Toughcookie Hot In The News!

Hehe... not really TV or print news, but rather in the blogworld.

For one, I was featured on MomBloggersPlanet, the one and only local platform for bloggers, especially mommies alike to obtain useful information on self-development, tips on blogging and much much more.

If you haven't yet joined MomBloggersPlanet because you do not fall under the right group based on your own assumptions, think again... because this single man who's a personal trainer with a hot bod (*ahem*) wasn't even embarrassed to admit that he's a fan of MBP. He cites that he was drawn to MBP because of the valuable tips he got to further enhance his presence in the blog world and how he could be a better blogger... exactly what I first thought when I decided to register as a member with MBP.

Aaannnd.... in another news, so much for writing about lipsticks in my previous post and in my review blog, I have been awarded an opportunity to work with a renowned blog for just a minute role... small, but still something that I am very excited about - I am one of the four that has been chosen by My Women Stuff to test the latest lippie from Maybelline *yeayy*... now I know that I have not had any good experience with many drugstore brands since my hormonal changes in my first pregnancy. But I believe there have been many new developments in the market nowadays on more improved formula in cosmetics and skincare products. I am hopeful that things will be different now so that I can continue to own like 10 lippies on my vanity chest compared to only 3 to 4 of them expensive ones :)

I remembered how much I loved Maybelline in my foundation years in uni because I've just won a beauty contest that was sponsored by Maybelline and I got loads of stuff from them. I used everything Maybelline, then, and my best friends were privileged to be able to share the many shades of lippies I had. When other friends see the natural colours on my best friends, they even thought that I was using all those branded lippies and were surprised to find out that all the wearable colours I was using came from Maybelline. Oh how I miss those times when I could just use lippies that cost less than 20 bucks... at least I know that if little jj gets her finger inside the tube or use any of the lippies to draw on the wall of our apartment, I wouldn't mind it one bit ;P

hehe... it was the most beautiful experience in my teenage years ;P
*don't ask me which beauty contest this was ok! haha..*

I look forward to test it out. I've asked for a nude colour called, Buff and it will be sent over to me for me to try out. So, since I received news of this just this morning, I decided to pass on Bobbi Brown for the time being. Who knows... my prayers may have just been answered. You don't need to fork out so much dough if the cheaper brands work just as well, right? So, let's just see til then, eh?


Em's Family said...

babe, i can see MAlaysia only, depan tu tak nampak and hey, u lookk so much different ya.. hehhe.. and yes, agree with u, last time, i was a big fan of maybelline since maybelline might the most expensive cosmetics that student like me can afford.. tapi bile dah keje ni up sikit la kan hahaha

MamaSeni said...

I always have problem when buying lipsticks, if I like the shade, my hubby doesn't like..I think he prefers me with no make up, but then we women need to put on some, just to be presentable, esp. on certain occasions, for the sake of jaga appearance kan..isk isk..

I just bought maybelline papaya milk, after many years of not buying new lipstick..and then when I wear it, he said..eeiii..kenapa warna mcm tu..waa..bencii!

toughcookie said...

hi amira,
hehe sebab tu la i letak gambo tu... tak nampak tulisan lain kecuali Malaysia hehehehh...

aaaa sebab you kerja, you boleh up sikit. i sekarang dah kira macam suri rumah je (kerja dari rumah ni tak tetap pendapatan)... so, kalau boleh, i nak pakai brand murah je ikut kemampuan :)

oh darling... i bukan nak jadi batu api or anything tapi trust me, jangan trust lelaki yang tak suka bini pakai makeup. ada someone i know yang konon taknak pakai makeup sebab laki dia tak suka orang pandang2 bini dia tapi tup tup... laki pasang baru okeh walaupun anak sudah 3! sungguh tidak sesuai. sekarang dia pakai mekap lipstick semua sekali supaya laki takut bini dia dikebas orang.

alamak.. kenapa dia cakap macam tu? tak cantik ke kaler papaya milk tu??

isabelle said...

so best one!
hebat la u...

Chech said...

I have tried Buff. Love, love the nude tone; it could be used on its own for a natural look or mixed with a darker colour for a little enhancement.

By the way, I have just awarded you a Sunshine Award. No obligation in blogging about it tau. Just for fun.

toughcookie said...

hikhikhik... itu zaman dolu-dolu la beb hehe... *blush*

hi chech,
oh you've tried it?? ala bestnye... glad to know the colour is nice. am eagerly waiting for the package :)

hey thanks for the award... that's so sweet of you. ok, nanti i buat. come to think of it, i was supposed to do another one as well. *damnnn which one pun tak ingat ni*

CikLilyPutih said...

u look cute!
by the way, wakil malaysia tu bangga2

MamaSeni said...

I think the color papaya milk tu cantik but maybe tak berapa sesuai dgn I kot..tapi dah beli I belasah aje semua gara2 terpengaruh tgk iklan kat dalam magazine, mcm cun je model tu wear that shade..

more over rushing sgt nak test color lipstick..u know la when shopping with a toddler ni..semuanya kena rush..

I mmg tak berapa percaya pon hati lelaki ni..eventhough we have been together since U till now, almost 12 years dah..but mintak2 nya kekal la hingga ke syurga dan biar la I sorang aje tak de dua, tiga..

toughcookie said...

cik lily,
*kembang idung*

hehe dalam gambar iklan memang semuanya cantik... ya, kalau i dengan jada pun macam tu jugak... kita selalu fikir pasal diorang ni je kan like diorang lapar, diorang nak tido, diorang restless, dan sewaktu dengannya.

insyaAllah... segala yang berlaku dengan ketentuannya. walau apa pun, if things doesn't go the way you hoped, pasti ada hikmahnya, no matter how hard it is to accept. whatever it is, congrats sebab dah almost 12 years together. alhamdulillah... i ni baru nak masuk 3 tahun this month :)

yanAzhad said...

i think u are right la juan... about don't trust man yg xsuka wife pakai makeup.. they usually will ask their wife not to do this not to do that but they themselves sbnrnye suka tgk pompuan mcm tuh.. hampeh la derg ni..


yanAzhad said...

i think u are right la juan... about don't trust man yg xsuka wife pakai makeup.. they usually will ask their wife not to do this not to do that but they themselves sbnrnye suka tgk pompuan mcm tuh.. hampeh la derg ni..