Right now, I welcome the pain.

Our hearts almost dropped this morning at the doctor's. It was like we could even hear a pin drop on the carpeted floor.

We were at our now-weekly scheduled doctor's appointment and my being hungry all the time since the past week has not been favourable to my weight. Within a week, my weight increased another 2 kgs and I have now put on a total of 19kgs, just like my first pregnancy... only that, this time, I am not in labour yet and if I don't go into labour, it is likely that I will put on more weight. Hence, before anything, the doctor dropped the bomb and said that she is recommending a C-section for me.


We all know how much both of us are into natural birth. Of course, I wouldn't want to resist what's good for me and the baby but the fact that the doctor hasn't done any scans before coming up with such suggestion gave us a heck of a surprise. Her reason: my lack of height.

But... I think she sensed our perplexity that she suddenly said, "Of course, we wouldn't need to go thru a C-section if the weight is all mommy's and not baby's."... that is after 2 minutes of long silence with our shocked expression and after her statement that not all vaginal births are the best.

More hmmmm.....

After the scan, we gathered that the baby's weight is only 2.9 kilos, much smaller than my first who was 3.35kilos. And I delivered him normal. And so, she said that oh, it's ok then... we can still try to deliver the baby normally.

"Of course, you must not put on anymore weight."

I guess she was just concerned. She doesn't know my pain threshold and she probably wouldn't want me to waste time. But I hope I could at least try before deciding on C-section.

Surely, I won't resist it in an emergency. In fact, despite my being so gung-ho about natural birth, I received two cautions from two of my very close friends. I was told by Christine before (our ante-natal trainer) that one cannot say if they'd want a natural birth or a C-section because the outcome may just be the opposite.

A friend of mine who's in Germany sent me such a touchy message warning me of being mentally prepared for a C-section. See, she had a normal birth for her first baby and was very confident that she'd deliver the second one normal as well. Unfortunately, she was fighting in pain for a couple of days and in the end, normal delivery was not the best option for her. Since she wasn't prepared mentally, she went into depression and so she advised me that I should consider being prepared for it in case the situation forces such action to be taken.

Another friend also said similar things.

Therefore, I am kinda prepared, although I wouldn't like it one bit. Simply because - I've done it before and I know I could do it again. It's weird to even think that the 2nd one will not be easy when everyone - even the doctor once said that once you have a normal birth, the second one will be easy-peasy. Unfortunately, none of us expects me to put on so much weight especially since the earlier phase showed an increase of very small figures.

So now, instead of targeting 20 July (the one prefers it if she could have a date of birth of 20072008 - conceived in 2007, delivered in 2008 - just like our wedding date 20052007 where we met in 2005 and got married in 2007), the one now coaxes little jj to come out anytime now.

In another development, a close friend of ours just adopted a baby boy who's 2 days old. They even have a friend who gave birth recently to come over to nurse the baby. The one suggested that if they'd want me to be the baby's ibu susu with no possibility whatsoever for our kids to get hitched, they should consider me to nurse the baby as well, knowing I'd be more than happy to do that.

But the question would be - our kids blaming us for decisions we made without considering the future.

As much as I'd like to help, I wouldn't want to tamper with fate. But, since our religion says the baby should be full with 3 consecutive feedings (ermmm... betul ke?), I can always do it alternately, eh? That way, I won't be the ibu susu. Ya, that can work, definitely.

Congrats, guys, on your bundle of joy.

Now, I am eagerly waiting for mine to come out. It is so intense just waiting for that moment - when the pain starts and I am ready. For now, the anticipation is torturing us both...


meandmylife said...

I tak terkejut if she suggested that to you, i dont know why kebanyakkan my fren yg pegi kat dia..memang she suggest c-section... ada yg ckp dia memang tak suka risiko masa kelahiran...tu yg dia prefer c-section...tapi i rasa 2.9kg still ok.. and your due date tak lama lagikan..i rasa go for normal or natural birth la... my 2nd baby masa lahir 3.55kg at 37 weeks..and normal.. walaupun my first c-section... :-)

Emily said...

My eldest gurl was 3.22kg and came via C-Sec which knocked me out for the first three days of her life (hence not breastfed). My second gurl was 3.9kg and she came out natural (with me having a ton of stitches) and was breastfed til nine months; and they are opposite physically in growth when they are grown. Second gurl is small framed!

C-sec or natural birth - both are painful! But after surviving the first week for the c-sec, I was jumping in and out of bed without any problems. But with natural birth - I was walking round with the round rubber tube (swimming pool type!) for the whole 44 days - damn sore! and sitting on a large smooth river stone (which had been burning on the stove) to enhance the heeling process.

From now til birth, suggest you break down your meals into mini ones! Note down your meals so you dont overdo the mini ones too!

Relax and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy! Wishing you a speedy and safe delivery!

emly2175 said...

hope emily's comment did'nt give u cold feet dear.. just recall back my earlier email on episiotamy k..The stitches is something within our control ie. having the stamina&energy to push and having a good doctor who stiches well..
apa2pun, being mentally & physically prepared will differenciate your experience from others.

toughcookie said...

hi id,
gosh... that is such news to me since i've done my homework. i spoke to a few people (some even had 2-3 kids delivered by her). of the 10 births i checked, only 1 was delivered by c-section. itu pun cos she couldn't open for 2 days.

i'm 150cm (5') but i don't think height is anything to do with it. you can ask any dr. i don't think it's even cited in the medical journal. sheila majid is much shorter than me and she delivered all of her children normal. so, itu yang buat i rasa tak boleh terima. why don't she at least lemme try and prove myself wrong? after all, i am trying not to go to hospital until i really get 1-minute interval contractions (insyaAllah if nothing else forces me to go into the hospital earlier than i should).

entah la. i'm so perplexed and at the same time truly disappointed with her sebab she said all that without even checking. lepas check, lain pulak.

thanks for the word of hope. i really want to try normal.

you take care ya. and am hoping for the best for both of us.

hi emily,
wow... 3.9 is really huge. i guess the dr had to do an episiotomy on you. my dr had earlier informed me that she doesn't believe in episiotomy unless truly needed. i didn't even have one before either. but i guess i was very young then.

childbirth is such a miracle, eh?

guess what... i am only having wholemeal-bread sandwiches with lotsa lettuce, tomatoes and my favourite egg with lite mayo and onions for lunch and dinner. yummy! if only i had done this before, my weight won't be such an issue.

yesterday i had porridge (the dr advised taking porridge and soup only!)... you think that could help my growling tummy?? urrghhh...

thanks so much emily, i am now doing everything possible to induce labour the natural way. but i believe nothing works if it is not time for the baby to come out and i wish those relevant parties would be patient and let nature take its own course.

emly dear...
in my first delivery (with a different dr who's now retired), i asked my ex to persistently tell the dr 'no episiotomy'. you know, i received 2 stitches due to the tear but whilst stitching me, the dr told me that i have a smart husband because if he didn't intervene so persistently, she would have done it to make labour faster. can you believe that?

of course, kalau baby sampai 3.9kg tu i can't think of any other choice la kan...

i'm just hoping for the best. i am not gonna resist too many things but at least give me the option to try deliver the baby the normal way before any intervention can be done. like i said, only if there's complications such as pre-eclampsia or diabetes or high-blood pressure or umbilical cord beneath baby and stuff like that, then i know i have no other choice. but being petite? i don't think that is a good advise at all. just let me try first, that's all i am asking.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...
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Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hey babe! dun you worry too much yeah...I pray you'll have a natural birth as planned.

Areya was 3.28kg and she only came out when I was into my 40 weeks (even after much persuading from me to have her as a december baby instead of the january baby)and it was natural birth all the way. I am ever thankful that my O&G always provide us with comforting remarks about not going for C-section coz' he's happy with my health status (even though i gained nearly 22 kg ok!).

bravo babe! just do what you believe is good and safe for both baby and you.....

have a safe and speedy delivery....

XOXOX, anis & areya