2 all beef patty special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun

The free big mac on the ad on tele has got the one hooked. He loves McD so much that he even dreamt that he went to the cashier, ready to recite the ‘chant’ in 4 seconds but was disappointed when he couldn’t even say a single word. Not even able to sing the tune when given a 2nd chance! ;P

Thus, from that night onwards, I would hear him recite the chant in 4 seconds repeatedly, hoping to get enough courage to go to McD’s and win me the Big Mac. Hmmm… yup… you could say that he’d want to win it for himself, actually hehe…

For me, I’ve been sweating myself perpetually. There’s not in a second that I don’t sweat. I guess the body heat that comes with pregnancy has finally got to me the last couple of weeks. I sweat way so much that I don’t even use foundation on my face anymore. Thankfully, though, carrying a baby girl inside of me, makes my skin glow even without the usual dash of blusher.

Sleeping at night is a chore as well. Starting last night, I have problems getting a good night’s sleep. I was up at about 3am. Tossed and turned, changed my sleep position so that I’d be nearer to the fan and even considered turning on the air-cond. I’ve told myself not to turn the air-cond on when I almost fell sick some time last week due to the exposure to very cold air all night. Although my body says I’m feeling extremely hot, my internals are telling me something else. Seriously, I don’t want to get sick during my pregnancy.

As I keep tossing and turning unable to shut my eyes, I decided to do what would usually put me to sleep – watching TV in the comfort of the sofa at the living room. I did just that and walah… ½ hour later, I was already snoozing. Hmmm… I’m telling you, the sofa in my living room works like magic. As the light was on, I didn’t sleep tight and woke up around 6am and headed back into the room… all dreaded when the alarm rang at 6.30am. Gosh… I feel so tired still.

Little JJ is kicking really hard. Well, I guess it’s not so much of kicking but more so of probably making herself more comfortable now that she’s bigger and is not able to move that much. I’m not sure how much weight I’ve gained since the last time and we’re due for our next check-up this Saturday. Urrgghh… I can’t stand this weight… it’s making my back ache so much at times that it’s hard for me to move. Wait… I shouldn’t complain… no no no… I should be enjoying this experience. Adoiii… as it is now, I find it a little hard to breathe. Ahhh… the wonders of pregnancy, eh.

On another note, Mothers’ Day is coming soon and so is our 1st Anniversary. Wahh…. How small the number seems to be. Others my age are celebrating their 7th year or 10th year… but mine is just that singular number. Hopefully, it adds up a lifetime. Life with the one has been so serene that my only wish is just that.

The little munchkin turned 11 today and I’ve gotten him a small cake just for the 3 of us to celebrate tonight. For me, he already bought me this cute little rose with a small teddy bear for Mothers’ Day. Aww… We’re planning to celebrate his birthday with the one’s nephew and sister next weekend and I guess we’ve got to look for presents then.

This afternoon, I had a really good discussion with my lesbo partner, Niza, and life seems to open up pretty much an opportunity. I kinda admire her for working smart. She doesn’t have a normal 9-5 job like most of us and she makes money work for her instead of the other way around. That woman must be one lucky woman on earth but I guess luck alone won’t help if we’re all stuck with the same mindset in that same little box day in and out. Not everybody can excel at the start but the fact that she took the risk of quitting her job and taking her own sweet time learning things she never thought she’d be good at, is one characteristic that I admire. For me, I had never thought out of the box as I’d like the comfort of having that $$ from the ATM every end of the month. But then again, you could never be sure if that job you’re holding on so stable would be firmly in your grip forever.

So, let’s see how that will go.

As the one never gets jealous of any men who comes near me, I thought it is so cute that he’s getting annoyingly jealous that I’ve been in constant contact with Niza hehe… so much so that I find it quite fun irritating him and telling him the things that happened and the small talks that we have. He says we’re so lesbo if people didn’t know us that well. It feels nice to have your other half be jealous like this even if it is just fake jealousy cos I kinda hated it when he tried faking his jealousy whenever I have a conversation with a man… he sucks when he gets that jealous.

I guess, I’d much prefer him to be as is. Jealousy is so tiring to combat. You’d have to persistently give excuses to justify the situation. Hehe… sometimes, we women thought that’s what we want out of a man – to at least have some jealousy to show they care. But when he tried to do that, to show me how annoying it can be, I take it back. I like him to be just the way he is.

Of course in this case, with my lesbo partner, the fake jealousy makes him so adorable.