The actual due date is 28-29 July 2008.

The pool was still closed when we decided to swim this morning around 7.30am or so... but, I believe there could be an exception for a pregnant woman in her late term just before her doctor's appointment, right? :D

It was an 'enlightening' swim. I haven't swam since I was in my early term. Therefore, I, urmmm.... have only worn the Mothercare maternity swimsuit that I bought for RM15 (it was on 70% discount!) for a total of 5 times. *blush* Guilty. Well... I don't feel safe going into the pool without the one's help cos I was afraid if I'd slip in or upon coming out from the pool unaided. But today, it was great. I was damn heavy and it was difficult to enter the pool since the steps were a little high from each other. I only got to the first step and decided to just sit on the ledge and dip my legs in the very cold water. Then, I swam towards the deeper end.

The one was just great playing a role like a swimming instructor teaching a little girl how to swim. Hehe. I couldn't swim the normal way because it was too tiring to swim the right way (I was huffing and puffing midway) and I felt pressure at the perineum area. So, I just swam at a very slow pace and my legs weren't synchronised. In the end, I just decided to hold on to the one's neck as he treaded his steps very slowly while my legs kicked the water. We did a couple of laps and when I got out of the pool, my whole body ached as the light weight of my body in the pool couldn't adapt that fast to the stronger gravity on the ground. But, I thought we had a good exercise.

We decided that I should have my final exercise before we meet the doctor today so that we could test the final outcome of the scan, ie. whether I still have sufficient water for the baby in the amniotic sac, and whether I could induce labour naturally and have the doctor tell me I am already dilating, ready to go to the hospital and deliver little jj.

Yes, as much as I want a natural birth, I know the limits and risks to it and I shall weigh my options according to the situation of the baby. I mean, there is no use of us paying RM600 for the ante-natal classes that advocates natural birth with a UK-certified midwife only to succumb to medical pressures with no clear indication of any critical need for medical interventions.

Therefore, we discussed it thoroughly last night and this morning, and we would leave it to the scans today to determine our options... that as much as possible, we'd ask the doctor on the risk of waiting but if it's best for the baby, we'll adhere to the doctor's advise.

Walah... first signs at the clinic showed quite a good chance for us as I weighed 68.8kg from the 69.7kg I weighed just last week. A reduction of almost 1 kilo in a week is a good sign that I've been eating right and healthily unlike the previous chocolate sundae ice-cream almost every day and lotsa lotsa rice. This past week, I've been taking cereal for breakfast and for lunch & dinner - wholemeal bread with lotsa lettuce, tomatoes, with eggs/blackpepper steamed chicken/meat (depending on my mood) and light mayo + chilli sauce. Oh my... sandwich never tasted so good. I never liked mayo but I am a total convert already! 1 week without rice still made me full and satisfied... when I am hungry for a snack, I'd prepare steamed pau during tea time... just so that I'd ensure the baby's weight is under control and won't be too large to go thru the birth canal.

Both of us felt so glad with what we heard from the doctor - she had said that yup, the previous 'worrying' weight increase was all mommy's and the baby is actually an average size. There's no need to worry and we'll definitely stand a chance of trying to deliver the baby normal.

I asked her if there is still enough water in the sac and she affirmed it. She did an internal exam after the scan and said that I am so ready. I haven't dilated but everything else is looking good. Therefore, she expected me to be in labour within this week. This time, she is confident of it.

Since I don't want to assume, I asked her for confirmation... that I don't have to worry, and that there's no reason for an induction... I was happy when she cheerfully said that yeah... just come to the hospital once I start getting intense contractions or when my waterbag burst, whichever comes first... there is nothing to worry about.

We can't say how relieved we felt. At least I felt better that I trusted my gut and not succumb to the pressure to induce. Of course, we couldn't say much about what'll happen during the labour process but at the moment, the fact that I am able to try to deliver our baby the natural way is such music to our ears. I mean, the due date is still another week away and there's no reason to hurry.

I am also thinking how 'stubborn' little jj probably is (just like her mama)... I mean, she has proven so many people wrong when they said that I should be due as early as end June. She would not let people dictate and she'll come out when she's ready.

And in this case, I would appreciate that everyone concerned is also patient and not impose on what to be done. Just because there are so many of us who have tonnes of experience from the many children that we may have, everyone's experience in their pregnancy is different. You can give your views and you can share your experiences but it is very annoying when you impose something on a person. At least respect the rights of the pregnant mom to make her own choices. It is pressuring enough waiting for the baby to come out... more pressures are not welcomed. I believe, there are people who only have the best interest at heart but I guess even honest gestures can be easily misunderstood when it is seen as one telling a person to do something instead of giving options to weigh.

In this instance too, I thank god that I am blessed with a supportive husband and a pool of very supportive girlfriends who stand by my choice even when they themselves have opted for a c-section and induction to bring labour earlier. In the end, it's the choice of the individual and so have I. There are no reasons to judge. Birthing is a natural process in life... when the baby is ready, you'll get all the signs. If you do not and absolutely due for delivery, then we can't help but get the necessary interventions. Until then, we know that the baby is ready by 36 weeks, the waterbag will break during heightened contractions and everything else will flow its course. For us both, our choice would be - to let little jj enjoy her time in the womb for now.


meandmylife said...

Alhamdulilah...waiting for the right time too..jumpa dr. tadi baby weight dah 3.3 kg..adoi...and stil 2 weeks to my due date...memang presure! Tapi kita sama2 sabar and doa ok...

Amy said...

Insyallah..everything will be fine. Can't wait to see little JJ's pictures :)