being 33. I have everything I need in life and I am simply grateful.

So, we were planning to have a makan-makan session on Saturday for the couple-everyone-would-want-as-best-friends, Eju and Muz since they’re leaving us for the UK quite soon. Well, it was also an excuse to get together with them since we don’t see them as often as we did before since both us and them got our babies.

It was supposed to be held amongst a group of friends at some nice place but since our little jj can be a little difficult to handle at a night out, the one suggested that we all meet at our apartment. I must say, it was a good decision as we were able to chill, still have good food and the babies were much easier to manage too. It was great being able to put them anywhere they’d feel comfortable and see Noah’s development. Usually, when we see what Noah can do, little jj would be able to do the same within 1 to 2 weeks time.

She has been able to lift her head high when she rolls over but when she’s tired, she’d just slump her head and cry all her might so that we’d pick her up. We saw Noah did the same thing, sans the cry, and he lifted his butt so that he could move slowly. And move, he did. I guess we’ll see that in little jj soon, then.

Ernie came a little later and I quickly prepared some pasta.

I think I surprise myself over how much I love whipping up stuff in the kitchen (simple stuff only laa…). I mean, when we wanted to renovate the kitchen just before we got married, I only wanted a nice-looking kitchen so that I’d be motivated to cook. It’s not that I can’t cook, I just never had the chance to ‘show’ my talent hehe. But recently, we keep having friends coming in for lunch/tea-time/dinner, and I find myself wanting to prepare something nice for my guests. So much so, that I kinda enjoy cooking. Still, my skills in cooking can be considered pretty green as I usually cook the simplest, fastest dishes.

So, when the one’s friends were coming over I wanted to prepare much more than just pasta but since only Ernie (apart from the handsome couple) could make it, it was probably sufficient as we were also ordering pizza.

Ernie came and brought delicious, freshly home-baked brownies that we finished that same night. Hmmm... that is one skill left to be desired... I wonder when I'll start baking...

But what really touched me to bits was the surprise birthday celebration that they had planned for me. I mean, I cannot remember the last time I celebrated my birthday with my own friends. I’ve always been a loner in this. For the past 5-6 years, my birthday was always celebrated with my best friend, Niza, where we’d treat ourselves to a nice long relaxing day at the spa, have late lunch and I’d then just celebrate my birthday with whom I was dating. There were never any birthday presents until I hooked up with the one, and except for those days with excellent colleagues in my days in hong leong. But that shouldn’t be considered because the celebration was made mandatory since our ex-boss, Ms Cruella deVille was hated by so many that she made that as an excuse for her to show off to people that her staff loves her with the birthday presents we had to buy. Hahah.

Last year, my birthday was celebrated with the announcement of my pregnancy and this year, I believe the celebration is a very memorable one since it was so unexpected. Eju got me this wonderful recipe book on low carb diet whilst Ernie got me a cute dinner bag and a trinity bangle. I love it so much that I wore the bangle the next day itself when we went out for our own celebration with the family.

thanks for the delicious cake!! there goes my diet..

Eju and Muz presented me with a cake and the entire night seem so perfect… I’ve always loved hanging out and chatting with friends but have not been that inclined to go out in a long time… not without the one with me as I’d usually feel guilty hanging out with friends, always looking at the watch to not leave home too long. So, having a group of friends at home is just so awesome. Of course, we can’t expect people to come and see us every time if we don’t make any efforts to do the same to others, right? In the end, we just hope our closest friends would understand why we are so anti-social when it comes to meeting outside, while we make the efforts to those we truly care about.

little jj (with her trojan-like hair) looking at the camera while abang noah
was looking at the cake... oh, muz was behind the camera :D

I know how much the one will miss the lovely couple when they leave for the UK. As far as I know, they have done so much for him especially when he was in those difficult times back then.

I’ve been out with many guys before but none of them has friends like Eju and Muz. Usually, friends that I see in the guys I was seeing were friends who find pleasure in making them suck in life, do stoopid things to boost their ego and always persuading their friends to do things that can make their other half upset as they’re sure of not getting caught, taking their other half as fools.

With Eju and Muz, they helped the one do the right things, indulge in healthy activities, and keep a look out for his well-being. In fact, I think he has many friends who are like that.

When I started dating the one, Eju and Muz accepted me with open arms, non-judgemental. They’d keep the one close by and I get to share many things with them. I can vouch that they’re much more mature than their age and make me feel so comfortable with them every time. Conversations always seem effortless as we could talk about almost everything. Best of all, they were there through our highs and lows.

It’s difficult to find friends where both husbands and wives are close to each other and do things together. Most of my friends are just close to me and not the one, and so are his other friends.

Now that we both have kids, we share a much stronger bond than just mere friendship and I kinda feel sad too that they’re leaving.

this is such a pretty picture... as i took it using a camera-phone
and the lighting at home was a little dim, i had to adjust the colours a little.
i'd definitely miss them. definitely.

But, we wish them all the best. We hope we could visit them soon and we also hope we’d follow their footsteps in a few years time, if there is an opportunity.

I’m mighty glad for their existence in our lives and I am especially grateful that they’ve been there for the one then, helping him go thru his problems in a better light and not lose himself to circumstances. Truthfully, I think the one is extremely lucky to have found friendship in them.

So thanks, guys. We’ll miss you so so much…

P/S: The other blog's been updated as well.


Hurnain said...

you just turned 23!?!?!

toughcookie said...

dude, read on dude... read on.

emly2175 said...

happy belated birthdy dear!! I've bn a busy bee lately that i owe u that email i said wanna send to u earloer.. Sorry!!!

Yep, the one is extremely lucky to have eju & muz as bestfriends.. And u are lucky to meet them too dear.. ;)

The Wan And Only said...

Happy Belated!! :)

You looked 23!! That is the most important thing!! Not your actual age, which, according to Aaliyah, ain't nuthin' but a number... :P

Hurnain said...

you just turned 33!?!?


toughcookie said...

thanks, beb. takpe, i understand you're busy. lagi pulak dah nak end of the year and you're in your holiday moods tu kan ;)

thanks so much. you're so sweet.

hehe... kelakar.