Happy Birthday, to my one and only.

This is also a post overdue... well, it's the one's 24th birthday (uhuk uhuk uhuk thirty thirty uhuk...) and as usual with special dates, he'd go reminiscing down memory lane by checking out past posts in his blog on what he wrote on that date.

Apparently, last year, we snuck out around midnight, with moi being super-heavy, leaving the little munchkin nicely asleep. Well, we didn't go far... just that friendly 24-hour fast food in the neighbourhood, right below our condo – Mr Mc Donalds ;P and I ate to my heart's content.

Last night, we also chatted about the gifts we both gave each other and I knew he was a little worried if I would get upset that he didn't remember most of the things I gave him! Hehe... and I believe, he was sooo relieved when I too, forgot most of the things he gave me *guilty*.

It's not that we both do not appreciate what we received throughout the years but there were just too many gifts – birthdays, anniversaries, valentines... the amount of stuff I got from him in 3 years is much more than any relationships for any amount of years that I have ever had. Seriously....

Anyways, apart from checking his own blog, he also went and checked my blog on what I wrote during his past birthdays... it turned out, madame didn't even write anything on his special date heheh... so bad lor. But that doesn't mean I love him any less, right?

So, on this date, I guess I should start writing something special for him. For me too. Because when we'd read it one year from now, we would be barfing out our guts and laughing out loud for such ridiculous mushy entries and analogies on love. Heheh again.

I dunno... we've only been married less than 2 years... and our relationship before that was another 2 years. But throughout the years, I find that I still have plenty to learn about him. Gosh... there are just so many things that I am still discovering about him... of his likes... of what he is capable of doing... his many talents... etc. Best of all, I think he has learnt to tolerate a lot of me and a few of my 'challenging' characteristics.

From before, I knew we are very different individuals but I guess we've found out stuff that we can agree to agree or agree to disagree, whilst we still try to figure out some things that we have been disagreeing to agree or diagreeing to disagree.

What's most important is respect, love and affection. As long as we keep this alive, I do believe we'd be fine.

I forgive him for reminding me that I am older than he is because at least I know I can always impart 'wisdom' to him for him to learn and protect himself from those people who'd always take advantage of someone who's nice...

I forgive him for making me fat (hehe...) as we could see the cutest little being looking at our eyes every day, reminding us at all times, the love we have for each other...

I am glad for the fact that he portrays himself a nerd to ward off all those potential admirers long time ago... giving me the opportunity to discover that yes, he is one nerd but with so many other beautiful and wonderful traits, making me surprised with him over and over again...

And I am glad that he didn't judge me for being who I am that day when we met and the months that went by... I guess we found the best in each other and made the most of what we have.

I love him for making me laugh all the time... his fake British-Indian accent with that high-pitched voice whenever he starts to read stuff out loud in front of me... that monkey dance he'd do when I feel down... his determination in trying to speak in any foreign language and making it sound so real... those gestures when he feels geram about something... that over-excitedness whenever he's got something up his sleeves... and the list goes on and on and on.

I love him for being my 2nd conscience... my very own Jiminy Cricket - to be the voice of reason for most of the things that I'd like to do or intend to do... the lioness who's the least bit concerned about what others' think of her is now tamed ;P well, almost...

Best of all, I love him for having his priorities straight and always putting us in the family before himself.

Happy birthday, baby... and here's hoping to many more to come with us having many more good times, good health and wealth :*


Amy said...

Happy birthday Acat! :)

emly2175 said...

happy belated birthday to your soulmate...

btw, lil Jada's pics are so adorable la...

the unknown said...

acat doesnt look like a nerd.

r u sure u've interpreted everythin rightly? is he pretendin or actually livin it?

dont hv to look like a nerd to ward off admirers. bein a bad boy and pretendin to be totally heartless works fine for me.

"Best of all, I love him for having his priorities straight and always putting us in the family before himself."

whoa. is there a demarcation line that distinctively separates the time when he should put himself first before the family?

toughcookie said...

hi amy,
acat says thanks ;)

thanks, babe :D

an unknown that remains unknown,
whoa... you sound so bitter in life and utterly unhappy with yourself and others.

life is simple... no need to analyse too much into what others' write. surely, you have never been in love.

all the best in life and whatever you've been searching for.