Food, glorious food...

The weekend was pretty fulfilling and a truly happy one... with the exception of this stupid incident in a wedding and uhh... uhh... the one totally putting his focus on his pink PSP since the last 5 hours. Heh. Takla non-stop... dia on and off, on and off (Ermm... this last sentence the one asked to write. Hmph.)

We were early at the one's good friend's wedding Saturday morning as he had promised the beautiful bride that he'd help out with the emceeing. I was a little irritated, at first, cos I wouldn't want to just sit around during an akad nikah which is supposed to be a 'closed' event, just waiting for my hubby to do his work while moi's presence not being relevant nor invited. Plus, I am not in the position to be comfortable just sitting on the floor in a crowded house for hours due to the pain that I've been feeling down there since the last few months. Therefore, I opted to just forgo the event and let him do his thing.

But the one being the one, he'd always look forward to my support and moi being moi, I'd usually would feel obliged to be by his side. After all, tempat isteri adalah di sisi suami, kan...

Anyways, when we arrived, he was pulled aside by the bride's aunt as she wanted to run thru the event flow with him. As soon as that happened, I roamed across the main hall at the house and found what could probably be a good spot in a far corner, far away from the daise or busy area, for me to start sitting down and let whatever and whomever do their thing. I took out the one's PSP from my handbag and handed it to the little munchkin so that he won't be fidgety and restless for the next 4 hours. The spot was right at a far corner, fully carpeted and quite airy and empty.

The one came once in awhile to check on me and asked if I was okay. Well, it wasn't my relative's house or I would want to request for a cushion for me to sit on. But since the carpet was thick, it was bearable as long as I don't move that much.

I was rudely 'awakened' though, when nearing to the start of the event, 2 makciks came to me and asked me to move. Firstly, they said that the area was meant for the men. And so, they asked me to join the ladies, far towards the kitchen, nearer to the busy area. What annoyed me was when they saw pregnant me and said, "Oh... pregnant..." and they simply pointed out this one area where I can sit. THERE WAS NONE! It was right next to the cushion where the bride was supposed to be seated or somewhere in the middle where I know people will be walking in and out from the kitchen. I needed somewhere where I could at least lean on!

I saw one area just near the wall far behind the whole ladies' crowd and told the little munchkin to follow me. I was further shocked when they told me that the little munchkin could stay where he was. Hello! I am in a stranger's house and I'm supposed to leave him where I couldn't see him? Very ignorant indeed.

When the family of the groom arrived, I got angrier when I saw that women from the group sat right at the area where I first sat. What's the problem, then??? Why weren't they shooed to the ladies' area, then?

Okay. From someone who is very familiar with events and one who planned many weddings including her own, this is my take:
1. Do NOT dictate the ladies' and men's area. It will come automatically especially in our culture. When one comes and see where most ladies sit, they'd automatically go there. If not, nothing wrong with that unless the akad nikah is done in a mosque or a kampung.
2. Same rule goes unless it is a highly protocol event (which a house as a venue does not indicate formality). Therefore, free seating.
3. Like what I did at my mom's house, allocate some sofas to be positioned at the corners for the elderly and people like me to sit on. Be considerate.
4. Even if it was an area meant for the men, moi being the only lady there should not be an issue unless I am embarassed and felt the need to move. Otherwise, I was at the far end and am not, in any way, obstructing the event.

I would not mind it one bit if I weren't asked to move but thinking that the one is helping out in this ceremony out of his own accord, not even asking for anything in return, I thought they should be more considerate of his needs (that includes me, who accompanied him).

When everything was over, the one saw the hot, flushed, sweaty, painful me. I was seated on hard marbled tile and when I got up, I was so furious. I quickly grumbled to him what happened and then saw one of the makciks came to us asking us to go makan. She saw my face and could see that she was feeling a little guilty, perhaps, and dared say, "Oh... she sat too far inside...". I wanted to swear at her, out loud, in front of everyone and told the one that that is one of those evil ladies. However, I was stunned when the one told me oh... that's the bride's mom.


I don't care. I think a few of the relatives nearby even heard me pointing her out to the one.

We ate and left. And was further furious when I found out that this wasn't their first wedding. So ignorant and rude. Itu pun, where I sat at the uncomfy area, the ladies around were complaining of the disorganised relative who were in charge of the hantaran. I mean, we were all hot and uncomfortable back there and were asked to stand up to make way for their hantaran girls to pick-up the stuff from the nearby table and pose. Come on la... there was no where else we could move with what little space we had. I pretended I didn't hear anything and when the little munchkin was asked to move, I was vocal and told him loudly not to move. Stay.

Anyway, thankfully, things went much better from then on and I loved the weekend. I was tired but what was important was that the one was with me and he could calm me.

We went to his mom's as the wedding was just nearby, rested a bit and had the delicious keropok lekor and banana fritters Keramat. Yum yum yum... it's almost a ritual for us every Saturday. We can just have those and not have anything else for dinner. Very filling and yummy.

As soon as we arrived home later, freshened up and just lepak on the sofa, supposedly trying to enjoy bad entertainment - the AF. Hehe. Well, I snoozed soon after and around 1am, the one woke me up for me to go to bed. But when I slept in the room, I didn't feel sleepy and kacau'ed the one who was doing some work in the living room. When we were about to retire for the night, we started chatting and the one hinted that he was thirsty.

I followed him to the kitchen and asked him if there's anything I could eat. Was surprised when at 2am, he suggested we go have supper in McD's downstairs. Hehe... we tip-toed our way to the exit so that the little munchkin will not hear us leave and we had such a great time! I'm surprised that we could actually talk about things that were never revealed before when we were dating and the one started making fun of me from the facts that he found out. It was nothing, really... just about the result of our high-school exam, the SPM. Hmph. I know la he is brilliant... being sent abroad even before he got his results and even went thru an express A-levels... but hey... just because I got double digits, I still scored 1st grade and look at me now... I'm more brilliant than he is!! Hehe...

Working and performing well at work for more than 9 years does not really account for SPM results. Furthermore, in my defense, I kept highlighting that I took pure science and enrolled in science matriculation! Plus, our bachelor degree scored the same even when I had a family to manage and a baby to take care of while I was studying! Hmph. But the funny part was the look on his face when he found out my results... it was worse than the look of a man who found out his future wife was cheating on him. Heheh...

Ahhh... whatever la. Tak berapa pandai (like he is) pun, he fell for moi. So, who's not so brilliant in this picture?? So bad...

He fell asleep soon after McD's. Probably due to the tiredness he felt from laughing at me. Hmph.

We started an early day today. He was already up and vacuuming when I was still in bed. Had our quick breakfast, sent the little munchkin to his taekwondo's and headed towards the city for a good bargain at Sogo's. Got what we wanted for the baby and bought more pillows for moi. Very comfy and cheap.

We discovered more good stuff at Sogo's and decided to next time check the place out before we go out and shop elsewhere more popular.

Tonight, I broke the rule and cooked. Hehe. Simple je. Pasta and creamy mushroon sauce. I added stuff I don't normally include while cooking but this time I just couldn't resist... cheese! Put lots of it and the pasta turned out so heavenly! Ooohh... compared to the first 4 months of the pregnancy, I realised that I started to pick up on eating when I'm in my 5th month. So, if previously I'd only have a weight increase of .2 or .3, I saw a 3kg increase in my last check up. Last weekend at my MIL's, I recorded an increase of 1kg and hope that I won't get too heavy too soon.

Ohhh... I still have the apple pie to makan. So, okay... have a good week ahead!


Acat said...

hehe bb, leaving a comment sebab.. takde orang leave comments.. hehe wuvwiu.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hahahaa.....sounds like me la babe when i am pissed off with a not-so-smart person... I tend to 'tunjuk muka' and i really couldn't care less of what people think and say and I kalau dah marah memang i siap point the person to hubby...nasiblah... i bet if that makcik were to say a few more words, memang kene verbal diarhhea la from you..... go SAGI go!!! gosh! i am so impatient and fierce and the 'lantak pi' kinda person... nasib baik hubby has the totally opposite character and is able to calm me down... aiyooo!!!!

Inn said...

u guys are so cute together. i read his' 1st and wondered about what u guys laughed about. then i read urs and found out the answer. cute. so cute. me love. love. love.

toughcookie said...

en acat baby,
oooo... kesian la tu.. heh. tak kesah pun *pffbtt*

hi anis...
hehe... sounds like we have so much things in common, eh? bagi je sebijik takyah simpan2 buat sakit ati kan?? pastu ngumpat pun tak guna. baik cakap depan2 :D

inn dear,
hehe... kelako. sekarang kalo dia joke tu siap sampai cakap kalo anak tak berapa pandai tu sebab ikut my brains hmph. and kalo anak tu lawa means ikut my looks but sure smart sebab ikut daddy's brains. hehe. so baddd...