How Could I Ask For More...

How could I ask for more?
The way you held my hand and pulled me up
When I was heavy to the core
Uncomfortable and sore
The way you look at me and are proud
of what I was going thru
without much doubt
The way you support me unconditionally
You make me feel so blessed
You make me feel nothing less

How could I ask for more?
When you witnessed the progress of your little girl
Inside your favourite girl
You wanted to be near me all the time
You saw the progress of the pregnancy
And made everything seem so breezy
You were patient with the occasional swings
Our love grew instantly
Thru all the phases one by one
You’ve proven that true love truly exists and hope is not gone

How could I ask for more?
You were the only one who was with me
You handled everything so naturally
You breathed I love you and kissed me constantly
Telling me to be strong thruout the pain
Making me feel assured, that I could do it not in vain
You reminded me to breathe and prayed with me
You never breathe out a sigh of tiredness
Never winced an inch from me
You tried everything to make me feel comfortable
Yet put your needs aside
I was your number 1 priority

How could I ask for more?
The fact that you were firm with the options we explore
Of what we planned, what’s best in store
You’d do anything to make me feel assured
That you’re into everything, whatever I endured
You’ve been that way in that white sterilised room
I still see it in you in this warm cosy home
You’re nothing I predicted at all in a man
You’re nothing I thought, you’re my guardian even thru the storm

You cook and clean, and do everything at ease
I’m surprised at the extent of what you'd do not just to please
I'm so thankful at this gift
Although you think it’s only you
You've shown me what a man you are
The best for me by far
You wake up at night to help with the baby
And the early morning to prepare those little little things
You want my confinement to run perfectly for me
You leave me with this very touchy feelings
Your support has been non-stop since that fateful day
You’re my superman, my romeo, everything that I prayed
I never thought I’d go thru such a sweet, simple experience
I thank God you’re more than I hoped for
You showed me the way

So how could I ask for more?
When you’re everything to me
A big bundle of love in a package only I could see
There’s no way things could be so much better
When you show me how good it could be
Nothing's far richer
My only hope is that I am everything to you too
As I would never ever ask for more
When everything I need is in you,
More than everything I could ever ask for...

- written by:
JJo, 27 July 2008, 15:56
at home, dining table while the one is snoring from pure tiredness


Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

owh babe! this poem is ever so sweet and what a blessing to have such a wonderful and groovy husband.... i hope everything is fine at home with lil' JJ to rock your world heh! so, let me know when u r ready to receive some guests to your home sweet home yeah!

take extra extra care during this confinement period and bigbig hug for lil' jj...


Emily said...

Waaahhhhhh you gave me misty eyes!

toughcookie said...

hi anis,
thanks, dear. will keep in touch. *hugs & kisses*

dear emily,
trust me, that was exactly what happened to me upon writing the poem.

emly2175 said...

mine too got misty la dear.. this reminds me of my hubby when I was in labour.. I know i have said this countless times to u dear, but then again, u are sure lucky to gave such a soulmate .. Acat , if u are reading this, bravo man!

Amy said...

So sweet la :)

fatin said...

This is too touching. I love the way you express it. I had tears in my eyes while reading it...

great to know that you are in good hands.

love you lots,
Your twin, across the miles...

toughcookie said...

hi emly,
first of all, thank you so much for visiting us at the hospital. i especially thank you too for that thoughtful gift. i love it. you sorang je bagi gift for mommy hehe... seronok.

tu la, i pun rasa sometimes i sound like a broken record but yes, i keep reminding myself how lucky i am.

take care, dear. and thanks for sharing the info on baby products.

hi amy,
*sniff* thanks...

my dearest fatin,
hugs and kisses to you.

meandmylife said...

Sedih pulak i...dah la i pun tgh sweet la poem tu...

Voice said...

mdm beskotkeras, you SHALL NOT stop writing!hehehe...

anyway, this poem is sweet. so sweet i was speechless up to this point of time when i comment :)