Road Trip With My Broadband

Having a reliable and speedy broadband connection is so important to a work-at-home-mom like me. I have plenty of things to do during the day taking care of the kids while juggling work at those stolen short intervals when my children are occupied with other stuff.

I am heavily dependent on internet connection almost 20 hours a day as my work hours are erratic, where I would normally go all out to focusing on my work after 10pm when most of the house chores are done and since I am based at home, I would always need to keep in touch with the ‘outside’ world like connecting with friends via twitter and facebook during the day just to keep me sane and not be an island.

My journey with the Malaysian broadband experience is aplenty but I have yet to try out P1 W1MAX. Found out about their new W1GGY but I guess I could only test it when their coverage reaches my section in the Kelana Jaya, PJ area. I have always been intrigued by P1’s innovation ever since they started their very catchy (and, somewhat controversial) advert (ahah!) on TV and I think they have somewhat captured a big interest to their services due to this fact.

it's a tiny gizmo that allows internet connectivity without 'strings attached'. suitable for those always on the go and for mommies like me who prefer practicality.

And if you haven't yet checked them out, do visit their user-friendly website and look for the most suitable plan for you.

Well, for now, I could only hope that P1’ll arrive soon to my area. So for now, I would just have to be satisfied with whatever service that I’m using ☺

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