My intense pregnant brain

On Friday, I had lunch with another dear girlfriend, Nina, at BSC. I think BSC is so cozy. Parking is not very difficult, access is pretty easy and you have such a cozy ambience where everyone does their own thing without being nosy about others. For me, I didn't want to go into KL and BSC is a perfect meeting point for my girlfriends and I, away from the busy dead-lock traffic of the golden triangle especially during lunch time, nearing the Friday prayers. And, Friday lunch is such a perfect time to meet as most of us have a longer lunch period.

As I was craving for Dome's famous chicken and mushroom pie, I suggested we meet at Dome. And, as it has been awhile since I set foot in Dome since I always had something to complain about their slow service, I was kept pleasantly surprised to note that they now serve my all-time favourite - their Mocha-loca. I believe they had stopped producing that addictive drink ever since they had their menu revamped about a a year or so. Yum yum yum... all worth the wait.

Nina text me to tell me she'd be a little late and so I decided to drop by at Times bookstore to get some pregnancy magazines. I haven't been reading magazines in awhile and since Dome only carries fashion and society magazines, not quite suitable/relevant for me at the moment, I decided that I could occupy the waiting time and update myself with relevant articles on pregnancy and delivery.

I bought the May 2008 issue of Pregnancy & Birth, apparently UK's No.1 pregnancy magazine and found so many useful tips. I mean, if one have not bought any pregnancy books, the magazine seem quite sufficient since those books with such elaborate info didn't seem to work that well with local practitioners. Hence, those handy tips in the magazine seem good enough.

I took a seat at a comfortable corner, ordered my heavenly Mocha-loca and chicken-mushroom pie, just taking my own sweet time reading. The entire internal area of Dome was surprisingly full and busy with people and whilst most of them were checking their watches (they probably only had a 1-hour lunch break), I find it truly relaxing to know that I wasn't pressed for time. It's a really good feeling, actually, to be able to control your anxiety which will eventually stress you out unnecessarily. And wishing that everyday is as relaxing as that moment.

My meal came about 30 minutes later and thought I should order for Nina before she arrives. But since she couldn't really make up her mind, she thought she'd rather wait. Walah... when she did arrive, the waiter who was so used to her actually instructed the kitchen to prepare her meal in 10 minutes! Oh... so that's how they operate then... you must be a VIP in order to get good service. Hmmm... oh well.... nothing's lost.

I have not seen her in months and we had such a good conversation. It's strange how we can be friends with someone for so long and after some crisis happens, only then can we really see the true colours of a person. But, I wouldn't want to spend too much time thinking about it cos I believe that we have our own life, we have plenty of other friends than to focus too much on a negative aura. It's sad, though, that both of us were taken advantage but at least we don't dwell on it and move forward. I believe that one would never be really happy in life until they straighten up their act and admit to things they were doing to others. Well, that is if they have any conscience at all. Everyone's got something to hide but not at the expense of good and sincere, caring friends. Hmmm... I guess we could only learn from it and distance ourselves from those negative energy knowing that we're not afraid of our shadows and that it is not our loss.

It's always so good after meeting up with my girlfriends. I don't have many of them but I know they're 'quality' friends. There are just so many who'd give you that false hope of wanting to meet 'sometime' and a promise of catching up to 'lost times' but you can always know how sincere your friends are when they make it a point to meet up when the time comes rather than create excuses with another promise of meeting and again excuses when that time comes. For me, I'd always make it a point to book my schedule for good friends if I know they truly want to meet up but when it comes to follow-up and I get excuses that is so lame, I just know that I shouldn't even bother to initiate anything. Life is short, we should enjoy life and nothing's truly lost. At least you know you've made the effort, even if it's a phone call and a good chat. At the end of the day, women always have a comfort of knowing that they have reliable girlfriends who pick them up when their down and can have a good laugh together during the good times.

Anyways, I had a full day today. Met up with Mak Zai, the makcik who'll be taking care of me post-natal. You see, even before at 2 months sans any scanner, she already told me I was carrying a girl and that the foetus seem to be around 1-2 weeks earlier. This same thing was told to us by our doctor at the 5th and 6th month only. Therefore, it was quite a relief seeing her as I belief that there is a lot to learn from her on how I could go thru the experience in a more positive way. The best part was her kneading away the aches and pains in my back and I felt like dozing-off just after she was done with my body and finishing up with both my hands. The one and I had a good lunch at her place and we discussed the details of her service, ie. items and rate. I had to remind her of the due-date and InsyaAllah she's prepared even if the baby comes in early.

Then, it was back to Keramat where I took a short nap and felt so refreshed and light after a nice cold shower. My in-laws arrived home from a relatives' wedding and brought back fresh vegetables and we dropped off the veges at my parents' place since I knew they'd use it much sooner for cooking as compared to moi who prolly only cooks dinner a maximum of twice a week. Then, my dad decided to buy us dinner and so there goes a perfect Saturday for us all.

When we arrived home, I did my usual budgeting and calculations and was worrying of my income tax return. I have sent the completed form back to the IRB but the amount of $$ I owe them seem so ridiculously high. Man... there's even a better reason for me to question the government on their spending and whatever benefits I am getting from it all... I am already paying so much on taxes including assessments and all, I've been obediently paying for all the tolls in the highway when I use them, everything else is increasing and yet the government keeps saying poverty level is on a decrease and that compared to our neighbouring countries, we are still so much better. Are we? Gosh... it's just so ridiculous.

I think we as consumers should really question everything as we have the right to. They can say whatever they want, be it - to change our lifestyle or whatever lame comeback lines to ease their work, but I believe that everyone of us should have our mindset change rather than just accepting everything being put upon us. They can't even solve their own internal issues, be it the government or the pakatan rakyat. How else do they think they could make a difference to the rakyat who've already spoken thru the recent elections?

In the end, I don't really have any answers to my concerns. And that sucks.

I wish I could just be ignorant and live my life in my little circle of happiness but I know at the end of the day, everything that's happening will eventually affect my life, one way or another. I mean, why am I paying so much taxes? And why is the cap on an individual only RM8k? Why is the cap on each child only RM1k? Do they really know how much it cost a year to raise a kid? And why the bloody hell is the cap on life insurance and EPF contribution a combined RM6k? Wtf?? Which world do they live in? Do they even pay tax??

Am I gonna get into trouble for this? Heh.


Mukhshirin said...

adoi... i feel the sindiran maaan... sapa makan cili dia la rasa pedas ^_^ tu laaa... i keep breaking promises to meet up with you... sorry... but i have the gift dah ^_^ so i should be able to meet up next week... now rushing to finish 2 episodes.

da tough beskot said...

dear shirin,
hehe... girl, that sindiran wasn't for you la. we all know how busy we can be but when the time comes, we'd usually make it a point to meet up kan. and we'd always manage to do that no matter how long that takes.

ni i'm talking about those who keep saying they want to meet up they want to meet up but they never really meant it.

i'll see you soon.

emly2175 said...

how nice being able to minum2 with dear sweet old friends.. Yep, friends like that are hard to come by at this age where everyone is ever so busy with their lives .. Nak minum coffee pun susah..yikes! me complaining a bit here..
Do control your caffeine intake especially when u r pregnant.. U will need all the calcium u can get for your baby s benefit dear..and for yourself too. That;s why u can see why some mothers losing one or two teeth during pregnancy.