Pregnancy and toilets

One of the things about pregnancy that I feel so amazed about is the fact that I can't hold it when it comes to going to the toilet.

Frankly, I hate going to public toilets because we all Malaysians know how dirty our public toilets are. I would rather hold it until I get home rather than having to face the long queue, stinging smell and watery cubicle where you'd need to fold up your pants, wipe the toilet bowl clean and dry and put those toilet paper as the 'separator' between your thighs and the cold, stained toilet bowl. Urrghhh... the worst is the thought of exposing yourself to bacteria in your pregnancy. I so want to avoid that.

But but but... to my pleasant surprise, I finally found one public toilet that cannot be matched by any of the perceived cleaner public toilets in any of our shopping complexes. Not even the RM2 imposed entry into the 1st floor KLCC toilet nor the supposedly quite new toilets in the new wing of 1-Utama can come close to this particular toilet I came across last night.

See, the one and I have not been dating for months especially since I was getting heavier and uncomfortable to walk long distance in awhile. Recently though, I noticed that the pain has sorta gone away almost completely and that I have the strength to walk and walk and walk. Therefore, since I'd dread going to KLCC especially since they abolished the flat parking rate after 5pm, we thought we should check out the newly re-furbished Sunway Pyramid and its new wing.

We were surprised by the types of shops that has sprung open there... could even put KLCC to shame... girls, you might be pleasantly surprised to note that Charles and Keith is opening its store there at their old wing... they even have Wendy's, Carl's Jr and this very beautiful market-space concept similar (but smaller) to the one in Berjaya Times Square, and definitely more cosy and friendly ambience called Marrakesh. Once you enter (nearby the ice-skating rink heading towards the new wing) you can see this beautiful fresh fruit stall where they have the most gorgeous fruits you'd crave for - they even have avocado, imported grapes and just so much more including local fruits that I wish I could just grab them all and make meself a nice healthy juice. Hehe...

Anyways, after that hearty dinner we had, I decided to go to the nearest toilet I could find and walah... it is not only spacious and have very tasteful interior layout, the toilets were tip-top dry minus any smell! And, you don't even have to fork out RM2, not RM0.50, not even RM0.05.

The management didn't scrimp on space, handsoap was aplenty and smelt so delicious, and you can see your reflection on the floor. You could even do a number 2 with comfort.

On the 1st or 2nd floor (I can't really remember) on my first pit stop, there is a baby room before you reach the toilets. The room was simply amazing! The one and I checked out the room and saw how comfortable Sunway's management has made it for mommies shopping. They don't only have a changing area, but they've got a few sinks and a small play area where your older children could play while you change your little baby's diaper and nurse him/her.

I thought the refurbishment was only on its new wing (like 1 Utama) but heck no... the management made sure that the experience was felt throughout the mall and even the old wing was not spared for the face-lift. I must say they did a very good research on other shopping malls and ensured that theirs is of an international standard. Well, I do think that they probably have something better than even those bigger ones I've been to in Singapore.

But like I said earlier, the toilets are so important to mommies like me who finds it hard to hold it. The one in Isetan KLCC (at the children's dept) reek such a stinking smell since they don't have any water duvet to clean up. The bowls can even have sprinkles of yucky yellow stains and the paper towels is at times not replenished on time. No water + no tissue = No thank you, I'll pay RM2 for the premium toilet. But even the premium toilet smells (although just mildly) and the only thing good about it is the fact that they have toiletries for you to use. But come on... who'd actually use Body Shop lotion and body spray after a visit to the toilet especially when you've already worn a more expensive scent on your body??

The one in 1Utama new wing isn't that clean either. I was there when they just opened and although there is water, and tissues aplenty, the smell and the cleanliness wasn't kept to mark.

I guess I'll be visiting Sunway Pyramid more often for my shopping experience. Not only do they have good stores, their parking space is also built-in with this parking system where you need to only see the red/green light at every parking bay to know whether there are parking space available at the level. And, there is also an indication of how many empty bays at a specific level at their multiple-storey car park area. Plus, there's this fact that they're pretty close by to where I live anyway.

And oh, we only paid RM1.10 for parking by touch n go, which means only RM1 for those who pay using the conventional way. That was for our parking from about 6.30pm - 10pm.

Well done to Sunway. You've made this pregnant mommy's first-dating experience (since her pregnancy) with her dear hubby a truly comfortable and beautiful one. Hehe... and the fact that the clean toilets made my mood even more perfect... hehe.

No, this post is not sponsored by Sunway although I would accept any payments from them if they think they should ;P


Acat said...

i concur on the toilets in sunway. best gak buleh jejalan sesekali eh.

da tough beskot said...

sesekali je?? hehe...

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

gosh babe! i haven't been to sunway like ages...since u mentioned the not-stinky' toilet and the baby care room, I'd make it a point to jejalan at Sunway since it's a 10-mins journey from home (kalau tak jam la)

hahahaa... i remember this one (significant and embarrassing)incident where I 'ter'number 2 when coughing... nasib baik i dalam toilet masa tu tgh touch -up my make -up and kesian hubby kene get me a new pairs on undies and a maternity dress.... *m still laughing ni*

Inn said...

Let's meet up there. For real now (yikes) I wanna bask in ur radiant mom-to-be glow :)