The joy of motherhood.

I just had my big mug of nescafe and I don't feel sleepy. I should turn in to bed but I don't feel like it... this, also the fact that little jj is finding it hard to sleep too, as she wasn't feeling well since early this morning and wants to be held most of the time.

Ironically, with her being sick, all the tiredness that I've been feeling since the last weekend suddenly disappeared! Believe it or not...

That thought suddenly crossed my mind - that hey, what happened to all that tiredness I was still feeling? They're totally gone, for now... all because my mind was probably prepping my body for the anticipated 'late night' and the energy needed to tend to a sick baby. I mean, she is even more adorable and precious when she's sick... yes, she tends to be crankier than usual but who could resist such a vulnerable life, holding on to your neck, shoulder or arms...

The tiredness was all in the mind, then? Hmmm...

Anyways, I was shocked when I touched little jj's really warm skin around 7am today. In fact, she was already crying away around 6ish earlier on... usually, when she cries around that time, it is milk time and she'd continue to sleep until around 9ish. Instead, she didn't seem interested in mommy's boobies and continued to cry. The one woke up and held her until she was back to sleep.

When I felt her around 7am, she was showing signs of discomfort and it worried me that she didn't want milk. It worried me even more that we didn't have the proper tool to take down her temperature since we were actually waiting for that electronic ear thermometer a friend has long since told us she has already bought as little jj's birth present. In fact, she asked us to not buy one since I was 5-6 months pregnant.

Taking down a baby's temperature using the normal thermometer is quite a chore especially when the baby is crying from discomfort and rejects anything that feels alien to her. But we managed to put that thermometer under her arm for a little while and it was slightly higher than normal, although we weren't really sure how accurate it was.

Thank god for those paracetamol bottles I had kept in the fridge from those visits to the doctor for her scheduled jabs. We've never really made use of those since little jj had always managed to escape from getting any fever after each jabs.

So, this makes it her first time in 6+ months... but the funny part was, I initially couldn't find a good reason for her to catch the bug. I mean, we didn't go out, none of us in the family was sick, she doesn't have cold or coughs, and we didn't have anyone sick drop in our apartment. I was really dumbfounded... until I realised that she has actually been putting in her thumb in her mouth since the last couple of days and did it again after seeing her doctor today. She's teething!

Gosh. Now that I suspect that, it makes it so much easier for me to deal with it.

And since she got sick today, I had to postpone my plans for grocery shopping in Jusco. And as the doctor advised us, it would help a lot if we got a suitable thermometer to monitor her temperature (since I am such a kiasu mom hehe...). But since mommy wasn't able to go out, mommy left that task to daddy and we are so glad to finally own one. Damn those thermometers are not cheap.

Little jj's temperature is back to normal (although this kiasu mommy thinks that the back of her head still felt a little warm). I was also glad that the doctor prescribed another type of paracetamol which probably tastes better than the normal one she took earlier... she vomitted out her gut from that awful cherry taste. The new one tastes like oranges, apparently. Of course, as a baby, she still cried when given her meds as a sign of protest but at least we've eliminated the awful taste for her.

She still ate pretty well although she skipped breakfast for just fluids. I'm glad I made the chicken-apple-sweet potato puree because the book did say chicken can be good for sick kids (although to be more accurate, chicken soup ;P) and she kept wanting more until she was really stuffed. I'm happy that she ate as much as she usually did and I am especially happy that she really liked the puree.

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on her high-chair and wearing the kool-fever patch before
the visit to the doctor...

Oh, ok. I think I should head to bed already.


Chech said...

Jada dear, get well soon!

goolypop said...

I read somewhere that it's a myth that babies get fever while teething..well, they tend to have fever during that time because they put foreign stuff in their mouth more as the gums itch. Thus the germs spreading. beskot, get well soon nonetheless :)

MuzEju said...

Keshian Noah's sister Jada. Her immune system is so good that she only got sick after 6+. This must be because the goodness of susu cap gantung.

Hope she is feeling much better now. Muahs! Kiss to feel better.

Cosmic_GurL said...

Oh dear..get well soon lil JJ. From the side can only see her cheeks..geramness! hehehe

Ydiana said...

You got an adorable little girl there...wish I could pinch her cheeks! Geram...!

Glad she's well again. Happy mothering!

toughcookie said...

dear chech,
thanks... she's still on the way to recovery as she's now plagued with runny nose and coughs. it is worse than having a fever with all the medication and vomitting.

that could be true too ;D

i'm praying the same thing - for the mini me to get well soon.

it is so disheartening seeing a baby sick. she's never looked like that ever before and it was so difficult seeing her sick (walaupun not so bad). i'm glad though that her temperature never shot higher than 37.4 but she's now down with bad runny nose and coughs. the past two days asyik vomitting due to the phlegm in her body... lagi sad tengok since she couldn't really eat :(

i need more strength...

toughcookie said...

unfortunately, with the vomitting, coughing and loss of apetite, as of yesterday's visit to the doctor, she has lost 200gms from the 8kg she weighed last Thursday.

i feel sad :(

hehe thanks...

she just got back a little apetite lunch today. i'm hoping for her to get better fast...