Crazy about pillows...

The one has complained numerously how our bed has now been inhibited by alien pillows! Well, in the earlier stage of the pregnancy and the tummy getting bigger, I was already a little uncomfortable sleeping at night and would have a pillow tucked under the tummy when I sleep on my side. Hence, he would sacrifice one of his pillows for me. Aww…

Then, when we took the ante-natal class, Christine would advise that the mommy sleep with as many pillows as possible to support the back, the tummy and the legs apart from the usual pillows under our heads. Thus, when we checked out the sale in Sogo a few months back, we kinda brought home 3 pillows! Hehe… the pillows are really huge and the one would sometimes joke around saying that he’s being kicked out of the bed by pillows.

Today, a delightful surprise came when the one got me this heavenly pillow that I’d always wanted and costs a bomb out at the shopping centers. He got it online and it arrived our home today, as an anniversary present. Waahhh.. the pillow is sooo comfy I do not know how else to describe it. And I cannot imagine pregnant mommies without this pillow.

When we saw it at the Chicco outlet of 1-Utama, it was sold for RM499. We knew we could get it for less than RM300 since Christine told us she used to sell them for that price and another one of our coursemate, Sara, got it for slightly more than RM200 at a sale in 1-Utama. So, RM499 is probably way too much for a ‘pillow’. We checked out other maternity outlets and they all sell for at least RM340 and I thought I should really check out other avenues before deciding on getting it. After all, we do have enough pillows.

Then, I saw it at and told the one about it. There was a standard size that sells less than RM300 and a larger size that sells for slightly more than RM300. Was even feeling guilty showing it to the one since after all, it is just a pillow, right?

But no… I take that back now… the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow is soo heavenly! The 5’ long pillow can be used straight or mould around mommy’s curves for a comfy fit. Best of all, it can even be used until the baby grows as it provides the support. Nursing would be a breeze as well since it can be wrapped around mommy’s waist and baby could rest on it comfortably.

a brilliant invention, i must say... i was even told by
our ante-natal coursemate that her hubby
would snatch this pillow for his afternoon naps in the weekends...

What makes it so comfortable is the thin beads inside the inner casing, quite like what you get in those bean bags only that it is much smaller in size.

There’s nothing better that I could ever ask for our anniversary present this year. Really.


emly2175 said...

how nice to get a thoughtful anni gift. Something that we really need .. So thoughtful of him !
I'm gonna tell my hubby about this pillow once i'm pregnant for the 2nd time..