Welcome, 2009!




Kiss kiss.


Emily said...


The Wan And Only said...

Happy 2009!! Wonder if we'd ever get to work together again... :)

toughcookie said...

thanks :D

i wonder that too sometimes. but since you are happy with what you're doing, guess i'd have to enter into your line, huh?

Jannah said...

how do you make her pucker up like that? huhu..

Happy Belated New Year Sista!!

Amy said...

Ya Allah geramnya tengok the last picture dia pucker up camtu. I will definitely cubit pipi dia if I ever see her with you in KJ, tak kira la papa dia kasi ke tak :)

toughcookie said...

dearest jannah,
miss you already :( *sob sob*

haaa... itu la the beauty of your little niece. ini mak dia la ajar hehe... nanti i cerita tips untuk bagi baby you pucker up wahhh!

oh, happy new year to you too!

hi amy,
hehe. we've never really bumped into each other kan? you tak pernah pi giant mall kat sini ka??

chocfudge said...

hey, where did 2008 go? heheheheh

Amy said...

Juan - Office I kan sebelah je dgn giant mall tu, went there at rate of 2-3 time a week! Tapi tu la, tak pernah plak nak bumped into you and your baby...macam besar sgt je KJ ni kan? :P