Trying To Conceive Club (TTC Club Malaysia)

Last Thursday, I managed to meet up with a friend whom I have not seen in years. Well, actually we did bump into each other many times in KLCC or the KL Convention Centre after I got married but those were brief hi's and ho's and not any proper meet. Therefore, we'd say that our proper meet was on my wedding day almost 3 years ago :)

I went over to see her at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar and I could see how vivacious she was despite having gone through a 28-hour labour and hoards of people visiting her non-stop. So, I would like to again congratulate Zeeda for the birth of her beautiful Zarya Jane Harris on 21 April 2010. She and her hubby had been waiting so long for her arrival and Alhamdulillah... the Almighty answered their prayers.
*photo taken from her fb page.
the proud umi and her baby... i didn't get to see Zarya that day as she was kept under observation due to jaundice.

I remembered how not too long ago, Zeeda was a little frustrated with her inability to conceive that she couldn't even read my blog anymore. I guess my happiness and excitement being pregnant with little jj just 6 months after my marriage made it difficult for her to accept.

Frankly, I would never really understand the feelings of people who has difficulties getting pregnant simply because I never experienced it myself. When it comes to a topic like this, it becomes very sensitive to a lot of women and the pressures of our society doesn't make it any easier for them.

When a friend shares with me on her frustrations on this issue, I would feel a little awkward because though I can be a good listener, I would feel extremely helpless. I do not know what to say to a friend to make her feel better because what I say might either be construed as totally insensitive (because I do not totally understand their situation) or my response sounds too cliched.

So, in view of this, one blogger has come up with the Trying to Conceive Club (TTC Club Malaysia) that acts as a forum or a one-stop platform for you to obtain information on fertility options or simply to express your frustrations to those who share the same predicament.

According to Little Mama, the founder of this Club, she is not a medical specialist to give advise on medical conditions but she has gone through most of the fertility methods available to her and she could probably offer some words of consolation where she acts as Counselor. I've read some of the threads in the forum and the information available are pretty decent and informative, down to the breakdown of costs in a private hospital and the steps of going through a fertility treatment.

I guess with this establishment, it can provide a more suitable channel for those in need of advise but do not really know where they should start. I believe the most important factor is the ability to share your feelings with those who truly understand and will not judge you while you also do not put a spot on friends who are just so scared to say anything for fear of saying the wrong things.

I say, kudos, to Little Mama for this effort. It may look small to some but I do believe it will be pretty helpful to those in need of opinions and guidance.


MeL MikaiL said...

congrats to ur fren! sedapnya nama baby ;)

CikLilyPutih said...

speechless, memang rasa frusted sesangat tau, bile tengok senang je org leh pregnant, sedangkan kite nie..

CikLilyPutih said...

i suker layout baru blog u nie. cantik!

isabelle said...

what a club! err..shud i join? (sebab tgk gedix nak dpt baby lagi).

p/s: juan, lawa cat 'rumah' u nie...

toughcookie said...

tu la... i bila dapat sms from her pun i rasa mak aiii cantiknya nama baby :)

cik lily,
oh terima kasih banyak2... puas cari template yang menepati citarasa... ini je yang sesuai.. beb... jumpa kat gathering 9th may nanti eh?

dear belle,
i suka panggil you belle la. dah maksud dia pun cantik kan? :D

tima kasih. i pun suka kaler dia...

Little Mama said...

juan, thanks for highlighting the TTC club.. mostly for sharing thoughts and feeling of trying to get pregnant ;)

FairyGodmother said...


thanks for sharing this. i have a very close friend whom i believe would love to join this club.


sitisabri said...

I did a post to promote littlemama's TTC as well cause I know that a dear friend of mine is having trouble to conceive. She never share the feelings in public but deep down I know she is longing for a child of her own. I wish I could have done something to help, but like u said I lack the experience and I don't want to hurt her even more should I say something tak kena about the topic. :)

toughcookie said...

kak ros,
no problem :)

hi dona,
hope she'll benefit from it walau setakat only to express her deepest frustrations...

dear siti,
oh that's good. at least kalau kita tak dapat tolong pun, by creating awareness about the club could help some people daripada takde langsung kan.

CatlinaFly said...

sweetnye nama baby..oh i miss the announcement of ttc..been busy lately..nanti i gi jenguk..good work kak ros!