Breaking out of prison.

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I took the quiz above and oohh... I am Scofield!! Yeayyy... hehe.

The one has been busy downloading the latest season of Prison Break and although I said many times before that I hated the plot so much and not gonna watch it again, I find myself wanting more! ;P well, it might also be because of the uber cute Wentworth Earl Miller III.

Gosh… I am so much in awe for him that I googled information on him. Hey… he’s not just a hawtie, he’s pretty smart too having graduated from Princeton. Not bad.

The one would give me the smug for the admiration I have on this really really really really cute talent. Well… that’s part of our teasing each other as he’d also sometimes make me jealous when he praises how gorjes this and that actress/models look. Hmph.

Anyway, as I was googling on Wentworth Miller, I was brought to this site and saw snippets of future episodes. As of last night (and only watching probably 3-4 episodes per week during weekends after lil jj is fast asleep) we only completed episode 10. So, in my excitement and wanting to irritate him further, I told him of what I saw and read in the website hehe…

I love the series. I love it. And pretty sad to know that it might just be the last season since they mentioned that rating and viewership has gone down. But then again, what else can they write, right? I mean, he can’t be going in and out of prison continuously as it can be very frustrating especially when he went to Sona in the last season. You've already managed to catch your breath after he successfully breaks out of Fox River and all of a sudden after reuniting with the one he loves, *zappp* he goes back to prison - the worst you have ever seen.

Oohhh… I can’t wait to watch more of Prison Break tonight and I truly wish that the series will come to a positive end for all the cast, ie. Scofield ending up with Sara happily ever after, Burrows back together with his son and have a new partner, Sucre back with Maricruz and their child, and who else… oh, also a happy ending for Mahone and his ex-wife. So sad though, that Bellick had to go after portraying such a good character teaming up with the rest of them. I never thought I’d feel sad for the loss especially not after being such a baddie, guarding Fox River.

Oh puhleezzzz give me more! I will not sit still until I know the ending… this is torture! Hehehhh…

P/S: Next up would be my fascination for Damages which will only be out next year. Ohhh...more torture!! Hehe...


Acat said...

i also got scofield hehe

whm6840 said...

ergh... i never thought there's anyone other than me whom love to hate but hate to love this series. I think i am gonna take up the quiz too.
well.... sara hidup lagi ke?

toughcookie said...

en khalid acat baby,
ahhh... we're match made in heaven ;D

che mentibang,
ooh... yes, sara's alive... and the plot thickens hehe.

The Wan And Only said...

I've never gotten into Prison Break (wah, such oxymoronic sentence...)... even though I have a valid reason to watch it *winks*

But I am more of the fantasy or comedy type guy so Heroes or 30 Rock do nicely for me...

Cosmic_GurL said...

Hahahaha..he's yummylicious kan? Too bad he's gay...sigh...

Harris Raffali said...

I read the other day..they were signing until Season 7..and Scofield is not gay..

toughcookie said...

hi azmir,
i used to like watching heroes until this latest season on tv. macam dah tak best dah. but 30 rock is good kan.

very... that's what acat says too... but only to discourage me from admiring him hehe.

ye ke until season 7? wow. i dunno la but from wentworth miller's website it didn't sound like it.

hmmm... gay or not, macam la boleh dapat pun hehe.

Nour said...

heheh..I suka Scofield..:D

havent got the time to watch the latest season...hope to soon. He's gay??? damn...but then again..macam boleh dapat pun.

Acat said...

well scofield dalam season 4 memang sangat 'happy' sebab dia aje yang ade girlfriend - well takat episode 12 yang kitorang tengok hari tu ler. hehe.

heard he was gay before but kalau gay pun i think dia top kot. hahah

toughcookie said...

hi nour,
i pun sukaaa ;P

hehe... ala, kalau dia bukan gay pun, macam la i could do anything. i'm married :D

en khalid acat baby,
bersungguh2 betul you nak persuade i into believeing he's gay. hehe. wuteva la luvs. you'll always be my lovah! *kish*