6-month, almost. And wonder what the next 6 will be like.

Since little jj started eating a few days back, I suddenly could see her more active, more cheeky and more “cunning”… “cunning” as in it always look like she has something planned in her head once she's able to reach stuff… she'd thoroughly scan everything on a table or a room and her eyes would wander quickly - right to left, looking hard as if planning for her next move next time when she's ready. That “cunning” look is always seen when she’d look at my stuff on my vanity table, always. I told the one last night that I might have to transfer all those stuff – moisturiser, perfumes, lipsticks, etc. all to the toilet. At least I know the case in our bathroom is placed higher.

Little jj also squirms so much when I sit her on me with her back against my tummy. She’d wiggle her way so that her head rests on my thighs. Then, she’d look up and have her hands reach out to my face where she’d grab my chin or put her hand into my mouth and grabs on to my lower lip. In fact, she’d grab almost everything she could now… even down to my nursing bra strap. Ouch. While nursing she’d grab the strap with one hand and let it go *piakk*. Once she's laid on my lap and gets bored, she'd put her hands out reaching for me, asking me to pick her up and carry her. If I don't carry her and just sit her on me, the gestures would repeat and she'd let out that frustrated whine. Gosh... she's just so cute even when she does that hehe.

Since she has started eating, she has also refused to be left on her own. She can’t even sit in her favourite chair for more than 10 minutes on average and she’d start giving me this sound where it’s a usual sound she’d make when she’s calling for attention. She’d look up at me and hold both hands out, asking me to pick her up.

Now, most people would tell me to just let her be so as to not spoil her. Although I did that before with the little munchkin, I find it harder to do it to little jj now. I dunno… is it because I’m more motherly? Or simply because I was busier then… I had to teach my baby to play on his own. Now, I am a housewife and I usually do serious work at night when the one’s home. In the morning, I could still do work but I’d give her as much attention as well. I mean, that’s the reason for me to stay home, right? If I'd want to let her on her own, then what is the purpose of me staying home… I might as well go back to working at an office, right?

But yes, it makes it difficult for me to even take my bath unlike previously. So I would just let her cry if she chooses to, while I rush for a quick shower in the morning and the late afternoon after I freshen her up.

Like right now while I’m typing, I had to hold her in my arms and type with just one hand. She was fine and dandy playing with her fish and starfish and octopus all at her play gym but after awhile she’ll realise I am not with her and she’ll start that special “cry” where it won’t stop until I pick her up. Trust me, we have tried leaving her as she is when she cried last night but it didn’t work. She just won’t stop. Smart, eh? Ngada, as what I’d call her especially when she’ll show that victorious face when papa holds her tight. Heh.

Then, there is that putting-things-in-the-mouth gesture... yesterday while I was browsing thru the celcom leaflet the one got in his mailer, she looked at it so intensely that I thought I ought to share the information with her, just like I usually do when reading a book to her. Instead of looking, she quickly grabbed the leaflet and I thought it was good since she's showing interest and that I can let her play with the leaflet by herself. Ahhh... but in less than 2 minutes before I was sure I could leave her on her own, she put the leaflet into her mouth and that was it. End of giving her anything but her trusted Mr Giraffe or Mr Turtle.

Of course, I quickly forgot that part when she was seeking for attention in the living room while I was doing chores back in the kitchen. I took her bumbo seat and place her in it so that she can watch me do work in the kitchen. She took interest at the box of Milkmaid Tea on our breakfast table and I handed it to her so that she gets occupied and not get bored too soon. As soon as I knew it, she was giving me that weird facial gestures since the box didn't taste that good in her mouth. Hmmm... but that would be a good advertisement for Milkmaid Tea, though, if I was able to capture it on my N82 hehe...

I’m kinda scared at that prospect when she’ll be able to move around on her own. I can sense that she’ll be quite a handful to manage. As it is now, she leaves me feeling tired. Previously, she could just sleep while being fed or fall asleep right after feeding. These days, she’ll look at me after a feed, expecting me to carry her around or she’ll play with her hands or she’ll roll on her side facing me and hold out one hand and start scratching my hand, or my tummy or whatever skin on my body she could get her hand on. 

She’ll poke my mouth and grab my cheek and when she gets hungry again, she’d just stare at that specific area, expecting me to understand, pull down whatever that’s covering it and feed her.

I used to be able to just lay next to her until she sleeps or at least sing her her favourite tune, Rock a-bye baby. Nope. They don't work anymore. She's simply a pwincesh just like the one and I joked about while she was still in me ;P

i am born a pwincesh. I don't have jesters... but look at 
the entertainers I have to entertain me when I'm bored.
everybody wants to make me happy ;P

Gosh. It’s really an experience. And I wonder when she’ll start to sleep thru the night.


SuperWeightKoalabear said...

hi there,
next six month will gonna see her standing up, crawling, making lots of baby talks and teething... Am having a 11months old baby, surprises me everyday... like few days ago, been using his leg to reach out for something as he discovers it is longer than his arms...i put him in a baby cot...

toughcookie said...

hi koalabear,
joshua looks so cute. you must be very happy with his developments. and smart too, for him to figure out using his legs rather than the arms ;)

thanks for visiting.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

babe, my sisters think i pamper areya too much too as i tend to rush to her side whenever she let out any sound ..tak kira la whether she just merengek 'mengada-ngada'ly or crying her heart out when she fell down..... i dun think i spoilt her by doing that... it's just that i wanted her to know that i'll always be there for her no matter what.... but my mom is cool and she'll always come to my defend and said 'biarlah, kalau ayu (my nick at home) nak manja kan anak dia... lagipun sorang jeee tu anak dia'...whenever my sisters complaint loudly...heheeee.....

and you're absolutely rite, what's d point of being a SAHM or WAHM if we're not able to provide extra extra attention to our lil' one kan?

whooboy! another 6 mths will be as interesting as the first 6 mths, if not more....

p/s : i think i have totally forgotten how blissful it was to be able to sleep thru the nite coz' for the last 2 years 1 week and 6 days (not inclusive of that endless sleepless nite during the last trimester), it has become a routine to groggily wake up at least once to buat susu..... ;P

Heart of a Hunter said...

gosh... i saw the video... ur daughter betul2 treated mcm princess... makes me wana have a girl of my own!

in my family, my sisters including me gave birth to boys... except for my younger sister who gave birth to a girl last year...so just bayangkan how manja she is with all of us!!!

kalau last year i tak keguguran, i think i gave birth to a girl. Baca cerita u layan little jj, makes me really really badly wanna have a daughter. Will try for a baby this year!!! hehehe... doakan i dapat baby girl ok!!!

Farah and Fazli said...

hahaha You are officially Pimped!

Chech said...

Hi Toughcookie,

It seems like your pwincesh's progress is quite similar to Khalish's (that I feel like copy-and-paste your post for my latest post ;p).

My kisses for the extremely cute JJ.

toughcookie said...

hi anis,
tu la kan... i hope she'll see it as me being there for her. takut nanti she thinks that everytime mesti ada orang rescue nanti jadi spoilt pula. well, we'll see la how nanti. whatever it is, we can always tell them that we give in pun because they're at that age.

wow... 2 years dah pun still unable to have a full night's sleep? hmmm... somehow i am also anticipating the same...

ala siannya you... takpe we are still young. can still try. bila you dah conceive nanti tak boleh la nak lasak2 on stage lagi.

good luck, eh.

sorry ek... i dunno what do i have to do once i am pimped? erkks ;D

dear chech,
i guess it's because they were born not that far apart kan. hehe...

kisses to your dearest khalish too!

eijoola said...

waahh.. jada is one lucky baby! Ade mainan baru!