Hada, meet Jada.

Ok... we have just subscribed to the cartoon channels on Astro and both my darlings are actually watching Clifford on Disney right now. Errmmm... by way of 'darlings', I meant the one and my 12-year old who has just finished his UPSR exams yesterday.

Surprisingly, little jj wasn't up this morning like she did for the past 2 days. I accidentally slept while feeding her around 3 am and woke up at 5.15am, almost missing our sahur. Thankfully, sahur was already cooked by midnight last night or else we would probably be eating McDonald's again :)

Hokayy... I've been a little 'slow' in my updates recently as I've been plagued by Farmville addiction on Facebook (hahahh!). I was told before how addictive this game can be and never really bothered to try it out until I saw 3 Farmville gifts from my dear cousin, Fida, who's far away in the UK. Once I started, there was no turning back and I even questioned myself why I didn't start earlier as I have missed out on a lot of rewards and wealth-sharing from friends who've started playing it long time ago hehe... yup, i t - i s - b a d, especially when you're also juggling puasa, a little baby, work and housework ;P

5 days of playing, I am already at Level 16 and managed to pull the one into it as well ;P the worst was us fidgeting after breaking fast in Keramat last Sunday as we didn't get to log in to monitor our crops haha.

Anyways, latest developments.......

| Jada has started to sing along to some of her favourite tunes! Our eyes would open so wide when we hear her attempts as her pronunciation is pretty inaudible although the melody part would sound not too bad :) sorry guys... no videos on this yet since she'd surprise us all when she does this and as soon as we realised what she did, we'd all give her one good stare and she'd stop immediately hehe.

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hello, world... meet Hada, Jada's new pet ;P

| I just cannot resist Hada the Hippo. Found it on TinyTapir and was hooked when I read that its blanket is 5 feet long (because if little jj doesn't use it, I am exactly 5 feet tall haha...).

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Ok... little jj hasn't been showing any tendencies of attachment towards any of her soft toys. She has plenty of soft toys but after she turned 6 or 7 months, she has stopped holding any soft toy for more than 3 minutes. Her favourite was once Tucker, the Lamaze tortoise but I now realised that she loved Tucker only because she was truly enchanted by her own reflection that she saw in the mirror attached to its tummy. And although my first born and I both had an attachment towards any teddies or any plush toys, we do not see any of those signs on little jj. Heck, even that thoughtful gift from one of the one's blog readers in the form of a red teddy bear the size of little jj, she only held it for a good minute before ignoring it since the day she saw it. It is bad that the teddy is kinda invisible (to her) and just lying there in her play pen, unattended.

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So, when I saw this pink pet zoobie, I haven't lost all hope on little jj. I do believe she's got it somewhere deep inside (hehe...) or mommy would make it mommy's own pet ;P. I guess, part of me fell in love with Hada because I love all 'gadgety' stuff - it is after all, a 3-in-1. If little jj cannot see it for a soft toy, she would have inherited her parents' trait for loving multi-functional gadgets, won't she??

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you can even commission TinyTapir to have your baby's
name embroidered on the plush at an additional RM10.

| My current love for gold jewellery has brought me to custom make the anniversary gift from the one. Yes people, our gifts to each other are hardly surprises (although the surprise would come in the form of emotions that entail any purchases hehe). I think I've mentioned before that I hate mind games and I dislike being disappointed with unreasonable expectations. And the one also agrees to this so that we'd get each other something that we both really want, not based on subtle hints. So, with my obvious new interest in gold, the one gave me a budget for the anniversary gift he owed me and I instantly knew the time has come to replace that charm bracelet I've always loved which was a gift from my granny for my first birthday - it was placed on my foot and later on my hand as I grew bigger. Guess that piece of classic bracelet can now be handed down to little jj.

I had to wait 3 months before getting it done since the budget that the one gave me was insufficient which I had found out when getting a quote from my favourite jeweller. I mean, the budget seemed good enough for me but not necessarily so, for the piece of bracelet that I require especially since price of gold has gone up quite rapidly. See... the bracelet has several elements that are meaningful throughout our 4-year journey together (and more to come!). And when it was insufficient, I had decided to wait awhile so that I am able to top up the amount when I get my next payment for some jobs that were already completed, or even maybe have the chance to top up the amount when I get my next hardship allowance from the one ;)

So yesterday, I beamed with happiness for the next piece of meaningful and lasting composition that will act as a simple collector of future gift ideas as it has 8 more tiny rings and 11 elongated hoops to hang 50 more charms. That's another 50 more years of celebration, don't you think? =D

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at the moment, i am happy with my J, the Tous bear and
the symbol of our love for each other which has an inscription at the back of it :)

I have plenty more to write but will end here, for now, with hopes to update more before Raya comes. Hope is good.

P/S: just a sneak preview below - I put on a sample of a hand-smocked dress for a writing job I had just completed for an e-commerce website. The dresses are awesome, I kid you not and my N86 8MP doesn't do justice to the dress (especially since little jj was wearing her bodysuit inside). I shall update you mommies out there once the website is up because your little girl should not miss out on wearing at least one of the dresses :)

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mommy, this dress is too dark for my complexion... do you have one in pink?


dillazag said...

Babe, that TinyTapir stuff is awesome. I'll go have a look and prolly get one for myself. Eh, I meant, Khaleeda :)

Congrats on the 4th year anniv dear, what a lovely idea. You could add a charm each year. :)

Amy said...

eH Kak Dilla ada kat sini :).. that picture of Jada buat muka innocent tu sgt geramm! grrr :P

Ms B said...


I like the bracelet. I think Links has something similar cos I remember my secretary has one and she said we could add charms.

Jada & hada. Cute! *smiles*

rokh said...

gosh Jada looks so cute in that little dress!

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

Babe, I truly love the bracelet and thanks for this ingenious idea.... ingat nak copycat for next year's anniversary, bole?

I pun nak Hada for meself too...hehheee.....

anyway, happy 4th 'anniversary' to you and acat.

p/s : on jada's milestone, trust me she'll leave you speechless more and more sooooonnnnn...... we meet up after raya ye?

toughcookie said...

hi dilla,
hehe... yeah babe, you go on and get one for yourself. oh, i mean, khaleeda ;P

thanks for the wish.

memang time ni la nampak innocent. masa tidur lagi la rasa macam nak peluk2 je... innocent abis.

ms B,
i think there are plenty of brands out there with nice charm bracelets like Tiffany, even LV and Gucci. LV's charms are exquisite but since all of them contain precious/semi-precious stones, they are pretty expensive. lucky us in mesia, nak tempah tak mahal sangat.

toughcookie said...

thanks, dear. once the website is up, i will update and you can see soo many other little girls so cute being dolled up :)

anis darling...
sure, i don't mind kalau you nak copy. the idea tak exclusive pun hehe... best kan? senang takyah nak fikir. cuma nak mencari good charms je leceh. kat mesia ni, charms tak laku sangat unless silver like Thomas Sabo, which i find it too expensive. baik beli/tempah emas je.

if you nak tempah into white gold (since i know you tak minat yellow gold), i can always recommend you my jeweller ni. they are really good and price pun really reasonable.

yeah... i guess memang i will just see you after raya je nampaknya and hopefully the H1N1 dah die down by then. thanks for the wish, babe :)