The best things in life are free..

I think some of the best times you can have with your loved ones and friends need not start with a proper plan...

Yup. I am a queen of plans since that's what I do for a living. Of course I don't normally need to follow them thru one-by-one as I am very much aware that plans can go awry and many things can crop up at the last minute, which leaves you going for an alternative plan, giving you similar results. At least I have the peace of mind to know that I have things planned so that I know how much time I can allocate in my daily schedule for certain important things. More often than not, plans get scrapped but no worries. It's life.

Yesterday, though, the one & I planned to have his birthday dinner at our usual favourite birthday hangout that provides 'birthday singing service' and free desert for the birthday boy/girl - Chilli's. I've asked him last week if he'd want to ask his best buddies along, but he said we'd check and the matter was closed.

Little did he know that Eju contacted me earlier in the afternoon and we sorta schemed a surprise dinner with his closest friends, including Ahmad. Not much planning was discussed and I only told her that I'd be booking a table around 6.30pm and that it should be okay for her to come 1/2hour later since that's the average time for us to queue for a table.

A few hours later, she text me to say that Muz is gonna pretend to invite the one for a game of bowling to create further element of surprise hehe. Furthermore, he thinks that Eju is away in Jakarta and so he'd not suspect a thing... So funny! It's not much of a surprise apa pun... just that I know the one would be really touched to see his closest buddies taking time off to celebrate his 29th birthday with him.

While at work my mind would as usual be running thru with plans plans plans and I thought of texting Eju to get the table first before we arrive instead of moi asking for a table for 5 and no surprise to the one anymore. But while I was drafting the sms, I thought what the heck. Let's just go with the flow. After all Chillis is a bit leceh in a sense that they won't allow you to your table until you get the entire group of 5 with you.

When I arrived KLCC, did a little bit of shopping and Eju kept in touch with me to see where I was. Then started the funny parts as I was sifting thru the maternity clothes when the one said he was already coming down from work. Boy did I rush like a mad elephant hehe... Never have I walked so fast during this third 3rd trimester! My back ached as I rushed to Chilli's to book the table while the one thought I was over at Isetan's toys' dept.

I rushed back to the one when at the same time, I received an sms from Eju what kind of books he would like as a gift. Gosh. That could be a tricky question for me to pose. I mean... how do I sound discreet? So... when I saw the one, it took awhile for me to start with the cheesiest line hehe...

Bee, those books on our table tu you tak baca pun.. what kind of books you think would grab your attention instantly for you to pick up and read?

The one, thinking that it was either a trick question or a very sarcastic remark, didn't quite answer me instantly.

Hah bee?


What book?

Uhmmm... playboy??

Ish. Bee... betul-betul la...

Uhmmm... risk management for dummies??

Are you sure?

We continued looking at babies stuff when I pressed on.

Tah. Stephen King kot. Latest one.

Oh. What's the title?

Nape? You dah beli ke?

Huh? Buat apa...

While I sent the sms to Eju, I tried to distract the one's attention on the sterilisers and bottle warmers. When he saw me typing on my mobile, he asked:

You ada ajak orang lain ke?

Eh? Takde (with the lamest facial expression).

We then went to other sections of the toys' dept until it was almost time to check on our table. Little did I know Eju & Muz was already at Chilli's waiting for my name to be called out.

We arrived Chilli's and I was stunned when at the entrance, the one asked, "Eh... isn't that Muz?"

Huh?? (and I ignored the question hehe).

So, when we got to the table and Eju & I cried S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!!, Muz was as shocked as the one hehe... tak thrill langsung.

Then, it was my turn to be suprised when the one's long time pal, Naz, came to join hehe. Of course, the one kept being pleasantly surprised over and over again with the last one, Ahmad, making Eju scream when he sneaked his head behind the one.

It was great! It was especially funny when he received his Stephen King novel. I mean, the things you have to do to create the element of surprise... Wouldn't it be easier if we could just ask a straight-forward question??

And I can't stress enough how much fun we had as it has been so long since we had such quality time discussing over issues. What touched me the most was how great it was for him to have such genuine friends who'd go all out to make time for each other. There's no need for intense efforts. Just a simple gesture like that means a lot especially to the birthday boy.

Thank you guys for the great time.

Happy burfday, baby...