Introducing Jada Kyra to the world!!

tada.... look at me!

Looks like little jj gang with her daddy cos according to the one's post previously, he wanted to earlier target the date 20.07.2008.

Despite us persuading her to come out earlier to avoid any possible medical intervention, we never really thought she'd stay inside me that long to want to prove to us that yes, she agreed with the nice date and that's the date she'll face the world.

I was minding my usual business at home, during the weekend, cooking breakfast and all, going out for groceries at 1-Utama's Jusco and then having lunch when I felt I was leaking. I called my mom up just to confirm that leaking is ok and I still can wait at home instead of going to the hospital too early. I was so glad that my mom told me I do not need to hurry but to just be cautious of the leak and monitor it.

10 minutes later, large amount of water gushed out and we went back to the references we got from the ante-natal classes. Apparently, I have about 2 hours after my waterbag broke to ensure I was contracting and ready for labour before going to the hospital. Therefore, we looked at the time and decided that we'd leave for the hospital in 1 1/2 hours time, ie. 5pm.

I took my time bathing and doing whatever necessary, tidied-up the house a bit, got the one to help me hang up the clothes from the washer and got the little munchkin to throw away the garbage since I believe, we won't be at home for another 2 days or so. We were pretty relaxed although I could sense the anxiety in the one... I was anxious too but since I haven't yet felt any strong contractions, I was worried that history will repeat itself... that I will be induced. The only difference is, this time, my water broke naturally.

When I was admitted at 6pm, they did the necessary tests and said I was 2cm dilated and I already have very early contractions. The doctor even said that we'd wait till early morning and if I haven't opened by then, they'd have to intervene with the necessary medications.

The contractions came and went, at first at 5 minutes interval and shortly after 4 minutes interval. Since I thought the labour will last til early tomorrow morning, I wanted to endure the pain a little while before deciding on any drugs that I could take if the pain gets any worse.

By about 9plus, the contractions got more frequent and I kept asking the one if I really could do it naturally. Whatever it was, he was such a good support. He read to me the necessary doa that would help me keep my mind focus and at times reminded me to keep breathing…. As much as I’d grip on his hands strongly, I also remembered thru the ante-natal class that I should let go of any constricted nerves… to let go, and to relax while taking deep breaths. It wasn’t easy but having someone next to you to coach you thru it was such a bonus.

By about 9.40pm or so, I felt very strong contractions and felt the need to push. As I believed that I would only go into labour tomorrow morning, I remembered Christine telling us that there would be this transition phase where you’d have a strong urge to push but shouldn’t since the baby’s head has not reached the birth canal. Therefore, one should try to hold on to that feeling and not push. At the same time, I felt like going to the loo and asked the one to help me up to the toilet. Since I had such difficulty to move, a nurse was asked to help me but she wanted to check me instead. Surprise surprise… we were shocked when we were told that I was almost 10cm open!! Thus, the pressure to push was real!

Of course, the nurses wouldn’t let me push until the doctor arrived and it was such a mean feat to try not to push when the desire to do so is so natural and it felt so painful to hold on and refrain. I think the one can vouch for sure how painful it was when I gripped on his hand so tight that I thought I heard some knuckles cracked.

I was glad the doctor arrived soon after and by 10.15pm, Jada Kyra was born after 3-4 push. I was shocked. I still am. We still are. I never thought it could be so easy and fast as compared to the mean experience I had 11 years ago when I was much younger. Little jj was 3.27kilos and she went suckling away fiercely and not allow to be put down until 2 hours later.

i am hungwee...

I believe this is my most memorable experience ever and I never thought I would be able to deliver a baby naturally. It gives me a sense of high that even after 4 hours (now) I am still awake and do not feel lethargic. Still, if you ask me, I would not want to do it again – normal or not normal, natural or not natural.

Nope. Dowan.

Well… we’ll see.


meandmylife said...

Congratulations my dear... :-)

diamond baby said...

Since it was such an easy birth, senanglah nak tambah anak lagi lepas ni..hehe. Congrats dear! :D
Have fun nursing!!

Voice said... hot mama blogging just hours after delivery ;) kudos and congrats to you both. take care and enjoy motherhood! :)

Emily said...

Congratulations on a job well done! Did tell you to relax and enjoy the pregnancy right? So same thing two years from now? LOL!

Take care! Pictures, pictures and pictures please!

pijah said...


Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

owh juan! our heartiest congratulations to you and family..... jada kyra is sooooo adorable...geram i tgk....will call you when you've settled down (heheee...maybe in a month time la)....again, i am so so so happy for you..... alhamdulillah.....

p/s : ishhh...tgk baby you ni macam i nak preggie la plak.... ;D

Amy said...

Congrats Juan...she's adorable. I like the name :)

fatin said...

Congratulations Juan,

hope you get lots of rest cos you've got plenty to do after this!!!

Great to hear you are in perfect condition and the birth was an easy one. Also grateful to Mr. K for the support all the way through.

Lots of Love,


toughcookie said...

next is your turn... my prayers are with you for a safe delivery. *kisses & hugs*

dear diamond baby,
hadoii... i was lucky that this time was pretty easy. tapi easy tak easy pun i can totally remember how painful it was bila kena tahan from teran. teruk diorang ni... ingatkan i wasn't ready yet rupanya kena tunggu dr dulu. ;P

hi bayah,
thanks so much dear... i am enjoying it tremendously! looking at her face is one helluva fulfillment.

dear emily,
hehe... yeah... 2 years from now :D

toughcookie said...


tu la nye... bila nengok muka dia je rasa macam tak la teruk kan experience being pregnant ni hehe...

hi amy,
thanks dear...

dearest fatin,
thank you so much for the advise you gave me. it made us prepare for the worst and not be too stubborn. i'm glad tho that it went well.

luv you lots! take care...

emly2175 said...

la.. I'm the last one to read this? Busy week la last week dear. alhamdulillah U got to do naturally! Wish i can kiss her. baby's smell is so heavenly! Enjoy it when she still have it k..

toughcookie said...

hehe... takpe. last pun, at least you were the first few to visit us at the hospital...