Toughcookie is Malaysia's Top 500 Social Mediaphile!

This tough cookie has been selected as Malaysia's Top 500 media user ;)

*click on image to go to Project 500

Now, I am not sure how I can verify the Top 500 part out of the mass population but I know that I have been using the social media quite extensively. Among the factors that make me qualify are points such as:
1 - I can't stay off the internet, which is very true, judging from my constant updates from early in the morning til the wee hours before dawn. Heck, even my ex-colleagues used to ask me whether I do sleep at all ;)
2 - I always chat with friends on IM. Well, I won't say all the time, but there are some frequency since I am on the net, almost all the time. Can even type with my one hand while the other is busy holding the little one feeding on my boobies ;P
3 - That I refer to facebook as FB, affectionately... that, I do indeed ;)
4 - That my thoughts come in Twitter bursts of 140 characters or less. Haha... no points for guessing! Just look at the top of this blog and you can see how true that is!

There are other factors taken into consideration and I was a little skeptical about being qualified but I guess they deemed me connected enough to be specially invited to the Project 500 unveiling affair. It will be held at Cathay Cineplex Damansara this Sunday which will end with a movie screening of New Moon. Interesting...

As I am unable to attend the briefing, they have promised to send an update by Monday. I am quite curious on what Project 500 is all about and totally welcome any new developments to the broad internet social media as long as it can benefit many of us while further enhancing whatever current applications we are using. Here's hoping that it's not just a gimmick. After all, we use the net for convenience. Therefore, convenience should be one of its advantages.

And, with that new internet development, I am also happy (and comfortable enough) to share with you the birth of my new blog My Views and Reviews. Am kinda jumping on the bandwagon with other opportunity-making bloggers in the blogosphere and hoping that my current readers can help support this new venture. After all, the content will be nothing new as many friends told me how much they have benefited from the reviews I've written in this blog. Hence, why not make it a possible income-generating site while I continue to give you honest opinions, right?

From my study, many bloggers have taken advantage of the huge possibilities and opportunities from the internet and blogging - from small ideas like selling personal collections to simply responding to contest ads where one is required to blog about the item, paste lots of photos and linking to contest sponsors.

Thus, I have discovered what I can do if I put my mind to it and staying true to my promise to not stop writing. Of course, I do want to write more often and by making it a point to constantly update, who knows what the future holds...

So, feel free to visit the new site (I have 6 reviews already!) and register as followers. I will still pen my personal thoughts in here but if you have anything you'd like me to check out, test and review, do write in to suggest so that I could update it on the other blog.

And with that, I shall leave you with a Happy Hari Raya Haji wish to my Muslim friends. To the rest of you, enjoy the long weekend while we all eagerly wait for many more holidays in December ;) If you have to drive this holiday season, please be extra careful and be considerate of others.

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