Staying home can be pretty adventurous...

Apart from doing freelance work while sitting cozily at home, I have also been 'active' in (oopsss!) online shopping :D

Gawd... the things you can get online is amazing! I've bought so many stuff - from safety accessories, ie. drawer lock (child-proof), to medicine droplet, from waterproof layer as the baby's bedding cover (very comfy material) to rearview mirror for the car for us to be able to see the baby at her carseat... but, the most stuff I've bought online must have been the numerous orders I made for nursing bras. Omygawd... not only do they have good bargains for nursing bras, they also come in very comfy material and do their bit just as well as those expensive ones you get from Triumph or Emma Jane. The one has bought the very comfy theraline maternity V-pillow from one of the websites (you can never find a cheaper and better quality V-pillow out there in any other mommy-baby outlets) which I still find very useful til now and I also got the baby carrier for babywearing from the same website.

I think the websites are so useful and genuine in that I am assured fast delivery, quality products at a very affordable price (depending on what you order and their ongoing promotions on selected items). One website even carries branded baby/maternity goods that you wonder why you should go thru the crowded shopping malls when you can get similar items at a discount and delivered right on your doorstep.

For mommies who are in their confinement and want (or need) to go shopping badly, do feel free to browse the following websites (they also operate from an outlet that you can go visit as well):
1. mybbstore - this is my favourite website as although I only bought a pair of baby swaddle from them, I find the site useful for my reference so that I know what kind of stuff I can find in the market and their price range. They also have many discounted items once in awhile that you really can find good bargains for branded stuff like The First Years, Graco, Avent, Fisher Price, Medela, Lamaze, etc. In fact, when no where else carries the Avent ISIS-Duo, a dual breast-pump which was fairly new at that time, this website allows you to order the item from them as they were the sole-distributor for it. I thought it was very good of them as they were up-to-date with the items in the market that we, well-informed mommies would look for. And, since I was going to Singapore for a working trip then, I basically knew how much it would cost here and thus, could make a better decision on my purchase.

2. thebabyloft - I think I've bought so much from them. Unlike mybbstore that focuses on baby stuff, this site actually put more emphasis on the mommy although they still carry stuff for babies as well. What I like about them is their customer service as they update you on your orders and your orders can come as soon as the next day (provided that payment is cleared)! Since the one and I have used their service twice, the third time I made an order with them through payment via interbank GIRO, they didn't bother to wait until the e-transfer is cleared and I received the goods almost immediately. I appreciate their trust in me. Their delivery service is also commendable as they do not charge you extra for orders of more than RM200 and their delivery boy will make sure to give you a call first to ensure you're at home before they deliver the goods to you.

For cash payments, they'll award you points for you to redeem in your next spree (hehe...). And, since one item was not available in my previous order and I've paid for it, they credited the amount for my next order, which they adjusted the payment so efficiently in that next order. No hassle.

3. fabulousmom - This one I only discovered some time last week when a friend (thanks, Emly!) forwarded me an email on their sale at a venue somewhere. Since it was gonna be a hassle for me to go out to check out the sale, I decided to browse their site and was truly impressed by their range of nursing attires. The stuff was also on sale online and I got such a great bargain from them. Best of all, they carry their brand, 'fabulous mom' nursing bras which I've also gotten from thebabyloft, a range that's so comfortable and so affordable. And, they carry such a huge range as compared to the other website. I like their nursing bras as they are priced as low as RM29 to just RM49 for those simple plain bras, very comfortable as opposed to those cheap nursing bras you get in the market (say, Jusco's brand or SKIVA). They've even got sleeping bras! I also got their nursing tops which are just wonderful... I don't believe I've seen any nursing tops in the market.

What I especially like about fabulousmom is their value-added service - since one product was out by the time they wanted to deliver them to me, they've replaced the order with a much expensive item. I dunno if this is a one-off case but I surely appreciate their gesture. Rather than giving me credit like what babyloft did, they saved me the hassle with a much genuine gesture by replacing the item with one that suits me just as well. Oh, they also have the point accumulation system if you pay cash, which can translate to an amount in Ringgit that you can redeem against your next order.  I think this system is genuine as well compared to those shopping stores where the accumulation of points can only be redeemed after at least 6 months.

All the above websites are based in Malaysia and offer secure online payments via credit card, in case you are concerned about its online information security.

I think I'm spent. On online shopping, I mean. I think. Hehe...

I dunno about other online sites on baby/nursing stuff but I believe I've done enough damage in the past 6 weeks of my confinement :D and, I believe, I've gotten almost everything I need.

And no, this post is not a sponsored post.


emly2175 said...

you're welcome dear..wish i could wear their maternity/nursing brasseries which unfortunately no available size for me.. That's why I resorted to mamalink w/site. In fact I even sewn my own nursing brasseries. This I learnt from the some w/sites.

Melati said...

Hi Juan. Looks like I'm hooked to your blogsite ;-) Hey, I LOVE fabulousmom too! Been wearing them exclusively the past 13 months. Especially like the structured black underwire (since I'm past the early sore days) and the so lovely pink laced ones. I did't have your discipline or patience and went out to get them 7 days post-deivery. Sian my MIL, berbuih2 mulut larang, tapi p jugak. I get my supplies at Babyjaya in Uptown.

So tell me, how do you like your ISIS Duo? Is it good? Used the single ISIS (manual) with my first. Now am using Spectra at work and the tiny electric Medela at home. They are truly my most prized posessions there days, tsk...

Yeah, my reply isn't a commercial for any of those items either. But they're mummy's life savers aren't they.

TAke care.

toughcookie said...

hi emly,
you've been really consistent in advising/recommending stuff related to breastfeeding & pregnancy. i truly appreciate you help.

wow... you sew your own bras?? i wish i could learn that. saves a lot kan..

melati dear,
waahhh... we share something in common! and wow... you lagi terrer hehe... babyjaya? i've never heard of that place. mebbe i should check it out, eh? at least can touch and hold rather than just view online.

bloody expensive kan? seriously, the reason i bought it was because i was always busy and running around at work and needed to have a dual pump so that i only need around 15 min to express. if i had known that i'd be a SAHM, i would just get the single ISIS.

therefore, to answer your question, hmmm... i haven't gotten to use it yet ;P my husband has asked me to express so that he could feed the baby but i so malas to express ok... it's much easier to suap fast and fresh hehe. plus, leceh oso to sterilise bottles and what not. still, i do plan to use it within these few weeks cos i can then at least go for my facials and so forth...

i'm sure for working mommies, they are definitely a life saver. otherwise, i wouldn't have spent so much on a pump.

you take care too ya. and glad you like reading my blog :)