He was successful in the 4 seconds chant!

We had quite a hectic weekend.

We were at our gynae for our routine check-up and I’m glad that things are a-okay. I mean, I was a little worried, though, especially with my weight gain. In the last visit, the doctor has warned me against putting on too much weight, afraid that the baby will be too big for me to push through. I’ve controlled my diet quite well cos it’s been a month since our daily breakfast dose of roti canai from the mamak downstairs and it’s been ages since I took nasi lemak. So, I thought I’d be quite fine.

However, the invitation to Fatty Crabs on Friday night was one that got me a little worried. Seafood, and good seafood? Hmmm… I knew I wasn’t gonna eat very little. The four of us, Eju & Muz, the one & I, ate a total of 3 servings of yummy crabs, fried rice for 6 pax, 3 servings of toast, loads of liquid to counter the salt, and oh, a piece of those chicken wings that we ordered for the little munchkin since he couldn’t take seafood. Wahh.

Before we went there, I weighed myself at my mom’s. I thought I did okay. But at the doctors, I gained 2 kilos from that dinner. Heh. I guess the scale at my mom’s must be faulty or that the crabs had really made me weigh that much.

Anyway, I’m glad that my blood pressure and sugar level is just great, and the doctor told me the weight gain is fine. She even taught us how we could use the gym ball for my benefit. Guess I will redeem that from the Citibank points I have. And, since the doctor was a little late for the appointment, she didn’t give us extra time for a nice shot of little jj in me. Oh well, I didn’t mind it that much. There was already a very grumpy guy out there waiting for only ½ hour when we were already there for a whole hour! Guess some people can be unreasonable sometimes, all at the wrong places. He even said obnoxiously that for the waiting time, they'd rather go to GH. Man... that guy really does not know what he's talking about that I thought he deserve to have a shoe in his mouth ;P

Time flies that fast and as soon as I knew it, I’m now due for a 2-week interval check-up instead of the usual 4 weeks. I’m so scared. But things are good and the doctor told me not to worry about anything.

Later on, we went presents and baby shopping at 1-Utama. We haven’t gotten the little munchkin anything for his birthday do next weekend and we had to also buy another one for his cousin who’s celebrating with him. The one’s sister is also coming home from Penang for the do but I think we shall just give her a good birthday kiss, eh? Hehe…

My dad wanted to have a birthday do for the little munchkin today and I suddenly thought oh wow… with 2 grandpas, I don't think I should spoil the little munchkin with 2 more cakes and 2 more celebrations, can I? So, all of us, including my parents will be going over to Keramat next week and I should think that will be a more merry celebration with a good family gathering.

We then went on getting more serious stuff for the preparation for the birth of little jj. We already have about a dozen clothes for her which is quite sufficient for a start (am also expecting many from gifts as that seem to be a standard gift…) so we shopped for more detailed stuff like the diaper liners, a pack of washable diapers, a couple of diaper panties, snappies, some cute mittens and booties, and oh, not forgetting mommies’ ‘diapers’ as well. The rest could wait, I think.

Since it has been awhile since we went to 1Utama together and have all the time in the world as the little munchkin is over at granny’s, we got so engrossed with our shopping. We even did our groceries and some other little stuff to check out that we didn’t realise we were practically on our feet for 6 hours! Well, probably minus the 1 hour sitting over lunch at Nando’s. As soon as I realised that, my legs started to ache and so did my back. But I was happy that we practically got everything we needed to get that day.

We were even having guests later in the afternoon but thank god it was cancelled. Otherwise, I’d be dead beat. Once we got home, took my shower and sat on the couch for awhile without realising I had dozed off. When I got up, the entire body ached so much and felt really, really heavy.

Today, I was still feeling tired but I guess our home was destined to receive guests this weekend. Although the Saturday’s guests had to cancel, the one’s relative from Pahang decided to give a surprise visit this afternoon. I took a 2-hour nap before really preparing myself for guests. Gosh… how my body has changed so much since. Thank god though that we just did our groceries as we have plenty of things to offer our guests.

It’s getting a little late and I so dread that the weekend has ended. It has been such a great weekend for me and I couldn’t stop having this feeling of how much more in love I’m in with the one.

See, there has been way so many problems among people we know, close or those not very close to us, with issues in their life. Well, they’re not very crucial problems but I guess people have their own way of accepting negative energy in their life and make that the center of their attention.

I’ve said many times in my previous posts that we are always fighting for or searching for that void 2% in our lives and we fail to appreciate or see that 98% that we own. In the end, many of us lose as we lose our focus in life but more importantly, we lose ourselves.

I am not sure how many people believe that they should get all 100% that they want in life. For me, no matter how positive I am, I believe that the Almighty is great. He gives some, not all. No one has everything in life. No matter how well you think a person is doing, you are only looking from the outside. No matter how happy you think a person is or how well that person is doing in life, there will always be this void, crucial or not crucial in their life. No one can have everything.

You may think you want a perfect man or a perfect woman. Yes, I admit that you shouldn’t settle for anything less for yourself. Be as choosy as you like. But at the end of the day, you should not play it safe. You may want to hold on to one person while you search for the perfect person but that’s not how life works. In the end, you lose, and you lose miserably. You just have to know what you want and be firm. If it’s a yes, then you’ve got to accept the little flaws and all cos nobody’s perfect. Not even you. And if it’s a no, let go. Don’t be an asshole.

You want to have a child but you can’t seem to be successful with it. You read others’ blogs and get envious. You either get envious but be happy for them, or you get so jealous that you hate them. I’ve got news… those who really want babies may not be able to conceive that easily and those who don't want, can immediately get pregnant within a day or two. That’s the way of life sometimes. It gets tricky. And… there are many others just like you. What’s the point of getting so worked up and emotionally depressed when you have everything else in front of you – a great job, a wonderful spouse, luxury/wealth and happiness. Focus on that positive energy and you’ll never know how well that will work for you. Those who have kids, you think do not have their own problems?? They can’t be themselves most of the time, their social life deprived, budget can always trigger minor arguments and much more. And, do you know that in some corporations, pregnant employees are so highly discriminated that many lose their income due to lame excuses such as ‘incompetency’?

I have to admit. My life’s not perfect. You may say I'm too easy to please but isn't it better than getting so worked up when you know your emotions are within your control (except mebbe when you're pregnant, hehe...). And, at least I know I am concentrating on my 98%. Why waste time on the 2% when you know it can be ironed out someway. There will always be problems, definitely but we’re all built to solve problems. Otherwise, we’re brain dead.

I suddenly remembered this story of a suicide survivor, told by a friend... the survivor said that as soon as he jumped off the bridge, ALL his problems seem to flash right in front of him and he then realised that there were solutions to all those problems! Then, he thought that life is not that bad after all since everyone has their own issues.

So you don't have that 2%? I know it's hard to be positive but for one, you're not alone in it, and two, life has to go on.