What Kind Of Food Do You Give A Sick Toddler?

Little jj is recovering from the slight fever she caught since Saturday. She was on and off with high temperature and I will always get a little concerned when it comes to her lack of appetite.

So today, at lunch, I get to see the strong resemblance of her daddy when her appetite sorta returned when I fed her hash browns from guess where - McD's! Like daddy like daughter, I'd say in this sense.

I do not want to spoil her diet because McD's is junk food to me and not a source of a healthy diet for a sick toddler. But another part of me wants her to eat so badly that it made me so happy to see her finally eat like she normally does. Once in awhile is ok then, eh?

I blame daddy for this love of McD hehe... so I guess it's true when they say that whatever you do when your partner is pregnant will most likely be presented in your little junior, be it good or bad :D

The only consolation in this case is that McD's is only downstairs and I liked the fact that little jj drinks lots and lots of water (just like mommy!) especially when she's under the weather.


isabelle said...

as for me, biar la dia mkn apa pun asalkan dia mkn, esp. when she's not feeling well.
tau la kan...mak2 ni, kalo anak xnak mkn je, mula la risau yg bukan2.

sitisabri said...

Dear, agree with isabelle here. Asal si kecik tu nak makan, kasi je ok. McD hashbrown mmg sedap pon! hehe..

Why not you make your own version of fries or hash brown? Home made should be nicer and less salty kan? :D Can try give Jada home made chicken nugget too ;)

Em's Family said...

exactly, sometimes we have to ignore our rules to see our kids munch the food, be it McD kan.. anyway dont worry, hash brown still ok

emly2175 said...

It's your own rules & principles dear. Mend and bend it based on your own circumstances... Coz at the end of the day, it's your child pun. Only u know what is best for her..