Everyone wants only the best.

These developmental toys arrived my doorstep this morning, thanks to the always efficient service of my favourite baby online shopping site, myBBstore. I'm kinda hooked to the site since I get to keep abreast with the latest stuff and how much they cost. What's best is, from all the other baby sites I went, myBBstore must be the only one that could give the best discounts during a sale. Oh, not forgetting that personal relationship as you'd usually only deal with the owner himself, Andrew.

I had purposely ordered the toys since little jj has been getting very restless these days. The one said that it is time for us to introduce her to new things. I joked to him that since I've been introducing her to new food everyday, so it is his turn to introduce her to other things ;P

But, knowing how I am, I just couldn't sit still and went through the entire site of myBBstore to see the best choices. And so, I chose those stackable toys (2 types) - one is a beginner type to teach her to stack things and hand coordination skills. The attractive colours can help gain her interest to play with them and they come in the shapes of animals. The other one I can use once she has learnt the basic stacking skills so that she can 'graduate' to arrange things neatly from large things to smaller ones on top.

Why did I order them together? Well, I guess it is more convenient to have them in hand by the time she loses interest with the first and also the fact that myBBstore delivers for free with purchase exceeding RM200.

I also got her this soft book since she now shows interest in holding books (but more interested to put them into her small mouth!) and so, the soft book would be safe enough to be licked and bitten while it doesn't hurt her delicate fingers when she flips thru the pages fiercely. Hehe... and while she flips thru the pages, I am able to tell a tale or two by moving the attached panda bear thruout the pages...

The biggest toy has won an award for the brilliant methods used in teaching babies. As a kiasu mom, I just had to have it since it can be attached to not only her cot, but it could also be used in her stroller or simply place it on her lap when she is seated. I am sooo excited to teach her to identify colours, numbers, counting and those kiddy songs we all used to love. I know it is still pretty early for her to learn but the toys did say for babies from 6months. So, we'll see, eh? As it is now, she has already learnt the meaning of 'kiss' since I've been playing this game with her since she was 2 months old, where her soft toys would be talking to her and end the conversation with kisses. Thus, when we say 'kiss' or 'kish', she'd pout and take her two hands over our faces when we come nearer to her. Hence, that pose on my new year post with her puckering up, wanting to kiss the camera phone :D

With me busy browsing the net for baby stuff, I came across two new products and would like to share this info with you mommies/mommies-to-be out there.

One, is the Adiri natural nurser, as sold on theBabyloft.

Well, basically, the bottle resembles a mommy's boobs and apparently is very helpful to even those babies fed with a bottle for the first time after he/she turned 8 months! Now, we all mommies know that babies are smart fellas. Like little jj, she refuses the bottle completely and although we thought she would finally accept the bottle once she gets extremely hungry, that had never happened and she'd rather starve than be fed the bottle, or be breastfed on a place that doesn't resemble our bed.

I was highly considering this unique bottle that has won many awards. But I made some research and according to the numerous comments on Amazon.com, 2/3 of the comments didn't seem to favour the Adiri bottle, mostly citing the very short teat and milk leaking from the top of the bottle (this happens as you insert milk from the bottom part. As you tilt the bottle to insert milk, the milk will flow out from the teat as the bottle is upside down). For the RM89.90 price of ONE bottle, I don't think I would want to take the risk. Furthermore, the comments sound all so logical and I would like to know if any of you Malaysians have tried using this bottle. I need at least 19 out of 20 comments to be a positive one before I am convinced to buy it.

I am sure that the bottle may work perfectly fine on younger babies (for the short teat) but I am not so convinced of how helpful it is for my little jj who's so known to love pulling on mommy's nipples.

Still, I do think it may not be that necessary since the little one has shown interest in her Avent bottle after I had replaced the teat with a drinking spout and convert it into a sippy cup. She warmed up to the bottle instantly (or rather, warmed up to the spout instantly) as she gave in to her itchy gums, probably... since all she did was bite it religiously. But, she had learnt to suck and drank some water from the bottle every time after a feed. Therefore, I guess, we could try to put my milk in it once she has properly learnt to suck from the spout. Then, I would be free to have my outing once in awhile, without the guilt and worry that my girl is not getting her milk.

This is another new product range I discovered while browsing myBBstore site. The Milkmaid Tea must be pretty synonymous with many breastfeeding mommies all over.

As a kiasu mom who only wants the best for her baby, I have been consuming this tea (and Sacred Tea, sold on Fabulousmom.com) to boost milk production during days when I feel that little jj is drinking way more than my production. Previously, the Milkmaid Tea comes in a jar and you would need to have a teapot with a strainer for the contents come in loose bits.

Now, your tea-drinking is made more convenient as it comes in the form of tea-bags.



Anonymous said...

hi juan, i guess that adiri bottle is also not so favourable here. My son refuses normal silicone teats too, but he agrees to NUK latex due to it's softness and elasticity.

As for milk production tea, I've been consuming them since I was in my late trimester. The one we have here is quite cheap about 1€ for 25 teabags. And they really help! Well you can mix it yourself if you
want. All the ingredients are easily to be found in Malaysia!

Happy feeding!!! Give jj a big hug from us!

izreen fara said...

90 ringgit for a bottle.. wowweee.. that's pretty steep. Inky loves her bottle, but will only drink from Nuby teats - fortunately, the replacements are easy to procure and not that pricey, at RM15 for two. Maybe you could try thm as they are said to emulate mommy's own natural teats?

toughcookie said...

hi fatin,
i love the layout and design of fazli and farah's blogs. cantik sangat. pandai your friend buat cos it looks so fresh and attractive.

best la you. kat sana organic stuff you buy for fazli pun sure not so expensive kan? daniel had ectopic eczema as well dulu and it was really tough. dr gave him steroid cream to help ease the dry and itchiness. all the best to you with fazli :D

actually someone did mention that before tapi tak ingat whether it was nuby or nuk. geram la dear since i've bought 20 avent bottles ;P pandai sangat kan?

mebbe i should try another brand. what to do... next time don't be too kiasu.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

babe, it's soooooo normal to be kiasu..... which mommy doesn't want to give the best to her kid/s rite?

trust me it's not too early to start doing some readings & explanation to jada ... i even taught areya her body parts when she was only 2mo and alhamdulillah she can named her body parts by 18 or 20mo (sorry tak ingat la...hv to search postings on areya's development)....

areya loves books too, tido pun nak buku by her side .... lol ....
a few mths back, before she starts to recognise and say the alphabets, siap tido with the alphabets board lagi..... ;)

keep on reading and talking to jada ...

p/s : i dreamt of you and jada la last nite.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Juan, thanks for the compliments. well, since many other creams that are best for ectopic eczema contain steroid, they are strongly not recommended for children because they can make the skin 'thinner' (and the baby skin is already so soft and thin)... What I had to give him is Halicar cream (DHU Pharmaceutical) which is a homeopathy and it is without cortisone. It is also not expensive and it really works well with Fazli!

Tell me if you need anything from here i.e bottles, teats (please not a car seat ok?) , I can send them to you... or I will be home in July09, I can bring them to you!

xoxo 4xF

toughcookie said...

hi anis,
apa agaknya you mimpi tu ;D

i'll definitely remember your advise. betula kan, won't hurt to try pun kan.

nite, babe. kisses to you and areya.

yup, the doctor told us she can't keep on prescribing the cream because of that but damn... it worked so well on daniel's skin. nothing else worked then and kesian sangat dia masa tu.

Halicar cream? is that the brand name?

hehe... car seat dah ada. ok dear, will keep in mind that you're coming home july nanti. if there is anything i'd need, will inform you. thanks so much for asking.

luv lots.

emly2175 said...

love your new skin la dear! sweet & cooling aje...

Chech said...

Hi Toughcookie. Now, I'm hooked to your blog for the information it provides to mommies, particularly the kiasu ones :D.

It is never too early to expose an infant to educational items, I believe too. As for Khalish, he loves to watch Playhouse Disney in his bumbo, so I'm thinking of getting him educational cds. Any recommendations?

Chech said...

Oh, about bottles: Khalish prefers Nuk bottle as well. He did drink from the Avent bottles that I bought earlier on, but not as much as when he drank from Nuk's. One costs around RM43.

Sayang the Avent bottles. Thanks for your idea to replace the teats with soft pouts. I've been meaning to find training cup for Khalish, but the ones available at Mothercare Alamanda were in pink. The daddy preferred other colours ;).

toughcookie said...

dear emly,
thanks, i like it too. fyi, you yang bagi idea tukar blog template ni as i first got the link from your blog.

i think this template is meant for the coming valentine's day celebration, just like the previous one i had where it was a celebration for 2009 ;)

hi chech,
hehe thanks. at the moment, there's not many other things to blog than what's going on with me and jada at home.

for educational cds, a friend of mine in holland once recommended me to get the baby einstein VCD collection. you can also get them from mybbstore but they don't have that many range.

the soft spout i also got it from the same website as i couldn't find it elsewhere. they have the handles as well so that your avent bottles can be fully transformed to a sippy cup.

i will check out NUK. thanks so much for the info!