It could just be anytime soon...!!

The one prefers it if I could give birth today itself so that the baby’s date of birth will be 06.07.08 and he would very much like it if I could deliver the baby in Negeri Sembilan so that her identity card number will be 080706-05-XXXX. Smart, huh?

Unfortunately, delivering a baby is not as easy as that la…. hehe.

My feet started to swell really badly 2 weeks ago and since I didn’t have any problems with water-retention on my feet, I knew the swelling was a sign that the delivery date is coming near. I mean, my MIL who has 11 kids surely talks through experience as she said that once the swelling subsides, I’d have about a week before I pop.

Since 2 weeks ago, this was how my feet looks... you can hardly see the bones and veins, even my ankles were hardly visible...

Guess what... as of Friday, the swelling on my right foot has subsided and last night, both my feet looks as good as normal. >8-O

There’s probably some truths to it, you know. I mean, at least medically, as my doctor said that I’d probably pop sometime next week when I went for our scheduled check-up yesterday. She’s targeting 15th July at the latest but she won’t stop me if I’d go into labour anytime after the visit yesterday. Gosh… I was so scared… I still am. Still, the best advise she ever gave us (according to the one la…) as she told us to have more sex if we want the labour to start earlier. Hmmm… ya right… if the baby still doesn’t want to come out, no amount of sex could trigger the contractions, right? ;P

Things have been going great since my last post. Apart from my feet being swollen and I could only fit into my beloved crocs, I managed to finish a few pairs of baju raya for myself with an estimated measurements just for practice purpose. I used only cheap materials except for the recent boat-necked baju kurung moden which I used the saree material I bought in Mumbai about 2 years ago… hopefully, I’d fit into it.

I’ve also managed to finish up the one’s baju melayu… my first ever baju melayu creation for the man I love… I’ve never ever done one before and it is not very easy. The top was probably much easier than the pants, though, but once I could perfect the technique, he’d probably be wearing home-made pants from now on hehe… of course, due to the not-so-snug fit for the pants, I bought another material to try again. Hopefully this time, it works since I’d be learning from the first imperfect try.

when the picture was taken, the button-holes has not be completed. nice, eh??

Carrying a baby girl, I guess, has suddenly brought this side of me. I’ve always loved to sew but never really pursued it until a best friend recently made me realise that life is not all about work and family. You gotta have time for things you love to do.

Hence, I took this baju kurung which I made (used my usual tailor) just before I found out I was pregnant. I bought very nice materials from my trips to Aceh and since her charges can be quite expensive, I decided to just make a plain baju kurung and enhance it later. How true… I tried this very basic beading technique and walah… the luxurious silk turns out to be even more classy. I love it. I know I’ll be experimenting more once I stay home during my confinement. In fact, I planned on doing baju kurung raya for both my mom and MIL. Hopefully, jadi. I dunno how cranky or calm the baby will be and planning is good, although it might not turn out the way you wanted. However, hope is good.

the simplest technique anyone can try on their baju kurung... with the help of rich colour beads and a creative way of arranging the colours together, a simple technique can bring out the best result to a simple baju kurung.

More work has been given to me as well, as part of my freelance opportunity… I am doing up a corporate write-up for an up-coming oil and gas company… a really small company just starting up doing a very niche section of a big division and I thought it is a good start. Still, you know how it is working for a new company where directions are still not very firm and although a strong advise is needed, they are not willing to pay so much and hence, there’s only so little I can do la. It’s not easy coming up with niche copy and I’ll just give them what they want or I’d just back out if the situation doesn’t look that promising.

I’ve also completed some translations for magazine ads. It sure feels good when you’d see your work out in the public.

Oh, I’ve also managed to taste this lovely lovely recipe for bread and butter pudding from this really sweet blogger who sent us a book entitled, “Anita Sarawak – Cooking with Love”. I never thought I’d be craving for my favourite bread and butter pudding until I saw the recipe in the book. I am truly touched by her gesture since we’ve never really met and only been communicating via emails and comments left on mine and the one’s blogs. I guess that is one beauty about blogging, you’ll never know who’d touch your heart and in what way. Thanks, Emily!

wanna try some? it's oh so delicious, ok... of course, i can't beat the ones i tasted in JW Marriott, KL and the Hard Rock Hotel, Bali. but this is just as satisfying and a really soft texture. i only have one small slice left in the fridge and so sayang want to eat cos that would mean that it needs to be baked again ;P

So in the midst of all that, mommy and baby are fine… I felt some sharp pain yesterday afternoon while we were cleaning up some stuff but with the help of the one, things went better. I thank god he was just beside me and very calmly made me feel more comfortable.

I’ll be seeing some dearest girlfriends later this afternoon at BSC to catch up before I pop and I think that will be my last excursion before little jj comes out.

Baby's stuff are also quite complete (of course, gifts of any kind are so much welcomed!!) hehe... we're getting the baby bath tub from my dear friend, Niza... gorgeous Nicole is getting us toiletries from Buds... we're persuading the one's brother to get little jj the Fisher-Price rocking chair-cum-bouncer (hehe...) and we've told many people not to get us bottles. Based on experience, I guess we know we'll get clothes and toiletries for the baby and so, we've bought a small number of baby clothes only.

The emergency bag is already packed although we have yet to put it in the trunk. And I guess, we're all set. InsyaAllah...


meandmylife said...

InsyaAllah everything will be OK..hehhe sama la kita eh..menghitung hari....kaki i pun dah bengkak ni...:-(

emly2175 said...

what else u dont have but need it for lil' JJ?

Amy said...

Oh..memang dah dekat ni...selalunya mmg macam tu...I wish u well Juan. Hopefully semuanya smooth je. One thing's for sure, Acat sure layan you macam princess ni, sekarang pun eh? U take care beb and selamat berpantang.

Omecool20 said...

InsyaAllah, you will be fine :-) .. hehe .. teringat balik masa Zara dulu ... to the one, you better be there by her side .. she will need loads of emo support :) ..

Keep us posted !

diamond baby said...

Sweet! Looks like you are all set for the delivery and your confinement period as well! At this witching hour, nothing can be said but good luck! Hope everything will go smoothly!

toughcookie said...

hi id,
good luck to both of us, then, eh?

saw your message on facebook tapi tak sempat nak balas. for lil' jj, we welcome anything. it's the thought that counts.

tapi kalu untuk mommynye, leceh jugak nak cari... my list goes from long bra (like corset) to undies yang panjang from paha to perut (also corset-like), to stretchmark potions. tapi seriously, after the scare with the doctor yesterday, i really really want to find raspberry leaf tea which i've searched high and low but failed. i need it to induce labour the natural way and at the same time have healing and healthy properties after birth.

if all fails, just meeting you would be such a gift :D

hi amy,
serious man... memang macam princess. seronok i ngandung camni. tak kesah kalau nak ngandung lagi hehe...

thanks, dear. will definitely update this page when little jj arrives.

hi ome,
i hope so too. takutla...

diamond baby,
thanks!! i really need that.

Emily said...

Hi Senorita,
You do great sewing! Truly amazing lady you are!

Stretchmark potions? you are supposed to apply them during pregnancy!

Are you going to do the traditional confinement thingy? The only tip I can offer is dont drink too much soupy stuff at one time. Take small meals.

Emily said...

p.s.: the bread pudding looks yummy! Wah, your 'the one' untung landing you as wifey!!