littletotshoppe - An interesting find.

About a couple of weeks ago, another friend of mine shared with me on her new venture - of her very own online blogshop, which she hoped could bring her to an early retirement and possibly be a WAHM like moi ;D

I believe this is a good development. I mean, when I was doing research on the net, I stumbled across hoards of online blogshops selling women's clothing, branded stuff, bags and even second hand items, or as they now call it - pre-loved items. Most of them don't even have credit card payment facilities yet I could see that the market/demands for their items are constant, even when a customer is required to pay by cash for items with a four-figure price tag. And, these blogs are mostly owned by women - some housewives and some with a day job.

I think it is a good development because I realised that women can be self-sufficient, not having to depend too much on their parents or husbands... and who's to say that your current day job is thoroughly secure. Furthermore, this development gives a clear picture that you can do almost anything, if you put your mind to it.

I'm not saying this because I feel that all women need to have a part-time venture... I am saying this simply because I've heard many women who complained about how much they hated their work and wished that they can quit their day jobs, if only they have something to fall back on while they stay home rather than just wait for their monthly allowances from their husbands. With an online business, one does not need to worry about start-up since there is no need for space rental, parking, etc... just a reliable online connection, quality products, knowledge of industry/market and a mobile phone, you can be on your way to personal 'freedom' ;)

Surely, if given the choice, I would rather not work at all (haha....) but then again, for most of us who are so used to working, just sitting at home not stimulating the brain, just don't seem to fit the picture.

So, I would like to say, "Congratulations" to my friend, Adzlin... I wish her all the best in this endeavour and hoping that she will achieve her goals. I believe that every successful venture starts with just a small/simple idea. From there on, nobody knows what will come of it. As long as there is passion, commitment, the willingness to learn and one's dare to dream, one will always achieve a positive outcome, no matter how the venture goes.

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mama-biz said...

Hi dearie,what a lovely posting u've written.Thank you for the acknowledgement and support.Really appreciate that.And u're definitely right about taking that simple step towards..God knows best..wish me all the best kay..thanks a million..

toughcookie said...

no problem, dear. it was my pleasure :)