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The first day of fasting came and went quite well... I am happy to be able to fast on the first day successfully although I was a little bit worried earlier since I am still breastfeeding the baby - I mean, I am not worried about the hungry part but more for the thirsty part. But, I was feeling a little guilty as I didn't fast the entire month last year, partly because I just came out of confinement and believed that the baby needed a good flow of wholesome mummy's milk. I really do not want to miss an entire month this year and decided to just give it a go today... after all, I could always break fast if ever I do feel lethargic or extremely thirsty.

Anyways, I had a good meet with my very dear friend, Nicole, this afternoon. It was meant to be a lunch date until the one reminded me that harlow... puasa laaa... hehe. So, I quickly text-ed my gorgeous girlfriend that lunch has got to be cancelled at our usual gorgeous hangout and to be replaced with a good shopping destination so that we could still hangout and chat.

And oh, what a really good shopping session it was... it has really been quite awhile since we both went for serious shopping together. Usually it would just be lunch and window-shopping in BSC, where there are a limited number of shops and items you could buy, apart from the pharmacy, grocery store and book store that we would frequent to. And... in the process of buying this and that, I was politely told by the cashier in Guardian that she thought I was Chinese haha... that reminds me of the question I posed to the one, if in case I did proceed to having lunch in public with Nicole, no one would even suspect me as a Malay now, would they? ;P

I've always loved to shop with Nicole because we'd both encourage each other to spend haha... and we both love to see each other looking gorgeous. We even had a 10 to 15-minute drama down at the Nine West section of Isetan, admiring a lovely handbag at 50% discount. It was truly funny, if you were there to bear witness. But as much as I thought the bag looked pretty, I do believe I already have plenty (more so, the one would definitely raise an eyebrow with the so many bags I already own hehe...). I managed to put the bag back on the rack but I knew Nicole couldn't stand to see the last piece being displayed and grabbed the bag for herself. I do think that the sales girl was so relieved that we finally took the bag after hogging on to it in front of the mirror for ages!

I managed to get a nice gift for my cousin who just gave birth and although that was my only shopping plan, what truly caught me by surprise was this awesome deal... feast your eyes (only for Bobbi Brown's fan)...

bobbi brown close - Share on Ovi
this sleek compact is yours FOC with any 3 refill purchase - offer only until 31 August 2009!

bobbi brown open - Share on Ovi
this was definitely a steal!

There are 4 slots available but since I couldn't make up my mind which eye-shadow colour is best, I was happy to have chosen a lip colour-quad, one lip gloss pan, and a blusher (the lip colours pans come with a plastic attached cover so that you don't get any access powder (from the blusher or eye-shadow) on them. You can even choose a foundation pan to be slotted into the compact.

But but but... what truly caught our eyes was the sight of this little girl, I managed to capture on my N86 8MP... can you see what we saw??... look carefully :)

girl with lv bag - Share on Ovi

Okay... the girl in the above picture was just awesome... she could very well be mistaken as a midget.. Of course, we both could see how obvious that she was just a little girl, probably barely 4 years old. I could very well capture her on video but was afraid if I'd get sued for stalking the little wonder.

See, if you had seen what I saw - what instantly caught my attention was the LV tote she had on her, held so tightly wherever she went... mind you, it wasn't a fake bag - that we could so tell. Her mom looked like a model and she was with another friend, both also wearing LV bags. But I wasn't admiring their bags at all... it was her that amazed me. It was the way she held her bag, with the handle rested on her arm, ala Victoria Beckham and many other glamourous celebs. And since there were the two of us, being cheeky felt easy ;P so, while pretending to check out Guess shoes, this was the photo that I managed to take on the active little girl.

That wasn't all... when they were done shopping at the shoes section, she demurely took out her sunglasses and put it on as if she was a true experienced pro! :D

I dunno... partly, I felt bad for her because she shouldn't be subjected like an adult... heck, she should truly enjoy being a kid but then again, this could also be a kiddy thing for her - playing adult. Oh well, it was surely a wonderful sight for me because a scene like this is so rare unless when you're watching Channel E and they show you what Suri Cruise or Zara/Shiloh Pitt are wearing.



goolypop said...

hmm.. I dunno.. I prefer innocent looking girls, not too much frills or 'brands'... I don't mind lotsa pink..:P Ooh ooh.. sometimes a lil comot is cute too. :)

dillazag said...

wah.. so stylo... :)
little girl,
i guess you just wanna be exactly like your mom, don't you? :)

toughcookie said...

gooly mama,
i sooo agree with you! i would want my daughter in a pink dress and leggings, with frilly socks and cute baby-doll shoes, pigtails, and huge innocent eyes. comot is cute only during meal time hehe...

hi dilla,
yup.. she wanted to be too much like her mom.

konot said...

selamat berpuasa juan..
i puasa-ed last year after confinement (branak sofeya bulan july). dah la baru branak, start posa, START KEJE plak tuh!

hadoi la mcm nak pengsan! luckily my milk stok byk (masa tu la)

this year still rasa mcm nak pengsan lagi..hahahha.. dah perut mmg semulajadi asyik kebulur.. apa nak buat kan...

Sarclover said...

a 4 year old acting like she is 40?? wowwww.... sepak boleh...

Mak pun not into LV Juan oiiii!

The onf course, I am cheap (as in you know buying stuff wise-le)

Happy puasa!!!